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HIFIMAN Releases New Flagship DAP "R2R2000"

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Edric Li, Dec 22, 2017.
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  1. dhc0329
    This is not necessarily the case but you may need warmer IEM for this player.
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  2. dhc0329
    Looks like people completely lost interest in this device. :)

    They just released a new firmware which still shows as V1.9beta. You have the local playback restored but Genre search still returns 'no music files'
    The device freezes quite a lot requiring hard reset/reboot, not just once but multiple times to recover. I really cannot understand ..interface as simple
    and non-intuitive/complex as this HFM cannot get the basic function to stabilize.

    The firmware update requires SD card to be in fat32 although their website specifically mentions to format in exFat. With HIFI listening mode
    this player last around 5 hours which is substantially shorter than what was advertised. Ironically, they boasted about super long run-time to be its strength
    on their web site. I didn't event bother with Eco mode but why would I ever want to use low quality Eco mode on this 2.5K device. That's not why I bought
    this device for. R2R2K is definitely out of place in market if Eco mode is its selling point.

    Considering its adorably tiny body mass, this player sounds exceptional in comparison to other top of line DAPs but still behaves like beta unit, definitely not
    acceptable at this price range. If I am to return it, I will surely check back in about 6 month for its maturity.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2018
  3. 514077
    I can understand the loss of interest. Sounds like the whole release of the unit is a complete cludge, if my spelling is correct. I think I'll just stick to my delta-sigma DAP with current amplification at less than half the price...that works.
  4. bizkit
    The size, Bluetooth, and ability to drive full size cans make me want to purchase this as a mojo/ploy replacement badly. However, these reported firmware problems are keeping me from pulling the trigger. I want hifiman to take my money, but I'm not interested in having another 801esque ****show for $2500. How does it handle the Bluetooth/streaming duties? It will spend it's life in a pocket driving my LCDi4 while streaming music from my phone so the UI isn't a big deal to me.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2018
  5. dhc0329
    If I can recall, you install this simple hifiman app on your mobile phone to stream the music through r2rk. You have option like album, artist, (all) songs and ability to bring in Tidal.
    There's not much buggy about this as it is very basic..but taking long time to get sync with file update or re-connection. The sound was quite good if I recall.
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  6. Cagin
    really wish we could get Mark Ramos or Josselin from Hifiman to give us updates or a roadmap
  7. NaiveSound
    Is this player dead? Does hifiman kind suck?
  8. 514077
    Can't say. But, from reading the thread, the release, if so, is an incompetent disaster.
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  9. bizkit
    It’s a shame that there isn’t more information floating around about this thing. I just want a high quality DAP that allows to me it wirelessly control local playback from my phone. The R2R2000 seemed like it was the answer, but guess not.
  10. NaiveSound
    Try mojo/poly
    However chord is bad with poly, total dump of a product
  11. bizkit
    The mojo/poly combo is what I'm looking for the R2R2000 to replace.
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  12. teknorob23
    unless you have and iOS device and then experience at least it works seamlessly
  13. P.Car
    My audio friend overseas just purchased two weeks ago and he could not get the player to read his SD card.

    He contacted Hifiman and they sent him new firmware and now he's able to do what he wants with the player.

    At first he was very upset and wanted his money back but now he seems to be OK with the player after installing the latest firmware...

    Apparently, the player isn't 'dead' but needs to be updated with the latest software to get it to work correctly.

    It must sound good or my friend overseas would not keep it. He only keeps the best sounding gear as he has no budget for audio and has an open checkbook to play with.

    (must be nice)...
  14. Whitigir
    So...that means firmware is user upgrade friendly
  15. P.Car
    Yes, it is user friendly and you can update the player from home as the software gets better. I'm sure the software will progress quickly if HiFiMan wants to stay relevant and charge their high asking prices, etc.
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