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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. Enigma29
    Oh no i didnt push it in THAT much, it was only a incredibly small bit pushed in, its all out now though so im only wondering how to put it back in.
    I tried replacing it only because i thought the silent sound was the cause of that slight push in and while taking the black filter out the foam went out aswell.
    So now im trying to let them burn in and if not ill contact support, because i handle all my electronics super safely (nearly paranoidly) and i dont believe that it was my mistake (i didnt listen to them prior to this happening).
  2. conquerator2
    For anyone interested, just a short write up
    Okay, upon spending some time with the RE-400, I am ready to post some more impressions [they will be of course added to the review but probably not today]
    Comfort - nice fit, deep insertion, if you focus on the music, you can almost forget you have them
    Overall 8/10
    Build quality - quite nice, aluminium shells, with shiny plates on the back. Very small but feel sturdy
    Overall 8.5/10
    Cable - perhaps the only disappointment, the cable itself is fine, it is sleeved in a rubber sleeve.
    Overall 6/10 [8 quality, 4 convenience]
    BUT it gets tuck on everything it touches and then it moves with it or slides down. I will really need to get it tucked with the included  clip.
    SOUND - I HIGHLY recommend using some sort of bass boost [in my case a preset in my phone] as without it the HP feels a little mediocre to my ears, very mid centric. The bass boost bumps up the treble and bass noticeably and balances everything out quite nicely, save for vocals perhaps.
    Without the boost, the HP are just too mellow for me.
    Works great right off your phone :]
    Bass - well initially it was mostly texture and no punch. BUT the bass boost EQ preset in my phone essentially fixes it. you lose a bit of resolution but gain a tremendous amount of nice tight bass [actually the only HP that does that. It goes from little bass to plenty] So with this preset the bass is really nice. Detail texture, punch. Obviously not as deep and detailed as the HE-6 bass, but can quite compete for an IEM It punches a bit more [with bass boost on though]
    Overall - 9.0/10
    Mids - Very nice. Also can quite compete with the HE-6. Of course not as detailed and full but still really nice overall.
    Overall 9.0/10
    Vocals - Okay this is perhaps where the difference is most apparent. HE-6 has just awesome vocals, perfect. Now, RE-400 still has nice vocals, BUT there is a slight dip somewhere in the high mids/lower treble where vocals appear and as such it affects vocals only and it makes certain sound too mellow while others are a bit too pronounced. It varies from artist to artist. For example Michael Jackson is a bit too mellow while Mike Shinoda is a little harsh. But nonetheless even through these nitpicks, they are still quite nicely detailed. The bass boost might be partially responsible for this
    Overall 7.5/10
    Highs - here the bass boost helped a lot. Kinda a cure it all. It gave instruments the attack they needed as they were a bit mellow before.
    Overall 8.5/10
    Instrument separation - is perfect. Seriously really, really nice. I dare say almost as good as  the HE-6, and we are talking the fraction of it's price.
    This is the one area Hifiman has perfected. No matter which HP, the separation is just phenomenal.
    Overall 10/10
    Soundstage - I haven't got much experience with IEM soundstage but I'd say it's marginally different than with HE-6
    With them you get more of a speaker soundstage with these IEM, you get left-center-right. But I didn't find anything bad with it. Much like HE-6, it's not large, but quite nice, more so for an IEM
    Overall 8/10 
    Value - Okay. For a 100 USD [130 in my case] it performs excellently. I now can perhaps understand why people were called it a new benchmark between entry/mid level IEM. The sound signature and overall presentation is close to its bigger brothers but for the fraction of their price and you can put them in your pocket.
    You get a worthy HP that performs exceptionally for it's price.
    Overall 10/10
    Overall 9/10
    I think even if they have their kinks, the asking price simply makes this a bargain. No doubt about it. You get a performer that can almost compete with balanced armatures [okay almost] for less than 1/3 of their price.
    Recommended just for curiosity sake :D
  3. Techno Kid
    I just got my RE-400 today and these things are really good for $100 and I think they can compete with a lot of BA's.  I need to do some more listening but the mids are awesome along with highs and bass that's much better than what the RE262 have.
  4. proedros
    so you would say that the 400 outbests 262 ?
  5. kyuuketsuki
    OK! So I must know. My old IEMs just died. There is a pair of RE262s on the FS forums for a great price. ($110)
    My question is... Should I grab those or should I get the RE400s? I need opinions people! Preferably from those who have listened to both. 
  6. TheGame21x
    Are you planning to amp them? If not, get the RE-400, definitely.
    Otherwise, what kind of sound signature do you like? The RE-262 is warm (not negatively so) and smooth with an emphasis on the mids over the highs and lows. If you like that sort of sound signature, get the 262s. If you prefer a more balanced/neutral sound sig, get the 400s.
  7. kyuuketsuki
    If that is the case then I'll probably go with the RE400s. Mainly because I plan on saving for a good natural pair of in ears to replace my HJE900s (the MDR EX1000s) And having a good natural pair would be an asset and something I'd continue to use even after I get the EX1000s.
    Thanks for the help! (And I am planning on getting an amp soon for portable use)
  8. redrich2000
    What's the latest on the RE-600? If it is genuinely good enough to justify 4x the price of the 400 it will be pretty amazing.
  9. Hawaiiancerveza
    It hasn't come out yet.  
  10. proedros
    my guess , 600 will combine the mids of the 262 with the highs of the 272

    if so , god help us [​IMG]
  11. conquerator2
    The RE-400 is quite good already but there are possible improvements here and there and for 4x the price, they better be marginal [​IMG]
  12. Niyologist
    LOL, so true. My wallet will probably be bone dry if that is to be the case. [​IMG]
    BTW, any chance on a price reduction for the RE-600? Shortly after release that is.
  13. Inks
    lately, HF3s have been sounding too forward in the midrange, kind of squeaky :/. I like the W4 a lot, jut wish it had more subbass, less midbass and less of a 10k spike. No IEM is perfecft though.
    I may get to compare these to a modded 9927 :)
  14. Deni5
    RE-400 seems to remind me a little of Sennheiser HD-650 with the slightly withdrawn treble. What is there is really good quality but it is a little in the background. Not bothering me that much, I like it.
    Originally Posted by proedros [​IMG]
    my guess , 600 will combine the mids of the 262 with the highs of the 272
    if so , god help us
    Proedros, yes there will probably be more treble. They said something about relaxed mids - by this I think they mean relaxed in comparison to all other parts. So treble will be more forward in some regions which will provide more attack and air. I like the mids as it is, tamed and not boosted in the 1-2kHz region like on previous RE-line. Most important for me is that they retain the bass because it is pretty much perfect as it is - not too much and not too little. RE-600 seems to have the same bassport in the pictures. Have seen this also in an interview with Fang done by Innerfidelity. He says that because of the bassport the IEM (RE-600) behaves a little like a speaker and large space is not required for it to have enough bass and thus they can keep the shell small.
    Also I still do believe that the new driver is capable of better "sound quality" as Fang has stated earlier (sound quality not the same as sound signature). If you mod the RE-400 to provide more treble it doesn't sound harsh, at least not at all to me.
    Bassport seems to be responsible for 1-3kHz region. If you cover it you get more presence in that region and it sounds a little like older RE-line.
  15. conquerator2
    Do hope someone will post a comparison between the two, when the RE-600 are out [​IMG]
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