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HiFiMAN HM650 Portable Music Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 30, 2014.
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  1. chawya22

    Thanks @miguelpp. Hopefully, we will all get the full release of this FW sometime in the near future. 
  2. CJG888
    The final release of the new FW is now downloadable on the HFM website.

    iT NOW DOES GAPLESS! PERFECTLY! (IBasso please take note!).

    The SQ also seems slightly improved (better bass control and greater soundstage depth).

    I am now extremely happy with this DAP.

    This happened just in time. I was just about to buy a D14...
  3. karloil
    too bad i didn't get to try the new firmware, i just sold mine [​IMG]
  4. miguelpp
    It does not display numeric album names, though...

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  5. jono454
    I've downloaded the latest firmware but can anyone advise how to update the HM650 with the firmware?
    Wasn't able to find any instructions anywhere =(
  6. nangryo
    Well, standard of hifiman update is to extract and place it on the internal root folder. Turn on the unit and it will automatically update. But since it don't have internal memory, try place it on the root folder of external sdcard
  7. jono454
    I'll give it a try.
    Thank you.
  8. jono454
    Found the instructions on the site.
    From the site..
    Firmware Update Instruction
    1. Please download the new firmware zip file first and then copy it to your SD card (Do not change the name of the firmware file or decompress it). Only the FAT32 SD card can be used.
    2. While pressing the HOME button, hold the Power key up until the HM-901 is power on. After the screen is on, release the power key. Then release the HOME button until the hifiman logo disappears. Now the player will be in recovery mode.
    3. Wait until the first picture shows on the screen. The system will be updated automatically.
    4. After the update is done, power off the player and then reboot it to finish the whole process.
  9. macdonjh
    A question about using the HM650:
    When syncing with JRiver, why are my Smartlists reorganized in to artist and album and not left in the Smartlist "blocks" I created?  Is there a way to preserve that?  Note that my data are in .wav format, so am I lost because Hifiman doesn't support WAV metadata?
  10. macdonjh
    Why I returned my HM-650:
    The good:
    The sound quality of the player is quite good.  I kept it for two weeks and listened mostly through my car stereo.  I did spend a little time listening with my antique Sennheiser HD-580s.  The sound was full top-to-bottom.  I was impressed.  I also like the analog volume control, digital always makes me nervous.  I also like the idea of interchangeable amp modules.  Too bad I didn't get the chance to try that.
    The "I don't care":
    I didn't care about the size of the unit.  I intended to use it in my car, at my desk and as a bed room system where it would also sit on a table.  I also didn't care too much about the battery life, since it would generally be near a power source.
    The bad:
    I could not take anymore hassles from the Operating System.  It took forever to "boot" when I turned the power on.  I wish HiFiMan had a way to turn the amp off and make the OS sleep so it would wake up quickly and not drain the battery.  A large percentage of the time (30%?  50%?) it wouldn't boot correctly.  The music would come out sounding like Alvin and the Chipmunks were playing, or like 7 IPS tape was being run at 10 IPS.  It was random and always made me shut the player down and restart it, sometimes two or three times in a row.  I always had the unit in "shuffle" mode, but it acted more like "random" as I could spend a lot of time skipping songs I'd heard earlier trying to find a different song in the list.  The last straw was a couple of days ago when I synced the SD card with my main library and the player got into an endless loop of reading the card.  I left it running for an hour during which time it told me it was updating the library.  Even removing the battery and restarting the unit didn't help.
    The contrast on the display/ User Interface isn't high enough for use in the car or other bright sun locations.  The font size is too small for my old eyes.
    I didn't think I'd care, but I now agree that the proprietary connector for power and line-out is silly.  Why not a standard USB connection like everyone else?  That would sure make it easier to charge that short-life battery where ever you happened to be.
  11. Lee Junming
    does anyone have this problem when after updating the sd card you power off and on it again the preparing sd card wont work,  it will only show you folders but empty ; no audio file. 
  12. fengwei007

    Go to menu and select Settings->Reset Settings. Let the player rescan the SD card. This would solve your problem.
  13. Lee Junming
    nah tried . not working 
  14. fengwei007

    Hmm, that's strange. Sorry about this. It fixed similar problem on mine all the time. ...
  15. fotomeow
    Wow, I just finished reading the whole thread, after picking up a used HM650 (thanks Ian).
    I've not had the UI hassles (yet), but am liking the general sound signature, 
    I use High Gain with my AKG K7XX's and the Vintage function to roll off the upper high freq's.
    They are only 65 Ohm phones, but the high Gain offers a fuller, richer sound, which 
    I am used to, as I run tubes in the line up of my home audio rig. 
    the vocals sound really impressive, certainly upfront and center, but still a bit lean compared to 
    my home system (tubed mono blocks). 
    Any other 650 users still out there? or did ya'll bail ......
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