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Hifiman HM901S New Flagship DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jelt2359, Dec 30, 2014.
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  1. nakedtoes
    U dun need the cradle to charge the battery u can plug the cable straight to yr player see does it work.. If not yr charger adapter is gone.
  2. dbatti
    Yepp, the battery before this one (the original) was always charged in the player, pretty much the same story happened (does not charge at all). I'm only using the cradle, because I can easily reach the pins and measure voltages.
    Besides that, I don't really want to play around with a possibly malfunctioning charger and a 1000 USD player...
    The customer service replied, still they have to contact the engineers to answer my questions.
  3. LarsHP
    Did you check voltage directly from the output of the charger?
  4. dbatti
    No, that was the point. I could not reach it with my measuring tool, and that time I did not know the "PIN map" of the connector either.
    But, as I think I mentioned before, I would not suspect the cradle itself to be defective, because the original battery did not charge through the player either.
    As I see things now, I've got two options:
    - the charger is broken
    - the player is broken, and eats batteries quite fast, and cannot recharge them 
    Now I don't want to experiment with a faulty anything at this pricerange, until my (quite simple) questions will be answered. The guy at the cutomer service is cooperative, but he does not know about the circuits or voltages, etc. --> will ask someone from the engineering department.
    And finally, if they say 0V is not normal on either pairs, I will know at last, that my charger is broken, and will (realtively) gladly order another unit.
  5. Aerosphere
    It's silent around here.
  6. KT66
    Too busy listening to music on my 901/minibox with T70p to post. :blush:
    Aerosphere likes this.
  7. dbatti
    A picture might trigger more people...
    So the left pair says: 0V
    The right pair says: ~8.4V
    Is it, or is it not normal?
  8. LarsHP
    Again: Ask customer service.
    I expect it means your charger only charges one of the two sections of the battery.
  9. zniper2984
    Where can i download latest firmware of hm901s?the link on their site is not working.
  10. justrest
    Pm me.
  11. LarsHP
    It has been down for quite a while, but it's working now.
  12. d3885u
    Hifiman never updates again hm901s firmware...is it totally neglected by hfm?
  13. LarsHP
    They might be thinking "don't fix it, if it ain't broke", I guess.
    However, if the tag browsing function hasn't been (secretly) fixed in the v2.004, then there is certainly room for improvement.
    Genre browsing for example is useless since you get ALL tracks and sorted by track number / file name. Also, albums with various artists are listed a different albums for each artist. I have a 6CD album which is listed about 100 times because of this... until I changed artist to "Various Artists" instead of the real name of the artists.
  14. LarsHP
    Review of HM901S (and other DAPs):
  15. donkeanu

    so i just heard all of my songs as per the meter shown in NOW PLAYING screen..
    all 6500+ (95% 16bit) are directly saved in the SD card, no folders & subfolders..
    started listening April 2016 with this setup for an average playback time of 3-4hrs/day..
    of course not daily, 2-3x per week..
    unshuffled, no skipping, just plug & play..

    what I have observed is that the 901s' still playing the previously-played songs..
    say, what am hearing today was already played 4days ago or a week ago or so despite unshuffled..
    am pretty sure i dont have any duplicate songs..
    this is very minor though, no big deal..

    am truly amazed with its battery life..
    i bought it Sep2015 but still getting 8-9hrs on a single full-charged cycle..
    i had the old 901 and i was really disappointed with its battery..

    i enjoyed each moment listening to my 901s paired with tg334..
    now, new songs were added to my music library since then..
    reformatted my card, loaded new songs to it and with the same format above, just plug & play..

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