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HiFiMAN HM650 Portable Music Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 30, 2014.
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  1. Lee Junming
    Hi anyone can recommend me a brand that is carrying 128gb microsd which works on yr hm 650 dap
  2. fotomeow

    I'm new to the HM 650, and I am just using a standard size 32 GB SD card, not a mini-SD card. 
    Are we sure that the 650 will accept a mini-SD card? 
    Also, and you may already know this, but apparently people are able to use a 256 GB card, 
    despite the 128 GB limit that HiFiMan lists. But there have been many reports of quirky UI issues 
    (LCD freeze, unexpected and unwanted surprise reboots of the hardware, etc), so I imagine 
    that HiFI Man may list 128 GB as the Memory limit to try and minimize inadvertent hardware problems. 
    That said, the gent that I just bought the 650 from said that he didn't have any issues using a 256 card, and it 
    was just a regular SanDisk 256 GB card. 
  3. Jmop
    Would you guys recommend this player for the re262? I'm currently using it with the hm700 and, while I like the sound, I feel the 262 could scale much better with the extra power. Just hoping the hm650 isn't too warm sounding. Any other suggestions are welcome as long as they aren't as expensive as the hm901. Thanks!
  4. uzairahmed101
    Guys i am going to buy hm 650 this week could you please advice which amp card to go for? I currently have two options the power card 2 or classic 2 which one is better for using my he 400i and shure 535 iem ? Thanks
  5. fotomeow

     I am happy with my 650 and 901 with the Classic 2 cards. They are the new version of the "stock" amp, but very respectable in their own right. 
    I listen with HE-560s with very good results. But I haven't tried the Power II amp yet. 
  6. uzairahmed101

    Thanks for quick reply... Actually there's a sale on 12th december here in china and i have to order online i dont have enough time to audition them in the store i have tried it once though but i didnt knew which amp it had at that time. If it helps then the one with power amp 2 is 100rmb more expensive than the classic 2 amp but it doesnt matter that much to me the SQ is more important.....cant decide
  7. uzairahmed101
    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for contacting us.
    According to our colleagues, the Power amp card would be a better choice to get the better sound quality.
    Enjoy a lovely weekend!
    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

    Best Regards

    HIFIMAN Customer Service

    Just got this response from the support team which is quite good and according to them power amp is better lets see :D
  8. fotomeow

    Great. You were reading my mind (emailing HiFiMan for advice).
    But I was also thinking that you might email HiFi Man to tell them your predicament, and ask if you could purchase BOTH the Classic 2 and the Power 2 to try them both out, and if they would let you keep the amp you like, and return the other amp to them for a full or partial refund. I think its worth a shot in general. I mean they are a freakin' international HP/amp/DAC company, they MUST understand that you are not the only person out there in this situation, b/c 95% of us on this forum has been in your position, its the nature of the game/hobby.
    But if they say Power II is better, so be it. 
    That said, if you wish to try out a Minibox (a step up), let me know as I will be selling one soon along with a HM650 (b/c I moved up to the 901 model).
    Let us know how it turns out!
  9. CJG888
    IMO, the best option may be to go for the Minibox card for your IEMs and to add a Cayin C5 for the HE-400i (a highly synergistic pairing).
  10. uzairahmed101
    fotomeow i think its not an option to get both amp cards since i am getting it from an online retailer not the hifiman them selves but i do hope that power amp 2 is good enough. How good is the minibox card compared to the classic 2?

    What would be the most suitable single card for iem and full sized cans both.... Minibox gold?
  11. uzairahmed101
    Another thing..... Last night i was listening to some music via my iPhone 6s plus and compared to the ipod classic 6th gen and my old android phone it drove the he 400i quite well so what more can i expect once i pair them with hm 650? I dont know how much to expect out of it :D
  12. fotomeow

    the minibox is 1-2 steps above the Classic 2. 
    generally speaking: Classic 2 < Power 2 < Musical Discrete < Minibox < Balanced/Minibox Gold (Balanced for balanced phones, Minibox for SE phones)
    uzairahmed101 likes this.
  13. uzairahmed101
    What about sq compared to the iphone ?will it be subtle or surprising ?
  14. CJG888
    It blows an iPhone 6S + Cayin C5 out of the water!
  15. fotomeow

    although some users state that the 6S can have pretty good SQ, the difference b/w and iPhone and a HM650 should be significant. 
    ** if a person can't hear a difference, then their headphones are the limiting factor, and need to get some new phones, 
    or they need to get their ears checked
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