HIFIMAN HM-901 Firmware v1.084 Update
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Sep 17, 2012
Here the new firmware V1.084 is updated. To download the firmware, please click:
MD5: 8F62320E4EC53D57A7C3924CEBA68886
SHA1: 1D1EC2A6D3895195946A3D1BF728605C54F92295
CRC32: B0615836
Update Instruction:
1. Please download the new firmware zip file first and then copy it to your SD card (Do not change the name of the firmware file or decompress it). Only the FAT32 SD card can be used.
2. While pressing the HOME button, hold the Power key up until the HM-901 is power on. After the screen is on, release the power key. Then release the HOME button until the hifiman logo disappears. Now the player will be in recovery mode.
3. Wait until the first picture shows on the screen. The system will be updated automatically.
4. After the update is done, power off the player and then reboot it to finish the whole process.

Bug Issued:
1.    HM-901 dead because of switching songs
2.    Second power off sometimes
3.    HM-901 dead because of deleting songs sometimes
4.    Battery display
5.    Moving logic in the list
6.    HM-901 dead because of several wrong CUE files
7.    Firmware update issue
Also, the firmware update cannot be completed under a few occasions as a firmware updating bug exist in the previous V1.082. To update to V1.084, please do as instructed below if the following occurs:
1    For HM-901 with the firmware of V1.082/1.083, during the firmware update, if the player freezes on “Recovery and update mode” or the “Recovery and update mode” picture disappears, meanwhile, the screen turns out to be black showing no processing sign, please be patient and connect the charger. After wait for a whole, the update will be completed. Please DO NOT remove the SD card or the battery.

2   Create a new folder in your SD card and add only one song under this folder. Please play the song to the end (make sure the playing mode is not repeat). Then power off the HM-901.

3.  If the firmware update is not completed within two hours, please contact our customer service at customerservice@head-direct.com or call directly at 1-201-443-4626. We will help you out with a special tool. No worries.
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Jun 19, 2013
I updated to the new firmware and my HM901 no longer skips track - which is a first . There is a small downside it does not play my AAC
files anymore I only had 5 tracks on there so I have converted  them to MP3 and they play fine. Most of my music is flac so it's not really a problem. I swear it sounds different but I guess it's just my imagination 
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Feb 21, 2007
I just got the HM-901 which has the stock / firmware (1.06x).  I am trying to update, and it seems like it gets stuck on the blank screen after the Recovery mode screen.  I also tried updating to v1.082 first too, but same issue.
Any ideas?

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