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HiFiMan Susvara

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ostewart, Jun 18, 2017.
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  1. Matez
    Which one is your no#1?
  2. gordec
    It's tough between 009 and Susvara. The detail of the 009 when driven with good dac/amp is pretty impressive. The other 2 are not lacking in detail. They can all sound very natural. The Susvara is probably the most euphoric sounding of all 3. The Phi really doesn't standout. It does everything well and punches the hardest out of all 3, but the sound stage is small and has less detail than Susvara and 009. It's the least comfortable and heaviest of all 3. I think if I owned Susvara, there is not enough for me to get 009. If I have 009, I don't think I would go get Susvara. The Suvara is the most comfy out of all 3, so I have to pick one it would probably be the Susvara. I'm slightly biased since I own it for a year now.
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  3. jlbrach
    the soundstage is small on the Phi?...really?..are you sure you are listening to the abyss phi because the soundstage is quite a bit larger than the susvara.....
  4. iFi audio
    You still have it, so you have to like it a lot. But then again, all your cans are top of the line, no bad choices there really.
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  5. gordec
    The owner of the Phi who's also a headfier agreed with me. He has never heard the Susvara, and the first thing he heard when he put the Susvara on was, "wow, there is so much air."
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  6. jlbrach
    i have owned both for some time...i love both but the soundstage on the phi and now tc is quite plainly larger than the susvara...that is not a knock on the susvara which i love and think is wonderful it is just fact....the susvara is a more ethereal experience so maybe that is what you are referring to as air....in terms of the size of the soundstage the abyss is simply larger
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
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  7. gordec
    I'm just saying how I feel. Most of of headfi is based on other's personal opinion and impression. We have no objective way of measuring soundstage. Also soundstage changes based on the shape and size of your ear canal and middle ear resonance frequency. I totally respect your opinion. THis is just how I feel.

    Just a quick Google search shows conflicting opinions on Susvara vs Abyss in terms of soundstage.
    1. https://www.reddit.com/r/headphones/comments/7zkj15/hifiman_susvara_vs_abyss_phi_impressions/ Soundstage: I like a big soundstage, and the Phi provides that. It is bigger than the Susvara.
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  8. jlbrach
    i have zero reason to take sides here...i love both HP's...both are wonderful....the abyss is a bigger soundstage, period
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  9. mixman
    Aren’t you selling your Susvara.......why?
  10. jlbrach
    i did sell it yes....because i simply needed to raise some cash and had to choose to keep either the susvara or abyss tc...i chose the tc
  11. mixman
    Not the LCD 4? What do you like about them more than say the Susvara?
  12. jlbrach
    i was able to buy a basically brand new lcd-4 for a nice price and the susvara raised more money for me....i am sure at some point in the future i will end up buying another susvara lol.....i am a big fan of the lcd-4 as well
  13. gordec
    For anyone consider endgame headphones, your source and more importantly amp can make or break your experience. A good amp can expand sound stage significantly. When I tried the V281 to drive the Susvara, the soundstage was so small and made it sound claustrophopic. When you compare two headphones with different sensitivity, you have to take that into consideration. I think that's where the difference in opinion comes. Everyone may be telling the truth.
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  14. jlbrach
    in my case i have been using both the susvara ad abyss with same associated equipment....apples to apples..on this issue it isnt a subjective judgment the abyss is a larger soundstage,,,,dont get me wrong here the susvara has a perfectly appealing soundstage and some may well like it better
  15. third_eye Moderator
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