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Hifiman RE-800

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  1. Arysyn
    Hi Dobrescu George,

    As I've been reading Head-Fi for some time, just haven't posted until now with my past few posts here, I want to say I really appreciate your input youve had on these products. Between Brooko's frequency response graphs and your mentions of the Re-800, I decided to get the Re-800, which I've had for a week now.

    The bass is a slight bit more than my ideal sound signature, and the Zorloo Zuperdac made it a bit too much for my liking, which is why I temporarily used a very old mini external sound card I've had for a long time now, known as the Audio Advantage Roadie by Turtle Beach. While that certainly is not the most audiophile-tuned or even the most ideal device for audio enthusiasts to use it did bring down the bass to an acceptable level I'd say might be nearly 2dB less than on Brooko's graph. The AAR though doesn't really provide the most proper sound overall though, and while it brought down the bass, it may not be delivering the bass as cleanly as a new, proper dac.

    I spent several hours looking at other dynamic driver - based iem earphones though, and the Re-800 has the least bass of all I could find, while still delivering a great forward-treble I prefer. The others close to this type of tuning I like, are the Pinnacle P1 and the Final Audio E2000, but they weren't as close to it as the Re-800 is. Also, I had some interest in the RHA CL1 from the reviews regarding treble and bass response, though the issue I had was noticing the dip in the mids was too much.

    While I'd prefer vocals to be a bit more forward in the Re-800, they at least are not V-shaped and mostly flat. Of course I'm hoping based from what I've read about the Meridian Explorer 2, this will deliver closer to my preference, as the AAR does, but with a better overall sound output. I definitely will give my impressions of both here and at the Meridian Explorer2 thread, focusing more in depth on the specific product in their appropriate threads. I may even write some reviews.
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  2. Dobrescu George
    Really glad you're having such a blast with them!
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  3. HiFiChris Contributor
  4. Brooko Contributor
    Excellent review Chris, You nailed the description of the lower treble. It's almost a perfect reference monitor if they had taken 4-5 dB out of the upper mid-range and up to 10 dB out of that 7kHz spike. My measurements on the IEC711 calibrated Veritas are below. I know exactly what Pinky and Alex are talking about too. Anything with a lot of cymbal action and you can shred your ears. I generally am pretty treble tolerant (the CL1 killed me though, that was an absolute mess). What has surprised me is how quickly you can get used to that sizzle though. If you keep switching with a more neutral monitor while you're reviewing (basically resetting your ears), then the 7 kHz peak remains noticeable.

    If anyone has the RE800 and an E17K - try the two with a -8 or -10 treble drop. It basically cuts 4-5 dB out of the mid-range too, and makes the RE800 sound beautifully balanced.

    I think this one is going to be polarising. True treble heads will likely love it. Others not so much. Too much heat for me unless I'm playing music without a lot of cymbal action etc. Alclair Curve at $250 much better alternative. Pity.

    Re800 channels.png
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  5. Dobrescu George
  6. Arysyn
    Since the confusion over my last review which led to a bad misunderstanding, but has since been resolved fairly well, I've decided to rewrite my review from the copy of the old one which Brooko happened to have. I've since posted my rewrite of the old review. It is quite different, with a lot of detailed information of the sources I used and the sound impressions.

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  7. earfonia
    Hmmm... from the unit I loan for review, I didn't detect that 7 kHz peak. The unit that I review doesn't sound to have 'peaky' treble. Yes it is a bright sounding IEM, but the treble is actually pretty smooth, and I would say good quality treble. My problem is more on the recessed mids that makes vocal sounds thin and bright. Bass also less than what is shown in your graph, and a bit lacking for me. Probably inconsistent sound quality from different production batch? I know that we use different measurement instrument, but your graph and my graph clearly showing very different tonality, looks like 2 different IEMs :confused:. I'm really curious.

    HIFIMAN RE800 - Left Channel (Blue) - Right Channel (Red).png
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
  8. Brooko Contributor
    Would be nice to get a few more measured Bram. Chris's and mine measure very close (his measurements compensated, mine raw - but calibrated). Both show the peak. Alex has said his are quite splashy too.
  9. HiFiChris Contributor
    What can you hear listening to pink noise and using a sine generator?
  10. earfonia
    Yes, I'm curious that mine probably 'special'. Not surprising considering my recent experience with RE2000. First tried sounded 'meh...', about 1 month later, tried different unit and sounded very good. The shop keeper said the 1st unit I tried one month earlier was final stage prototype. He didn't tell me earlier. So if my review unit rather different than what you guys testing here is quite possible. I measured multiple time with different eartips as well. Quite consistent result. And I'm pretty sure I didn't hear 7 kHz peak which is I'm a bit sensitive to, like what I hear on my HD800.

    I've returned the unit to the shop (HM distributor). I didn't test it with pink noise. But I plan to come there again next week, when I have time, to measure different demo unit if available.
  11. earfonia
    Could you kindly share your impression for the RE800 treble? Do you hear it as smooth and transparent, or do you hear it as too hot and peaky?
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  12. B9Scrambler
    Just to add another impression of treble on the RE800, I find it prominent, but still 'smooth and transparent'. On some tracks they get a little hot but they're no CL1. Using the stock, preinstalled dual flange tips which fit me quite well.
  13. PinkyPowers
    My review should up tonight. No measurements, sorry.
  14. twister6 Contributor
    Yeah, my measurements were very similar to yours, and I heard it the same as I "saw" it in the graph :wink:

    [off-topic] check your email, I sent you info about Veritas II :wink:
  15. Arysyn

    I posted a full review here

    in case you want to read it.

    Regarding the treble, its very detailed when using the Meridian Explorer2 as a source. My suggestion would be to ask Brooko for more detail regarding treble, as its the one area of audio I'm not yet more knowledgeable of regarding sound frequencies.

    I'm not able to hear sibilance in the treble on the RE800 as I do on the Grado 8e and 10e earphones. I'm not clear what peaky treble means, though I see people mention it often around Head-Fi. Is it where details come in sounding too sharp? If so, then I'm not hearing that on the RE800, though cymbals sound kind of bland to me on them. I was listening to a song yesterday specifically listening out for cymbal crashes that all pretty much sounded the same, without much life to them, especially compared to what I'm use to.

    Still, the RE800 has brought out alot of detail through music I haven't heard before, though I'm going to have to say its the Meridian Explorer2 doing that. The Zorloo Zuperdac was much different in reducing treble detail and increasing bass. While your audio frequency response results for the RE800 make me a bit nervous there could be flaws among units like that, perhaps its the source you are using causing it.

    In my review, I detail the differences I hear with my RE800 compared with Brooko's graphs. While the three sources I've used do have some alterations to his graph, I'd say Brooko's graph is very accurate for the basis of what to expect from the RE800 in most dacs that seem to favor bass by a ever so slight measurement difference.

    I'd say my favorite source being the Meridian Explorer2 I'm going to review soon, reduces the bass to virtually neutral from Brooko's graph, does not recess the mids, which in reducing the bass may make the mids sound slightly more forward, but still not quite forward enough in vocals for me, the one "flaw" I do hear in the RE800. The treble is detailed, which for at the moment is really the best I can say about the treble, and that the flaws about sharpness and sibilance I'm not hearing on the RE800.
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