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HifiMan RE252 with tons of tips

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  1. alphaphoenix
    For Sale
    I recently purchased from Aflac, and sold my MTPC over these.  I'm consolidating and with two reshells and workout IEM, these will not get much well deserved listening time.  Condition of the RE252 is excellent and comes with the a boat load of tips as these can be finicky depending on the ear and tips.  For me, the UE silicon gave me the best sound and seal.  In addition to the stock RE252 tips, I'm throwing all my remaining tips:  2 pairs of Comply tips (unused), all sizes of genuine sony hybrid tips (only the large size was used once), UE double flange (unused), UE large and medium silicon (medium unused. large my favorite tip), Sennheiser large and small foam tips (unused).
    Price includes PP fee and CONUS shipping.  International add $10.
  2. alphaphoenix
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