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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. maguire
    Oh great guys cant wait for your thoughts comparing against your other Hifiman IEM'S
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    [UPDATE] After talking with Fang, apparently the RE600 I received is part of the prototype. His worker in China sent it out to me for sampling but forgot to mention it in the package while Fang was far away in Las Vegas (for CES2013). The final version is still in tuning (so it won't be the same as the RE600 prototype I have now) and won't arrive until April or May. The RE400 I received earlier is however the final version and is on sale now.
    All bet are off for now, I guess we have more waiting to do.
  3. maguire
    Well that explains the fact that there was not that much difference between the 2. I could not justify that price increase RE400V RE600.
    Good to know....Good work Cleos.
  4. dleblanc343
    Uh oh, April-May eh? I guess I'll have to settle for a k3003/ie800 or tg334 :frowning2:

    My impatience will be costly!

    Although I love my 272's, I'm heavily due for an upgrade
  5. Swimsonny
    i have been told roughly march. Fang has really gone back to the drawing board since CanJam on these!
  6. zachgraz
    April/May huh, that's still far away considering the RE600s were presented already in October 2012...
    Anyway I am still hoping the RE600 will be a worthy upgrade to the RE262/272. So take your time, HifiMAN [​IMG]
    The same amount of detail and soundstage as the RE272 presented in a more liquid, musical, smooth way + full-bodied bass and I will be willing to spend my $$$. [​IMG] I think I am not the only wishing for this kind of sound sig. I wonder if this could all be done with just one driver ?
    I am not sure if it was a smart move to remove the RE262 and RE272 from the current range - both are/were somehow unique in sound signature and design and are not easily replaceable by other IEMs currently available. Just my 5 cents...
    I am still enjoying my RE262s but for me it's also time to upgrade...
  7. maguire
    X2 Zach....[​IMG]
  8. ClieOS Contributor
    It could, but it will be more of a V-shaped FR curve and traditionally not the most popular among HF'er (though I personally like it).
  9. AstralStorm
    Darn, Head-Direct slipped while handling my order and forgot to ship my paid-for RE-400 - it's missing from the manifest. (HE-500, the extra stuff for it and the cable arrived fine.)
    We'll see how they handle that, but no review by me for a time.
  10. ItsMeHere
    Here's my unboxing video of the RE-400s. A note: I've been told that the packaging isn't the final one. Please bear with me as English isn't my native-language lol
  11. project86 Contributor
    LINK to my review of the RE-400. Spoiler - I dig it. A lot. 
  12. shotgunshane Contributor
    Well I picked up a used pair of RE272. Pretty much walks all over the RE400. I also think the 262/272 fit is a lot more comfortable for over the ear use. The RE600 is going to have to be pretty impressive to replace both the 262 and 272. Hopefully it will be.
  13. Uchiya
    Re-272's had the kind of Ortho smoothness to it while avoiding being stuffy.  They don't seem to have that veil I felt all other iems I've tried had.  I hope mine last forever but I think I'm going to be buying up the last few pairs in bunches if the re600 doesn't pan out.
  14. project86 Contributor
    That's a good point - RE-400 is more of a "stick it in the ear and go" design and wouldn't be ideal for over the ear. But I do find it more comfy than the 262 was, for my ears anyway. 
  15. Swimsonny
    this is very ideal for over the ear use. In fact to get a ideal deep insertion you need it over the ear over wise the strain relief gets in the way. I also i find overall more comfy than the 262!
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