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HIFIMAN RE2000 Silver Loaner tour

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  1. Ricky64
    I'm not sure I understand how this tour is operating?
  2. audionewbi
    IEM arrived, burn in and impression later on the week.
    I'm looking forward to pairing it with R2R2000.
  3. ngoshawk
    Initial impressions:

    The RE2000 is small. Quite small for an IEM. Because of that to me fit is quite good. It sits almost inside my ear, as opposed to flush. I'm not quite sure on the shape, though. Because of its small size and a rectangular shape, the RE2000 can move around in my ears, losing that perfect seal, which thus changes the sound characteristic(s). The cable is a bit finicky, but I find because of the coating it is quite durable. It can take abuse.

    The construction is not what I would find up to par on a $1500 unit, either. Yes, the unit can now be had for $799, but in my opinion, that still holds. The matching of the metal shell, with plastic where the cable connects does not match up perfectly as a result. It is an odd mix of materials. Luckily, most of that changes, once the IEM has what we call "sound" coming through...

    I find the bass subtly-good. Not overpowering like a CA Atlas (which I do love), but not anemic (like the original Pinnacle P1). Just about enough coverage to me. Mids are pretty darn nice, with a bit of a forward push. Male vocals especially can be a bit "in your face" with certain songs. Thankfully, the treble does not follow suit, and is quite pleasant to this treble-sensitive soul. Not bad, not exemplary.

    So, a mixed bag so far. The sound is pretty good, but I cannot seem to get past the build, and tangly cable. The unit also needs to be wound pretty tight to fit into the round metal protective case as well. I will be honest (as all should be). For the original price, I would have issues. At the current $799, it will get a second look, alongside my Jupiter and U8 for comparative purposes. Like I said...a mixed bag. Cheers.
  4. kennylim
    Amsterdam, Netherlands here. would love to take part!

    Always liked sound signature of the Hifiman family.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
  5. protoss

    All the ear-tips didn't fit my ear-hole properly. The smallest tip worked but I was always worried it was about to fall out. Most likely dekoni ear-tips would of worked. https://dekoniaudio.com/product-category/bulletz/
    The IEM is big. It sticks out too much from my ear. The construction is okay to good.
    The Cable is not good. Its good for what it dose. i prefer something like this; https://www.amazon.com/Extension-Yi...ds=iem+cables&qid=1557543930&s=gateway&sr=8-3

    Sound: Sorry to say this sounds like a $200 or less IEM at best. Everything is okay. Bass is okay, treble is okay, sound-stage is mediocre. Imaging is so-so.

    I just dont think this $1000 IEM is beating the T2. https://www.amazon.com/TIN-T2-Dynam...2&qid=1557544212&s=gateway&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1
    Ikko : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JZ8MCDS/ref=psdc_172541_t1_B01K6JQFVC
    Moondrops: https://www.amazon.com/Moondrop-kan...cf97659e25c3b501f2b3901c3192fc&language=en_US

    Overall, if the these were about $250 IEM. These would be amazing for the price.

    Thank you Hifiman for the tour. And to borrow the IEM for weeks.
    Last edited: May 10, 2019
  6. Takeanidea
    Overall, if the these were about $250 IEM. These would be amazing for the price.

    The RE2000 Silver's are $799, these compete with any iems I have. The fit, for my ear canals, was ok. For sat down and relaxing, for serious listening, they stayed put. The fit, as always for iems is critical to get the best from them. Once you have them in the sweet spot, there are very few sweeter iems I have heard.
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
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  7. dill3000

    I think the most likely reason with the sound is your fit with the tips. I also have very small ear canals - I also require the smallest tips you can get. I found these work best for me. They are small enough to not hurt when pushing the IEMs in and the get a good seal.

  8. Dobrescu George
    We;ve been seeing around each other around Head-Fi and I know you have pretty solid view usually, I just fear that you may have gotten a poor fit or a poor seal with RE2000 Maybe, they are supposed to be much better, and they're really high in my personal ranking. The textures and details should be insanely good.

    When swtiching between Re2000 Silver and T2, I can hear a lot of the textures getting cut down, a lot of detail are not on T2, but they are present with Re2000.

    Do you have a chance to test with Spinfit tips or a tip that you're sure will fit?

    It is a bit strange to say that you had such a poor experience with RE2000 Silver, I would have expected you to like them, so I would guess the poor fit would most probably be causing issues... :)
  9. protoss
    @Dobrescu George
    Guess I couldn't get the proper seal. I did notice it was smooth and relaxing.
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  10. Niyologist
    After a few days of listening to this Tour Unit. I had noticed that this IEM does really well with female vocals, but falls short on male vocals in terms of presence and forwardness. This IEM is certainly mid centric and has great clarity. Although in comparison to my ME.1 and MDP, it has a different approach to sonic performance and sound signature. Out of the three, the RE2000 Silver seems to be the most bass light and the most accurate on bass tonality. For the mids, the RE2000 Silver is the most forward. As for the treble, the MDP is the most forward. As for best tonality for mids, that goes to the ME.1. Overall, I enjoy the very spacious, nimble, and slightly bright sounds of the RE2000 Silver.

    Is the whole package worth $799? Maybe. Maybe not. It is missing certain qualities. For example, the accuracy seems a little wonky. It has something to do with the positional cues. Also, the isolation for a closed back IEM is average at best. Another problem is the carrying case. Don't get me wrong. I like the design of the metal brush case, but It's difficult to put the detachable cables in the case with the IEMs. Also, the detachable cables seem a little strange in terms of build quality. While it's rubbery and strong, it seems a bit basic. Overall, I'd say that this IEM has potential, but it needs more adjustments in the mids, treble, dynamics, and accuracy. Otherwise, I'd say not bad to this one.
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
  11. alpha421
    Apologies for the late post after auditing the tour unit for 2 weeks. Like the same repeated song, "life just got busy." I digress.

    Having owned the RE0, RE-Zero, RE252, RE262, RE272, RE400, RE600, my favorite was the RE272 as I felt it was the most technically rounded of the bunch and had left the best impression regarding overall sound quality. Fast forward nearly a decade, and my have times changed for DD iems. Quite honestly, the biggest change is the prices and the packaging has gotten a little better.

    As a DD fan, I was intrigued when the RE2000 gold debuted, but quite honestly I balked at the price. Having owned what I still think are some of the best DD iems - Beyerdynamic T8ie MK2, Flares Pro Gold, and to a lesser extent the Aurisonics Rockets. Moreover, as pleasing the RE600 sounded when it first came out along with V2 update, I probably cycled through half a dozen warranty claims. This was after paying the original $399 price and later purchased the same thing for half that and currently cheaper still. Since then, I always had my reserve, but with high interest.

    Thanks to the HifiMAN team, I was able to audition the RE2000 silver. Out of all the past HifiMAN iems I've owned, and after changes to my listening preference, the RE2000 holds its own very well in the balanced and relatively neutral and mature sound. If an iem can't render piano, string instruments, and female vocals accurately, they have no business in my ears. The RE2000 silver renders with aplomb. It's a very easy iem to listen with and most suitable in an easy chair or equivalent for long duration.

    The RE2000 like many balanced signatures doesn't initially wow you, but the longer you listen with them, the more you appreciate them. I gave them a solid run with live rock albums, classical, jazz, and female artists, and the RE2000 played them back well, but if I had to choose which genre the RE2000 renders best, its jazz. The RE2000 doesn't have a wide sound stage, but is more tall than deep, and suits a more intimate stage.

    During my audition, I exclusively used Comply tips. Due the rather shallow fit and angle, it took a few seconds to set the housing in my ears, but after that, they just disappear. The outer plastic plate protrudes over the housing edge just slightly, and I don't know if this was purposely designed that way to provide a lip to take the iems out, but if not, I was expecting flush and smooth edges and seams.

    In the end, I find the RE2000 silver very musical and balanced and based on other DD iems I've owned, the sound quality is in the same ball park as $500-$1K DD iems, but it lacks the options of premium built cables as I found the stock cable OK and gets the job done. Like others have voiced, competition is fierce and I've only briefly owned a few chi-fi eims and found none has the neutral and mature sound that shines best with genres of class and sophistication, IMO.
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  12. Takeanidea
    Thank you for your impressions. I love the way these make harsh sounding muoc listenable, that remains my overall summary of these IEMs
  13. Niyologist
    I had observed similar characteristics. These are also the type of IEMs that start to grow on me.
  14. Carlsan
    Just got the tour pair today, Threw on balanced cables (iBasso DX220 as source), and Final Type E m tips, sounded great on first listen. Will do some serious listening tomorrow.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
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  15. Carlsan
    I have to say, these are impressive earphones. They are lively, but not boomy or tiring. The have a great sound-stage, are musical and show off nice detail. A couple of times since I received these I put them aside to listen to other earphones, but that didn't last long. I found myself reaching for the RE2000's and putting other earphones to the side.
    I've always been a fan of dynamics done right, back when they first came out, the Sennheiser's IE800's were a favorite of mine. The RE2000's are in a higher league.

    The way they present notes is one example of their musically, notes seem to last just a millisecond longer. One can hear certain notes like they are intended, unlike some BA drivers which play the note to quick. This is especially true with acoustic instruments and lower notes in slower electronic compositions. Only the best earphones can master this, and the RE2000's do this flawlessly.

    I'm impressed.
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