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HiFiMAN HM650 Portable Music Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 30, 2014.
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  1. Gerryhatrick

    I must have been lucky! I edited 53 albums before loading onto a 64gb card and only 2 failed to show artwork and one was a png file. Will check the other in case I made a mistake with the edit. My editing was made easier as I already had a lot of jpg files matching a lot of my albums. So resize the jpg in MS picture manager (300 x 300) and embed it with Music bee.. Took around 30 mins. Even so I calculate that it would take at least 4hrs to edit the contents of a 128gb card!

    I've mentioned this to Hifiman customer support but I don't expect a FW upgrade - from what I have read in this forum HFM would rather we upgrade to more expensive hardware..,,
  2. chawya22

    What is disheartening for me is, I've meticulously tagged my files for 4 other DAPs and also my Mac, all have no issues. Some devices have over 14000 files (not sure how many albums that works out to be - 500 or 600). Even though the HM650 holds less, I'm just not in the mood to make a HiFiMAN specific library.

    I don't think HiFiMAN's pricing tier would make any difference, it's probably just the skill of their coders. The HM650 SQ is very good, so I'll just try to ignore the warts (especially at it's current price)
  3. Gerryhatrick

    Good point re dap specific libraries - my dx80 seems to accept almost anything.

    I had my first long session with the 650 coupled with BW7's and with brand new AKG 702's. With the AKG's in particular the SQ is astounding and with the power II amp they are easily driven. My dx80 struggles a little to provide a decent sound level without amplification.
  4. Gerryhatrick

    Edit - the sound stage is out of this world!
  5. Gerryhatrick

    Just had a response from tech support. They say it is file size that is the limiting factor. Anything less than 1M (I gues they mean 1MB) should display. Haven't checked my file sizes but I'm pretty sure few if any of the non displaying ones were that big. Let's check.....Do I have OCD?
  6. chawya22

    I too wondered if it was a file size issue. When exploring yesterday, I noticed that some artwork was as small as ~ 50k and as large as ~ 350k. No way near a meg. I don't think they know exactly, themselves. I mentioned the artwork problem to a HiFiMAN CSM last year and was told to rescan my library. I still think it's peculiar that if I re-embeded the same artwork back into the Flac file, then it displayed properly.
    I don't think OCD has anything to do with wanting things to work as advertised. I can no longer work because of health problems but my background was analyzing problems in an IT environment, so I guess many decades of trying to solve problems is part of my DNA.
    Now, living with the 650 again, after not having one for a year, HiFiMAN has made major strides from FW 2.001 to 2.004. The 650 is quickly becoming one of my favorite DAPs for its SQ.   
  7. Gerryhatrick
    Don't know if there is anybody still out there but has anyone compared balanced and unbalanced output from the 650?

    I'm considering recabling my AKG702's to balanced so would really like to know if it will make a positive difference. Some view it as snake oil but I am also considering the Onkyo dp-X1 and its forum is overwhelmingly positive in singing the praises of balanced. So would it be worth it for the 650 or should I hold off until i buy the Onkyo?
  8. Goldlion973
    Jumping in here... anyone figured out how to loose the brick power pack on this? Must be a way to whittle up a USB conversion, maybe?
  9. Goldlion973
    If anyone is up on selling lemme know...
  10. Gerryhatrick
    Wow the forum has come back from the dead! I may be willing to sell my 650 with power II amp as I have just bought an Onkyo dp-X1 and need the money! 650 is mint bought in March from Hifiman. I'm in Belfast - pm me if intersted
  11. erictioh
    put some emf absorber sticker on 650 will reduce the sharp and sibilance significanfly.
  12. Goldlion973
    .LOL. Gerry, you've inadvertantly put me onto the Onkyo. The HM has too many flaws, can't get my mind around the power brick... loved it for the whole this aint a smart phone vibe but its just not portable enough to pass.
    Looks like a DPX1 for me! 
    Anyone up on buying an AK120 fully boxed? Gonna list it I think... is a cool player but its time we parted ways methinks.
  13. Gerryhatrick
    It's a great piece of kit all round. Bought mine from a guy who bought it from Japan. Check out the forum - there's socket build quality problem with early batches but mine is OK so far. Paid £500 with screen protector and case. Should be on sale in the uk this month but at around £700 (with the hardware problem solved apparently).
    Good luck!
    Goldlion973 likes this.
  14. LetheFB
    Is there anyone who have tried minibox gold card with hm650?Is it worth to buy or should i buy the minibox one?
  15. erictioh
    to me minibox gold is over sharp for hm 650. for 802s is good because it is more warm and smooth than 650.
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