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HiFiMan Shangri-La Jr (New $8000 Electrostat)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ostewart, Aug 1, 2017.
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  1. Rhamnetin
    Their reputation has plummeted mostly due to price increases (and not enough improvement in build quality for the price) and oversaturation. Not that they're new to refreshes, but now they vomit them out more quickly than people can keep up with, making one wonder if they should just stop and invest time into R&D and come out with something impressive like the original HE1000 was.

    Since their sound quality has only improved, although they have also adopted a new sound signature that is a bit softer and more laid back (to most peoples' preferences though). But hey, HiFiMan isn't alone with the pricing; see the $4,000 Audeze LCD-4, $4,000 Focal Utopia, $5,000 Abyss headphones for which there have been two refreshes so far.

    Gotta commend Stax for sticking to the same price ranges for a long time. Sennheiser hasn't ventured too far from it until the HD 820 (ignoring the Orpheus HE-1 obviously), but the HD 820 will be ignored by most of us anyway (wouldn't be super popular for $1,500-1,700 either).
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2018
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  2. MacedonianHero Contributor
    The SR-009s have had plenty of driver issues since their release...just saying.
  3. Rhamnetin
    True, the SR-009 is one of the more problematic high end headphones out there.
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  4. ptolemy2k6
    Does anyone actually owns these or had them on loan where they can spend some hrs listening to them in a controlled environment? The showroom listening speculation is quite useless.
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  5. SeaWo|f
    Whole system not that I know of, but a few have bought them the headphone and have posted impressions here or there.
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  6. protoss
    I own these! Shots fire from Stax mafia soon! :p

    Heres a mini showcase and review. or maybe me just ranting.

    Summary: Love the Jr., A great electrostatic realism of a sound it produces. And it has a nice organic and natural smooth sound too it. This is the type of sound I always like in a headphone.

    This is a very good-looking headphone.


    The Jr., is similar to Susvara. In a sense the more power you give it the better it sounds. But if you have a Stax SRM-353X around, that amplifier can power these just fine to enjoyable levels! No need to go all out with a Carbon or BHSE etch... BUT if you have the cash I would recommend.


    The design is almost just like the Susvara. My ears are pretty much touching the drivers and the clamping is very tight. If i remember they both have the same earpads.
    This can give it a very detail presentation and a huge sound-stage.



    I hate the build quality of all Hifiman! It piss me the F' off every time! lol :p

    The headband is the same old HE-400s/400i/560 design ! WTF hifiman !! This is a $4000 headphone. Make it leather or a luxury version of the 400i at-least! Dammnit! :p

    The Cable is a joke! It is like a paper thin cheap light cable. The 3 wires are moving around inside the the mesh! WTF?! dammnit hifiman! lol :p

    Also the Stax 5 pin plug pins are too long! Why the heck is it soo long? Fire hazard alert!

    The body feels nice! Aluminum construction. I think the hinges are plastic or aluminum also? But its okay... Not $4000 okay. But okay for hifiman standards.

    Pics next to my fragile JADES


    The Jr. Is an extremely improve version of the JADES! From body to cables to box. Sound wise cannot be compare. Because The JADE is on its own drug Nirvana level. Well my pair is.

    If you have $4000 and wanted a Jade or Jr. I would recommend the Jr., by a landslide.


    Now that I am typing this and looking at these pictures. The Jade box looks better lol.


    The gear I have is all copper base and analog type of sound! I am looking for the euphoria sound. The warm, Lush, smooth buttery creamy sound. With a R2R dac and all copper components I achieve this sound. Dont really care for the animal dog/cat/bat/lizard/ etch detail frequency some people looking for. And the Jr fits right at home with the sound I like.

    Using some legendary gears like these down below makes the Jr., creamy for me.

    And the main question is Jr vs 009S. I think this is actually a nonsense point of view to think about.

    Example, Susvara vs Abyss Phi. I consider both these headphones excellent in the sound department. And at the same time completely different sounding headphones altogether. Hence Jr., vs 009S should be judge on their own merits.

    And its predecessor

    Also to note. I bought only the Headphone. Do not waste your money and buy their amp! Just get a Kgss or something. I repeat Do Not buy the Shangri-la Jr as a system! Only get the Headphone and run like hell from them! :p :L3000::gs1000smile:


    9/10 in sound
    6/10 in construction
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2018
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  7. bosiemoncrieff
    One of the best HFM reviews I've ever read.
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  8. erik701
    New headphones from HiFiman.

    Snímka obrazovky 2018-09-30 o 19.59.26.png
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  9. Rhamnetin
    Holy market oversaturation, Batman!
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  10. ToroFiestaSol
    @erik701 Where did you find that picture? I've search for confirmation/more info in their Facebook but couldn't find anything.
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  11. erik701
    I received it via email, as subscriber of HiFiman's newsletter (Subject: HIFIMAN Invites You to Take Your Chance at Canjam RMAF 2018)
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  12. oneguy
    While it looks interesting I’m sure it’s going to be overpriced and low on build quality and finishing touches.

    HiFiMan: Please feel free to prove me wrong
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
  13. bfreedma
    Typical HFM. Take an existing headphone, change the headband or pads, add “SE” or “II” to the name, jack up the price, and kill the resale market for the older version while sticking their vendors with nearly unsellable old stock. This and their lack of vendor support is why two large resellers I know dropped HFM.

    HFM isn’t big enough to actually engineer/develop this many headphones in parallel.
  14. erik701
    I think that Jude will tell us more about these new headphones in upcoming Video Preview of CanJam RMAF 2018.
  15. bfreedma
    Prediction: “They’re so expensive because they sound so good”

    Edit: sorry, misread it and thought you said Fang.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
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