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Hifiman RE-252 - SOLD

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  1. alphaphoenix
    For Sale
    Hifiman RE-252 IEM; once its flagship IEM.  It comes complete with all accessories: full set of replacement filters, and complete set of tips (S/M/L single flange dark silicon tips; 1 set of S/M double flange clear silicon tips; 2 sets of M/L double flange clear silicon tips), shirt clip, and original plastic box.  Sounds perfect and phenomenal. They are some of the most balanced, extremely detailed with extreme clarity IEM you can buy as a universal.  As usual the lettering has faded like all RE-252 and a slight tear in the silicon has been repaired; otherwise in great condition. Price is $80 which includes PP fees or Amazon Payment and CONUS shipping.
    International buyers has the option to go cheap with Air Parcel, or with USPS Priority, or Express (EMS).  EMS is the only method with tracking and full insurance, which I highly recommend, but is the most expensive.  If Air Parcel or Priority is chosen, the international member must pay as PayPal gift, no exceptions.
  2. alphaphoenix
  3. alphaphoenix
    Temporary price drop for RE-252 from $105 to $80 until tomorrow 3PM PST.  Will require immediate payment so I can get them shipped out the same day before I go on vacation.
    Back to normal price.
  4. TickleMeElmo
    PM Sent
  5. proedros
    95$ for these ?
    terrific price - if i didnt already have 272 , i would have got them
  6. Paulo55
  7. alphaphoenix
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