Hifiman HM1000: Worlds first Quad PCM 1704 DAP
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Hi all, thought I share the new app and PC tool which helps with the file updating here. Android only.
Is it possible to leave feedback for the Android app? When I have files with Nordic characters in their names or tags those are replaced with Chinese characters.

Also, the new PC app is in Chinese only.
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Does anyone know the thread for hifiman 901R?
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I wonder anyone tested it. I have seen 2 second hand unit (in my country) yesterday so I wonder how it is rated.
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Just use this, there is none.

Or create one! ☺️👍
Likely few outside of China have the 901R, and fewer yet with the balanced amp. Don't see why it cant roll here for a while. If HM 901R gets traction the Mod's will move the posts. Me I want to listen and as guest of PR China I've every chance to do so, but and I mean but it's got to exceed R2R2K to interest...

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