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HiFiMAN HM650 Portable Music Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 30, 2014.
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  1. LetheFB
    Is there any difference in terms of stage, compared to power II card or any other stock amp card? I prefer closer presentation.
    Thank you for your reply
  2. erictioh
    ifyou want closer power ii is better. if you want detail and biggger sound stage presentation plus some better clarity minibox or gold
  3. Tz2000
    Recently my HM650 stopped reading my SD card files, and I have to update the media database every time I turn it on for the files to show up. Does anyone know how to solve this? Thanks.
  4. erictioh
    try factory reset the unit. it should work. i faced something like this before
  5. Tz2000
    You mean the reset option in settings or poking the little hole below the power switch?
  6. erictioh
    software gui reset not the little hole
  7. Tz2000
    It didn't work. It restarted the device and updated the database, which fixed the problem, but after I turned it off and on again the songs disappeared. Should I just contact customer service?
  8. dbatti
    Dear fellow HiFiMAN owners!
    Long story short, I have some battery related problems.
    My only question is for users, who have the charging cradle or as HiFiMAN calls it a "Battery Charging System":
    - Is there a Voltage on both pinpairs of the empty cradle connected to the wall charger, or one of the pairs puts out 0V?
    If you happen to have a multimeter, a charging cradle and a wall charger in working condition plus about 1 minute free time, please be so kind and measure this for me.
    Again, now I don't want to talk about opportunities, what could be wrong or how it might can be solved, just want to know the answer to this simple question.
    Best regards:
    P.S.: If you're interested, you can read the story in the 901s tpoic. I have already contacted the customer service, but they could not answer up until now.
    I have the same problem on my HM-650. I updated the firmware to 2.004 and changed my SD card from EXT4 to FAT32, but whenever I restart the unit, it only see the directories on the SD card -- no files.
  10. dickcheneyx
    Anybody know where to download old firmware's and if its possible to downgrade ?

    Just purchased device and Since upgrading to 2.001 ~> 2.004 the device seems to lock up frequently.
  11. td1200
    I think you will have to rescan the library from setting. Also select the auto turnoff to off, and let the player to finish rescan sd card.
  12. howdy
    For any one that had the HM901 and HM650 how was the competitive difference in sound. I had the HM901 a year back and wish I had never sold it but considering the newest HM650 and wonder how big a difference there is.
  13. erictioh
    i have 650, 802s, 901u
    650: sounded harsh compared to 802s, siliblance control very bad, meaning if your track has lots of siliblance it will spell it out loud to your ear.

    802s: organic, organic sound, sweet and smooth and wide sound stage, but siliblance control and detail is still not satisfied. 1 year ago i bought 2x 8741 dac and replaced in, everything works so well, sound stage even wider, less siliblance and much more detail.

    901; good detail, slightly small soundstage and not organic, not my favor
    howdy likes this.
  14. howdy
    So your liking the 802 the most? I had the 901 awhile back and liked it with my Alclair RSM CIEMs a lot but I really like that organic sound with them. It's been to long to remember exactly the sound but one thing is ceratin is that i miss the hifiman sound Sig. Im trying to decide which hifiman DAP to get. By your thoughts it seems like the 802 is the way to go.
  15. erictioh

    yes 802s anytime. but if you like about details with 802s 8740 is not able to compete with 901, with the mod to 8741 it won even 901s in term of detail while preserving good organic sound sig.

    watch out 802 & 802s are total diff beast, dont just look at the dac
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