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HiFiMAN HM650 Portable Music Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 30, 2014.
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  1. CJG888
    As far as I can tell, no (so the dock won't work either).

    But that is another reason why it is so much cheaper than the HM-802, with essentially the same SQ.
  2. mannkind246
    Can anyone tell the sound signature comparison between HiFiMAN HM-650 vs HiFiMAN HM-802 ?
    They are both have Dual-Wolfson WM8740 DACs.
    I'm interested to know about their detail, separation, soundstage.
  3. howdy
    Has anyone compared this to the AK jr? both are similar in price but which one sounds "better" i know its all in the eye of the beholder but is there a night and day difference? I have the money for one of them but now im not sure which one to get as they both have there issues.
  4. nangryo
    anyone coud help me?
    Where to download firmware update for hm650?
    Searching all over the place on hifiman.com and hifiman.cn but couldn't find any..
  5. nangryo

    I've heard both. Whilst they both share the same hardware, the sound tuned differently.
    HM802 sound is more toward HM901 series.. which is leaning to neutral side
    HM650 on the other hand leaning towards HM801 series which is more musical.
  6. CJG888

    I very much doubt that there will ever be any. So forget about gapless and cover art...
  7. miguelpp
    I believe you'll find previous posts stating that we have contacted hifiman customer services regarding software bugs and no positive feedback was given.
    I think it is time to head to their fb page :)
  8. chawya22

    Sept. 3rd will be 1 year since the 2.001 FW update. Given that 2.001 is fraught with bugs, I'm in agreement that we may never see anything further. Previously, HiFiMAN at least had a few updates a year, this time, nothing. They are definitely hardware wizards but software, not so much!
  9. miguelpp
    I posted on Hifiman's FB and they sent me an email with a beta firmware a few hours after. I was told not to share it until they release it.
    I am now telling you this as I have been trying to load the FW for more than one week, and they now talk about two different player versions, sending the player back to them, etc...
    Please go to their FB and like my post if you have read it (unable to access it here at work).
    Anyway, a new firmware seems to be coming, but I cannot understand why I am unable to load it. Today I asked for the very same firmware the player already has, because I want to prove that it is the firmware file that is corrupt. As of now I always get a "Update file not found" message.
    I would prefer not to share the link with you, as you may void warranty if anything happens. If anyone thinks different, we can discuss it via PM...
  10. miguelpp
    Even better, comment on my post or post yourselves. It seems they take it seriously and we need to ensure we are heard
  11. chawya22

    What was the version of the beta FW that HiFiMAN sent you. I believe on the 901S thread, the shipping version was 2.003 but from what I recall, there really wasn't much improvement from 2.001.
  12. miguelpp
    I have now decided to rename the firmware file to "update.zip" (customer service had told me not to rename the file, but it seems they had named it wrong....) and it loaded!
    It shows UI Version: 2.004.20150820 Beta
    I just tested that an artist with multiple albums does not crash your player when scrolling through the albums. It also seems that there is a new menu for "Eject SD".
    Do you guys want me to test specific scenarios?
  13. chawya22

    What about gapless? If you have the time, go to page 19 in this thread and under my ID, I submitted a list of problems to HiFiMAN. See if any of those issues still exists. Thanks
  14. miguelpp
    Sure, will do my best
  15. miguelpp
    I'll try and keep this updated.
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