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HiFiMAN HM650 Portable Music Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 30, 2014.
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  1. ph58
     It's worth to take the Balanced card , it changes drastically the sound :  Better separation of instruments better soundstage, my Denon AH-D600 sounds infinitely better with a Forzaaudioworks cable  with Jack 3.5 TRRS balanced. That said, it's on my HM650 + balanced card. Thank you.
  2. 520RanchBro
    I figure since I'll want to go balanced because the balanced card also has a lot more power than the others, which I'd need if I wanted to use the HE-400s with it. 
  3. chawya22

    Why are you having your 600 recabled, is it being repaired or is it the single ended version? Just curious, since I've only had mine a little over a month. 
  4. 520RanchBro
    It died after two months, I think I could have just got it re-terminated but I wanted something more durable. Sent it to BTG for a Midnight SPC. Only bummer is I can only get a straight TRRS rather than right angle, which will be weird with the HM700 if it's in my pocket. However if I do end up with the 650, it'll be fine.
    You really have to baby the stock cable it seems. I'd have gladly just paid $100 more for the 600 if it had a quality cable to begin.
  5. karloil
    the only time i hear a click is when i turn it on (same issue as with my previous dx50) after which, i don't hear anything. i also have both flac and mp3 in various bit rates. i have 2 sub folder depth (ex. flac-pop), i don't know how many you have but in this way, i don't experience any scanning/freeze issues. i'm currently using a SanDisk Extreme PRO. as for the artwork, i really don't pay attention to it, as long as my music plays fine, i'm ok. :)
  6. chawya22
    Mine produces no noise when playing consecutive tracks (unless gapless) but only when I skip to a different album, artist, etc. I've narrowed down the crash, reboot problem. As I've said already, it's only when searching in artist mode and isn't dependent on how many folders or sub-folders. It only happens when I get to the last folder in that directory. Instead of looping back to the first folder again, like it does in other directory searches, it crashes and reboots. (i.e. Artist > Albums > scroll down to the last Album folder > Crash/reboot) Artwork isn't really important but if reading and displaying metadata is a feature built into the OS, I expect it to work consistently.   
    I don't know anything about SD cards (tolerances and how it might affect sound or data transfer stability) but maybe it would be worth the expense of trying a premium card. I'm currently using a Wintec Filemate 128gb SDXC card. I'll give HiFiMAN a call on Monday and see what they say.  
  7. karloil
    ah, i missed that you where browsing by artist...can't say as i don't usually browse by artist but will give it a try and see if we have the same result.
  8. chawya22
    I contacted HiFiMAN support for the following: noise when manually switching tracks, Artist search crash, and whether the SD card (speed,brand,etc.) had any bearing on performance or stability. I also asked when gapless would implemented. I was told it had been in the latest firmware 2.001 (the same firmware I have). I explained that if it had been, it's not working. HiFiMAN's support tech will get back to me.
  9. CJG888
    They told me it would be in a forthcoming FW release. The latest FW for the HM-901 and 802 has gapless, though...
  10. chawya22

    All three have the same firmware 2.001 http://hifiman.com/Blog/?Type=1 See item dated 2014-09-03 
  11. CJG888
    Yes, but it is customised to each model. For a start, the 901 and 802 have a scroll wheel for navigation, the 650 uses four buttons.
  12. chawya22

    Understood, but what would that have to do with gapless playback?
  13. elchaka
    should i buy this HM650 or go straight to HM802?
    already have ak100mk2, but i want some upgrade
    cannot afford the 901.
  14. karloil
    can you audition both units? if yes, then let your ears decide.
    if you can't, if you have the budget, then get the 802. but if you don't, both units have the same hardware - i would rather save a few $ and get the 650 (then maybe invest in amp cards)
    i remember somewhere along this thread that someone asked hifiman team about the difference in SQ - they said it's practically the same (because of the same HW)
    i auditioned the 802 before getting the 650, i can't decipher the difference. 
  15. CJG888
    The main difference between them is that the HM-802 can be used as a USB DAC, the HM-650 can't.

    I would suggest getting the HM-650 with the Minibox card.
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