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Hifiman RE 272 for sale

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  1. SaigonGrandFunk
    For Sale
    Selling my RE272. I had this from HeadDirect Aug2011 with 3 year warranty (after trying RE262/RE0, REZero).
    Since 2012 I got EX1000 and did not use all REs as often as I wish to.
    Photos shows everything that comes with the set except the 4pin TRRS ext cable( I just don’t know where it is), the price is already adjusted to cover this missing cable in case you need to buy one.
    $140 USD including paypal and registered post to Australia
    Other countries add extra $10 USD.
  2. proedros
    killer price !!!!
  3. SaigonGrandFunk
    I know [​IMG]
    I did not want to part it over 6 months now and have to let it go so I can restock [​IMG]..
    SOLS to a US Headfier...
  4. SaigonGrandFunk
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Not open for further replies.

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