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Hifiman re400 and Fiio E17

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  1. hemipowered007
    For Sale or Trade
    Thinking of clearing out my entire inventory minus my sx727, which is just to heavy to ship, and I love the thing to death.
    So two items are for sure available, everything else just make an offer, the he400 and dac destroyer need to go.
    He400 comes re grilled with stock grills included, on it now in the pics are shure 840 pads, i need to order new velours for them, as my jergpads are hideous and i dont wish them upon anyones eyeballs. $300 firm on the 400s if just cash offer.They only have maybe 20 or so hours on them. All items are 100% functional. I am open to trade offers and multiple item buys or trades.
    Really just want a different ortho, hell id take a mad dog with alpha pads, or a paradox, or he4 he5 he500. The point is, send me your offers, and keep in mind as of this moment im just throwing this out there, as im pretty sure im  buying he4s today and am going to need to clear out some of these items before i start hoarding to much. Thanks for looking, and sorry about the pics, camera doesnt do well indoors. All lowball offers will now be ignored. And the magnums really should be ignored, theyre an unfinished product so ill keep them and sell them when finished and awesome.
    He400 sold.
    Now reopening sale on e17 and re400
    e17 is about a year old, comes with origional box and all accessories.
    Also comes with L7 and L9 connections.
    Re400 is 4 months old, little use maybe 15 hours probably less.
    Comes with origional box and all tips except the medium bi flange that i used.
    Also comes with clam shell case and 2 brand new pairs of comply ts400 tips.
    Looking for 180 shipped. 
    Only thing id be willing to trade for is a tube amp, project sunrise or something I can use as a pre amp into my pioneer sx727.
    I may also consider DACs.
  2. cgg123321
    PM'd about HE400 and Fiioe17
  3. hemipowered007
    I think I've responded to all the pms, thanks to all responders for dealing with me so far while I make my decision on parting ways.
  4. hemipowered007
    400 pending sale
  5. hemipowered007
    and 400 sold, will post new listing with other peripherals, thanks all for looking and replying
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