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HiFiMan Susvara

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ostewart, Jun 18, 2017.
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  1. jlbrach
    I actually asked him the question at canjam and was told basically that there is nothing better currently available
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  2. mixman
    I don't think he is as concerned with Summit Fi as he is with the less expensive products and I also saw a video where Hifiman mentioned their goal is to somehow make all of their cans portable (easier to drive, Bluetooth). This is why I believe the next incarnation of the Susvara will be easy or at the very least easier to drive. Heck the Susvara is getting long in the tooth for a Hifiman product without a change (Still uses the old 2.5mm connectors!). I just think that he has not yet developed the tech to keep or improve that excellent sound and make it easier to drive. But then again as I mentioned, he may not really care to do so right now either.
  3. ostewart
    "Edit: wrong thread" but I look forward to listening to the Susvara again at CanJam this weekend!
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2019
  4. iFi audio
    There's no reason he would, unless he has something better. And to have something better than Susvara and planar might take some time...
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  5. piphil
    I just tried my Susvara with a 6.5/3.5 adapter, connected to the AK SP1000 +amp and it's very good (high gain), but I still have to raise the sound level to 120 (max at 150) and I think I will fall back to 80 with the 2.5 balanced output of the AK+amp.
    All this to ask if anyone would know a good balanced 2.5 to 2x2.5 cable, which doesn't seem common, thank you

    PS :I'm going to put the same post on the A&K DAP thread
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2019
  6. AnakChan Moderator
    Brise Audio is graciously re-terminating my UPG001 Ref8 cable however as some of you may know, I've recently relocated from Japan to Australia and my Susvaras are in a container ship. So can anyone please assist in providing the balanced wiring for the Susvara? I know it uses a 2.5mm 2 pole per channel however can anyone please help confirm which is + & which is - for the 2 pole?

    Thank you in advance!
  7. Matez
    Tip of the plug is a '+', what's below is a '-'.
  8. AnakChan Moderator
    Thx!! Gather it’s the same on both channels? Not some weird proprietary flip on the other channel to (politely put) “mess” up ones mind?
  9. Matez
    The very same for both L and R channels. Folks at Hifiman were not that "creative".
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  10. ineztia
    For a long time I was looking for a decent amp for my Susvara. In this thread there're many Hi-end references, Passlabs, Bryston, Simaudio... Take them into serious consideration and did some A/B tests in local stores, I took back Accuphase E480 as my current set.


    According to the specs, E480 might probably be over powerful for Susvara (180 watts @ 8 ohms), I was afraid it would sound too punching and lack of detail. However, after listening for a couple of weeks, this never happens at all. The E480 has an outstanding performance in both macro(energetic feeling, immersive soundstage) and micro(resolution, details), the overall sound quality is balanced, neutual and musical, relatively warm and laid back. It just expose a lot potential of Susvara to the listener.

    Compared to some headphone amps and ordinary speaker amps I've regularly listened in the past, E480 provides a lot more bass energy, bigger soundstage, more separated layers and more air, which makes you feel the soundtracks evolved to be more holographic, vivid and contains lots of emotions inside.

    Trebles are smooth and extended, mids are rich and denser, bass are deep and clarified, vocals are forward and intimate, instruments are precise and focused, backgrounds are extremely dark. I may define it's more like an euphonic instrument than a analytical machine, I'm very satisfied with its music presentation for both classical music and vocal-heavy pop soundtracks.

    For the days of listening, I think Susvara is indeed a very prospective, revealing headphone, the output quality depends on what source and power you delivers to it. Accuphase E480 may not be an end, I'd glad to see if a further hi-end amp will bring me the further excellence. :)

    ps: I connected my HD800 on E480's back jacks as well, although it's relatively prat / grainy due to massive power delievery, it shows you terrific sound image and suprisingly sounded very vocal-friendly.

    To be continued...
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2019
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  11. BassicScience
    Thanks for the review, and good-looking amp, by the way! A couple of questions:

    1) What were you driving the cans with prior to purchasing the Accuphase?

    2) How much has the amp improved the transient response of the Susvara? Do snares and percussion sound more crisp than previously, for example?
  12. tunes
    It would be great if you could compare the Accuphase amp to the Benchmark AHB2. This little amp has had great reviews. It’s very reasonable at $2,999, has a small foot print for a power amp, does not run very hot, is very transparent (will likely have the blackest background when used with CHORD DAVE DAC/preamp).
  13. ineztia
    According to my limited experiences, Formula S is so far the best matching HP amp for Susvara I've ever listened (Personally I'm a fan of SS amps), I don't feel there's much difference in transient response between a good HP amp and Accuphase, I think it relies more on control than power drain. The major difference that make you feel from hell to heaven is, on a good speaker amp, the bass gets deeper, full of energy, beats your heart, and soundstage is further 3-dimensional, there're more spaces between vocals and instruments (better separation and depth), the entire image is solid and stable (while HP amps are softer and looser).

    AHB2 was on my wishlist, however I could hardly find a reliable local dealer who sells this, it's not that popular. Simaudio Moon 600i/700i was another prior option for me, but after some non-strict audition comparisons I feel like Accuphase is a bit more musical and gives you more drama on some level.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2019
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  14. AnakChan Moderator
    Intersting about the Formula S. Personally for me, I felt it rack refinement compared to say Ojispecial BDI-DC24B -G or Mass Kobo 406, but the killer with the two amps are the cost. I'm still happy with my MC275 VI speaker amp driving the Susvara as it does so effortlessly and is cheaper than the the aforementioned headphone amps.

    P.S. I like your E-480. I used to have the old E-407s but traded them in for the MC275 VI's.
  15. ineztia
    Amps around $5k~$10k like accuphase e480, pass labs xa150.8, moon 600i/700i, etc... are basically on the same level. May be someone is better than others but not so much. It depends on your interest.

    I was thinking of these amps ought to be the END for Susvara and thats all the Susvara can bring you.

    I was WRONG. I'll post more comparisons in later reviews and show you real potentials of this Susvara monster.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2019
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