HIFIMAN in Munich High End Show

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  1. Nankai Contributor
    Dear Head-Fiers,
    I am going to be at the Munich High End Show in Germany from May 19th to the 22nd and will be presenting the new HE-500 headphone and a prototype of the EF6 amplifier. If you would like to try these out and meet me in person please come the booth of our distributor Sieveking Sound in Hall 3 section B6-B12.
    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  2. nigeljames
    Any more info on the EF6 you would like to share. [​IMG]
  3. reiserFS
    Interesting, I'll try to drop by!
  4. SievekingSound
    Everybody is welcome!
    We are bringing Bremen made chocolate so that alone should be a reason to come. And then we are akin to the largest records booth which you won't want to miss.
    See you in Munich!
    Jan Sieveking
  5. Happy Camper
    I've been hoping for some comments and pics from this event. Anybody?
  6. nc8000 Contributor
    Patience, it's only 7am on the 19th yet here in Europe so the event hasen't even started yet
  7. blankdisc
    Still nothing? please...i am begging. :)
  8. Happy Camper
    Thank you.
  9. blankdisc
    see the picture in the middle. :) i am pumped.
  10. SievekingSound
    Hi Everybody,
    I have got a few nice pictures to share.
    This is Fang with a prototype of the upcoming EF6. As you see it is a real beast and will weigh about 15 KG or 31 lbs for the people stateside.
    Headphones attract all kind of people. Like radio station moderators who work for a full time classical music channel. Well, at least I hope it was the headphones attracting this gentleman. Hm - what else might it have been?
    The booth was in the middle of Hall 3 and an extremely busy place as it was adjacent to the Sieveking Sound Record Booth which just turns out to be most busy place at the entire show. SievekingSoundBooth.jpg
    We had all the HiFiMAN Headphones in attendance and were driving them with electronics from Aura Design Japan. In the forefront you can see the new HE-500 and if you look carefully you will also see a new veneer for the Omega Stand in the front. This veneer is named Makassar and comes from the family of Ebony woods. It has got beautiful black and brown stripes and will be available as a Special Edition later this year. HighEnd2011-8.jpg
    Sunday Morning is slow to begin even at a busy show like Munich and in this case you will see Fang, George Cardas and Kazuo Kiuchi of Combak in Japan chatting away.
    And when it finally is time to know down you got a few more minutes to have a talk about the subject of ... metallurgy!
    In this case it is Fang and George Cardas trading stories.
    So much from Munich. While many people liked the HE-500 we also had a big number of Germans who preferred the clearer and more "Sennheiser-like" presentation of the HE-5 LE in direct comparison.
    And now I exepct everybody reading this to come to our booth next year. There were only about 14.000 visitors this year and thus attendance was down!
    Jan Sieveking
  11. edvardd
    Thanks for the story and photos. EF6 is a beast!
  12. 1974
    Any info on how much the EF6 will retail for, and what improvements there are over the EF5? It looks pretty big, so I assume it'll be a big step up in price and sound quality?
  13. wuwhere Contributor
    That EF6 has some serious heatsink. 6moons recommends 8 watts of power for the HE-6?
  14. blankdisc
    you bet!

  15. 1974

    Hehe... also forgot to ask, is it SS, tube, or hybrid like the EF5?
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