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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. sofastreamer
    could not have said it better. except for resolution. it is pretty good but not on par with lets say ue900 or w4. but its sound is more coherent and realistic.
  2. dleblanc343
    The re400 is better than the 262 and nearly as good as the 272 (better in some fronts, musicality especially). Also, a good tip for me are the standard monster/beats silicons; best seal and fit I've experienced.
  3. brhfl
    Some RE-400s were waiting for me when I got home yesterday. Assuming I stay awake, going to give them a more proper listen on my commute home tonight, but initial impressions have me very happy. My right canal is a bit bigger than my left, so fit is always a fun game - with the pre-installed shallow double-flange tips (akin to EPH-100 tips), fit seemed perfect right away. Things are tiny, tinier than I expected even seeing pictures and expecting them to be tiny. My outer ears are fairly small, which makes that aspect of fit problematic for a lot of IEMs, there is no way that could be an issue with these. Sound is very pleasing to me, reminds me a lot of my Moshi Keramos with their very gentle bass, natural presence. The Keramos are problematic, fit/tip-wise for me, so this is a blessing in the RE-400. Everything feels a little more natural, relaxed than with my other go-to IEM, the EPH-100. The EPH might be a bit more fun, the RE-400s are more the date I want to bring home to meet my parents, if you will. I have yet to find sibilance in these, and I definitely looked. I don't have to look very far, I'm quite sensitive to it, unfortunately. But it's not rearing its ugly head here, nor is any other harshness in the highs, and that is key in my book. I have a feeling these are going to stay in rotation, and quite possibly knock the Moshis and Yamahas into hiding for a while. Now, bring on the 600!
  4. proedros
    re-600 revealed at the Newport Audio Show in Irvine, CA
  5. hk1388

    Are you talking about these? http://www.amazon.com/Replacement-Earbud-Monster-iBeats-Headphones/dp/B00BCRE362/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1370046281&sr=8-4&keywords=monster+earphone+tips
  6. Pianist
    To each their own, but I found RE262 and RE272 to be nearly on the same, if not on the same level technically. RE272 is brighter, but quality wise, they are really similar. I couldn't hear any more resolution, extension, speed or any other qualities that might make them superior to RE262. Well, I thought I could pick out more detail with RE272, until I actually AB'ed them directly with RE262 and realized that I couldn't and that the sense of greater resolution was simply the result of the more elevated highs on the RE272. The only thing RE272 really did better for me was the tonality - RE272 sounds nearly neutral, while RE262 is definitely somewhat recessed in the treble and less balanced.
  7. dleblanc343
  8. Pianist
    Yep, but also better textured, smoother, more natural in the low end with more impact, and more 3D with significantly better depth and height to the soundstage. Just my opinion of course.
  9. dleblanc343
    Your source must be very different, what are you using?
  10. munchzilla
    eagerly awaiting peoples comments on these now! hope Tyll from Innerfidelity gets a hold on them.
  11. redrich2000
    *** someone take a picture of them at least!!!
  12. Netforce
    Snapped a a quick pic but didn't realize it was the reveal, took some bad pictures of them sadly :/
    Hopefully some nice pics come out tomorrow for them, as I won't be able to attend tomorrow. The are similar shape to the re-400, glossy black, $399 iirc, coming soon/June. DOn't quote me on the last two points though.
    edit: I'm in the facebook picture! lol
  13. munchzilla
    impressions, too! if you listened to them that is. :D
  14. brhfl
    Excellent, glad they've gone for the black instead of the gold… And if pricing is $399 instead of $499, well, that's just fine too! Eagerly awaiting listening impressions…
    Side note re: RE-400s: did end up having some fit issues during my first 'serious' listen on my commute yesterday. Trying J-Lab double-flanges now, which have often worked well for me, assuming the resulting combo fits well in my outer ear (which RE-400 does just fine). Tip selection from HiFiMan is a little bizarre to me — would kill for a slightly larger shallow double-flange instead of the mixing bowl that they shipped with…
  15. Blotto80
    Has anyone compared the RE400 to the Tamara EPH-100. I like my yams but am feeling the treble can be a little fake sounding and the bass can get a touch bloated. From the descriptions the RE400 sounds like it can be a great match. For reference I have HE400s and love them.

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