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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. brhfl
    I did, one page back! The EPHs are one of my go-to IEMs, and the RE-400 definitely compliment them well. More natural in the treble, gentler in the bass. EPHs might be a little bit more 'fun' or 'lively,' but the 400s feel truer to me. 
  2. Netforce
    Alright my experience with the re-600!
    So at the hifiman table I went and saw the re-400 which I've seen and read so much about online but next to them and hooked up to the hm901 were the re-600 which I never heard about till I just saw them just then. Very small little iems just like the re-400, glossy black was very nice. So I went and tried them and first and foremost... the small tips didn't fit at all. But not too worry as there were more tips to choose from, so after a easy swap putting in the double flange tips I was ready to go. Tight neutral sound, great bass, not heavy or bloated but real nice and tight, quite pretty treble. Listened to a variety of genres on the hm901 and got a nice feel on their audio player too. Strings and orchestra just sounded fantastic.
    Brought my brainwavz b2 with me, put in it to compare a little. The b2 are slightly bright but analytical iems. The re-600 quite reminded me of the he-400 when I tested my music from my s3>fiio e6>re-600. Besides my setup being pretty weak in comparison to the hm901, the re-600 still sounded really good. Neutral but has a trace of being colored. Comparison of my b2 and the re-600 and the re-600 was just better on all ends from the highs, mids, bass, trable, soundstage, imaging.
    Then I tried the re-400 to compare, never tried them before and once I got some bigger tips on them I gave them a listen from the hm901. First thought, these are only $100? :O Second thought, I want the re-600 back. They weren't bad by any means but just like how the re-600 were better in almost every way to my b2 I would say the exact same to the re-400. It was like how I went and gave the lcd 3 a listen then the lcd 2 a listen and had such a high reference point that when I went to something lower I wanted back the lcd 3. Re-400 came across as real neutral and polite, realistic bass not missing but not bloated but the re-600 was just more present with the bass. The re-400 I felt was rather close to the b2 and if I gave them more of a listen I think I could trade which is better in which category but didn't listen to the re-400 for all too long, I'd say if I had both I'd like them both and might listen to the b2 bit more since I really love their isolation with comply/shure tips then the standard hifiman tips. All that being said, I think the re-400 will be the next pair of iems I want to get with some comply tips
    Overall at the whole show, the re-600 were not the best iems I heard but that is unfair since some of the iems might go for $2k at launch. But the re-600 for me were comparable to some $500-$600 cans+iems I heard if I want to be that bold about them. Also those who are interested about the audio plug... it's a straight plug. When I wanted to test them with my gear they did give me an adapter to make the cable balanced with the infamous curved audio plug.
  3. tigon_ridge
    Sounds like the 600 might be a smidge too warm for my taste. Kudos for providing the first impression of the RE600. :wink:
  4. Oof Oink

    Just curious, which one(s) might you be referring to, with regards to the statement in bold? Also, if you don't mind sharing, while there, which product(s) sounded best overall?
  5. Pianist
    $2k for a dynamic or balanced armature driver based IEM is beyond ridiculous. If it's electrostatic, planar or some other completely new, revolutionary IEM driver technology, then maybe I could understand.
  6. sofastreamer
  7. Netforce
    Sure, I don't mind sharing some pics/info. Posted lots of pics in the other thread
    They are from final audio design, rather old company but albeit pretty unknown at the same time. It's called piano forte and they have various models made from different materials ranging from chrome copper, stainless steel, brass and a version that strays from this design and is their entry level version. So these are the $2k ones, iems without any sort of changeable tips. The guy there told me it was $2k but price can change apparently. So I got some numbers in terms of specifics since I snagged their brochure.
    It's an "Open-canal-type" 16 mm dynamic driver, 108 dB/mW, 16 ohm, 1.4m cable, weighs 38g, comes with carrying case. There is two versions of their piano forte x, the chrome copper with either "Ion-plated finish" and "Gold-plated finish"
    Guy there told me they can only make around 35 a month. So there my little write up about final audio design's Piano Forte. At $2k they might be overpriced but I might of been listening to their overly complex and expensive one but I really liked what I heard.
  8. vwinter
    I'm sure the guys in the FAD thread would be happy to hear that you thought so highly of them. :smile:
  9. Netforce
    And I just found out about final audio design and it turns theres plenty of discussion already going on in their thread. Thanks :D
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    Having heard most of FAD models (including their ToTL stuff), I never quite get wow'ed by them. Some of them are nice, but the price can be cut by half and I'll still call them overpriced, by a lot.
  11. vwinter
    Have you heard the new Heaven models?

    I don't want to derail this thread but if you cut the price of the new Heaven V in half, I would go so far as to say that it would be pretty much up there with the best values in higher end IEMs.
  12. Theta Alpha 1
    The Adagio V is a very nice sounding IEM for $100.  The SS possibly uses the same driver as Ortofon and Grado, and is possibly the best sounding IEM there is.
    Edited in reference to post #870
  13. vwinter

    There was a discussion here a while back about that and I'm almost positive that the conclusion was that it doesn't.
  14. ClieOS Contributor
    If you are referring to the Heaven V - no, not yet.
    I have not heard a pair of FAD that I can consider to be excellent in value, but FAD lower end is definitely better value than their higher end. In fact, their mid-end tend to be the most reasonable as far as price is concerned.
    Adagio V is way too sibilant to be called nice, even at $100.
  15. sofastreamer
    wrong thread guys[​IMG]
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