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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. JosephKim
    USPS says I'm getting them today. Hurray!
  2. Pippin76
    I just got these today and to my disappointment, sound is significantly louder in the left channel than in the right.
    Is this a known issue or some such? I shudder at going through a replacement process as I paid about half of the list price in tax and duties alone.
  3. Sweden
    Don't think I heard anything about channel imbalance before. Contact the seller and return them.
  4. maguire
    Hey  a_recording, nice review.....enjoyed watching the video, good work. Thank you.
  5. maguire
    Don't worry, Hifiman's service is really top class. Just E-mail them. I think its Quntin? I dont think I spelled his name right, but he will look after you.
  6. Sylafari
    Got my pair a few weeks ago and they sound amazing for the price, one of the few earphones I can listen to without feeling like my headphones do it much better. I had a broken RE0 (one of the first earphones I thought were amazing even though were lacking in bass) before and I'm glad the RE-400 can take its spot and be even better. Probably the best earphone in my earphone inventory :D
  7. Pianist
    In this video I just found, Fang himself states that RE-400 is the best sounding Hifiman IEM model produced to date... Not sure how honest he is about this, but from my own impressions of RE-400, I am pretty sure that I would agree with him, although I haven't actually AB'ed RE-400 with any of the other Hifiman IEMs. Based on my memory of the others, I felt RE-400 is the most natural sounding and engaging in the line-up.
  8. Deni5
    I made some comparisons to RE-272 earlier in this thread. They both have the Hifiman house-sound but RE-400 sounds more different than the earlier models. Earlier models sounded more alike but got better with each model that was released. Still neither of them to me didn't have the bass of the RE-400 (I have RE-ZERO and RE-272, haven't heard 262).
    One thing that also bothered me a little was the boost in the 1-3 kHz in the older line, didn't sound good with some music (very aggressive/forward/harsh).
    RE-272 has more treble presence and I can see how some find them more neutral/linear comparing to RE-400. Then again it doesn't produce the bass of the RE-400. Often when something is considered detailed treble is mentioned, but what about bass detail. To me it seems that is many times forgotten or not so important. For me something that is considered detailed should provide detail over the whole spectrum not some parts.
    Bass is also an important cornerstone of music, without it music can sound very dull/lifeless (sure it depends on genre - but to cover most genres it does matter). So in this regard I can find RE-400 more natural because for me it works well with many more genres than RE-272 does (not saying that RE-272 doesn't have any or very weak bass).
    One other factor that RE-400 does well is distortion levels. Ok many IEM's are at or below 1% which should not be hearable, still if RE-400 can do 0.1% that is 10 times less - that's got to count for something. One thing Fang also mentioned with RE-400 is that is does have better "sound quality" (how well it can reproduce sound) and I would agree on that - somehow it reproduces it more exact comparing to older line imo. What I'm saying is that if the RE-400 would have the exact same "sound signature" as RE-272 I believe it would sound better on the RE-400 because of the better drivers (and other advantages).
    What I'm not getting from the Audio Advisor video is 8 years of R & D for the drivers (thought it was 3 years or something like that from the earlier Head-fi video). Also Hifiman was founded 2007 hmm oh well :)
  9. FlySweep
    I may be mistaken, but I think Fang/HiFiMan was producing phones/drivers as OEM.. before releasing their own 'HiFiMan"-branded phones (in 2007).
  10. Deni5

    Ok, that would be a logical explanation, thanks.
  11. whirlwind
    Loving mine so far, got them on Saturday.....the midrange is off the hook!
    Really comfortable and way smaller than I imagined.
  12. hifiman-us
    Development time for RE-400 would be more like three years taking into account everything HiFiMAN learned from previous in-ear models. Fang is very excited about RE-400 and the upcoming RE-600 which we hope to start shipping next month.
    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    Oof Oink likes this.
  13. dleblanc343
    Great news!
  14. redrich2000
    If they are that close, shouldn't there be more information on them by now?
  15. EraserXIV
    Have there been any review models shipped out? It'd be nice to get impressions by reviewers so people know if they are going to buy them on the day of release.
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