Hifiman RE262 REVIEW
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Oct 28, 2011
Build Quality:
The actual housing seems durable, though nothing special. The cable however feels rather cheap, quality that would be expected from earphones costing significantly less, to the extent that I’m considering re-cabling them. I really wish Hifiman would improve quality in this regard, and I would easily have paid another £20-30 for such improvement. I suppose I have been spoiled by the CK10’s build quality!
I’m not the most knowledgeable, and do lack terminology for the given subject, though I have researched prior to writing this review, and hope the review will be helpful. I would hate to misguide anyone, so please feel free to criticize! Prior to burn-in, the lows and highs were rolled-off, and lacked texture and detail respectively, yet I was still astonished of the overall presentation, even at this point I preferred them to the IE8, CK10, and SE530. After burn-in, the lows and highs become extended, and do not roll-off in the slightest. The highs are laid-back, detailed, and sparkle at times, though not to the same extent of the CK10. The CK10 however conveys sibilance to my ears, and vastly for that matter. The RE262 however do not reveal sibilance, and naturally find them more pleasant for this reason. I find the highs to be more detailed than the IE8, yet still smooth, and slightly warm, though no comparison compared to the CK10, which are significantly more detailed and bright, though somewhat unpleasant to my ears.
The lows lack authority compared to the IE8, and have soft approach by comparison. The lows are textured, and have reasonable amount of quantity, vastly more than the CK10, however will seem lacking compared to the IE8, though I find detail to be superior. The mids are slightly forward, smooth, warm, and textured. They seem very natural and neutral, with the exception of being forward. The IE8s mids are significantly more smooth, thick, and warm, however lack detail by comparison, and are not neutral or natural to my ears. The RE262 definitely has the best vocals, and very admirable.
I find the presentation to be the most astonishing, and exceeded expectations. The RE262 seems to have very 3D presentation, and all dimensions at great extent, not quite as wide compared to the IE8, however superior in height, and depth, and vastly for that matter. The presentation does however lack air compared to the CK10, however offers more ambience in return. I will say that the presentation changes dramatically depending on choice of tips. The included single flange tips sound very open, however using the Sony Hybrids, the soundstage closes-in, though bass quantity and isolation becomes superior.
To conclude I will say that the RE262 are very musical and appreciative. They excel within most genres, and are not polarised so to speak. I will say that the CK10’s are naturally superior for Trance, and rarely reveals sibilance on such genres. Some might assume the CK10 to be superior within classical due to being so analytical, however I found the RE262’s to be much more suitable due to the expansive presentation. Overall I’m very happy with my purchase, and hope this will be my last earphone purchase, though most likely not. I hear the CK100 with supreme build quality calling my name!

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