Hifiman Sundara (HE400i upgraded, around $500)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Sep 16, 2017.
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  1. DarktoreS
    How How How, good job Hifiman this headphone is a good surprise !

    Sundara - Copie.jpg
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  2. mtoc
    @DarktoreS do you mind asking hfm how thin is the he400i? we get the he400i thickness, we get this
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  3. DW75
    I am rather interested in hearing this headphone. I contacted Hifiman to ask them about it. The rep told me that this really isn't a replacement for the HE400i. The HE400i is now permanently priced at 249 US. They stated that the Sundara is a sister model/alternative model to the HE560, with a better soundstage, smoother treble, and somewhat warmer and more musical sound. I ended up selling my HE400i quite a while ago. I could not deal with that grainy and unrefined treble it had. That headphone's treble response was terrible. I might have to eventually get a Sundara. It will be a great headphone to go along with my K712 Pro.
  4. Mark Up
    This sounds great. Some are still saying the HE560 has more sub bass extension. That's nice but still it's comparatively less than the Audeze LCD's I also find lacking in sub bass levels (even if they do "extend") and the mythological "slam". It sounds like this is a strong competitor for a MrSpeakers AEON Flow Open but from what I am hearing, get the warmer mids and extended but not harsh highs right, but they're still sub bass shy. Adding that would make these game changing among planars.
  5. Brahmsian
    So, according to HFM, Sundara has a better soundstage than HE560? I'd like to hear some impressions from people.

    Since the HE560 is a little analytical, I can see the Sundara being warmer and more musical. As for the smoother treble, it is probably more recessed as well?

    "I ended up selling my HE400i quite a while ago. I could not deal with that grainy and unrefined treble it had. That headphone's treble response was terrible." I sold my HE400i too, and partly for the same reason, though it could sound downright gorgeous with classical music, mostly because of the warm, lush sound it gave to massed violins.
  6. Selfish Android
    Was it the first version or the current version, i have the current version of the HE400i and i don't think treble is bad on them, i know audio is subjective tho, what i would like from the 400i's is a wider soundstage, is the soundstage on the 560's that bigger?
  7. Trunks159
    Just bought em from Amazon.
    Sold my HE400i for these so they better be good.

    Still don't know if they're better than the HE560 or M1060 though...
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  8. Paddy
    Hey guys i have the HE400i model and i use a FIIO A5 portable amp to so i can listen to music on both my desktop and my phone, i tested the HE 560 but the A5 amp just couldn't power them with my phone so couldn't really test how good the sound was as the volume was so low. Do these run as easy at the 400i on a portable amp?
  9. Brahmsian
    I had the current version and yes the 560's soundstage is a little wider and has more depth. On the 560, there is more space between instruments. The instruments are also placed a little farther away.

    What kind of music do you listen to?

    The treble rarely gave me any problems when listening to classical, but every now and then the triangles and cymbals could be a little too prominent, even harsh. Otherwise, the 400i handles classical music very well, particularly strings, which sound lush and warm on it. A very euphonic and easy to listen to headphone as far as classical goes.

    On the other hand, classical performances on the 560 can sound positively electric, full of white-hot energy that the 400i is simply incapable of. But the flip side is that the 560 is also a little more fatiguing than the 400i. Strings on the 560 sound bright (though not harsh) rather than warm like they do on the 400i. The 560 is more technically thrilling and analytical, the 400i more easygoing and euphonic. But the sibilance killed it for me outside of classical.

    I'm curious to hear how the Sundara handles classical and whether it demonstrates any sibilance with rock and pop.
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  10. Selfish Android
    I get it, i am one of those who prefer bright signatures, I think after removing the cloth on the grills and the veil inside the earcups i managed to make the treble a little more present and transparent, btw i have the Ori pads which are pretty nice in comparison to the stock pads, since i am really not that sensitive to treble i actually like it even tho in some cases it is just fake detail i enjoy this in Metal music mostly, i really like the he400i with ori pads they are on another level compared to my SR325e and Sennheiser HD558.

    My next step will be the Sennheiser HD800 which seems to be of my liking (bright signature with huge soundstage)
  11. DW75
    I am a fan of neutral headphones. I also love crisp and clean detail up top as well. However, to my ears, the HE400i treble response was not good. There is a grain in the mid treble region that you can not completely get rid of, no matter what EQ settings you put to it. The treble on that headphone is far from clean sounding. People call the DT880 bright, but to me, that headphone is just fine. I used to own the DT880, but ended up selling it quite a while ago when I got a K712 Pro. The K712 Pro is just a better headphone. I am quite interested in hearing impressions about the Sundara. This headphone is actually not a replacement for the HE400i. I was told by a Hifiman rep that it is an alternative headphone to the HE560 for people who want a bit warmer sound, and less treble than the HE560. It is priced at 500 US as well, which is the exact same price the HE560 is now.

    Edit: My HE400i was version 2.
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  12. Trunks159
    So which one would people be more interested in a comparison between?
    M1060 or HE560 or other sub $500 headphone

    bout to buy one now
  13. Hifiearspeakers
    He560 for sure. Especially since it’s supposedly the successor/superior.
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  14. Nickapalooza86

    I would be interested in w M1060 comparison. It is my only planar but I love the sound and am thinking about my next step.
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  15. s2kPanda
    LCD2C my friend.
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