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Hifiman HM-801 RMAA Tests

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by dfkt, May 7, 2010.
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  1. dfkt
    I can't be bothered to repeat my post here, since Head-Fi's disgustingly idiotic new forum system makes it extremely hard to post images and links. So for everyone interested, here's some initial RMAA tests of the Hifiman HM-801, over on ABI:
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  2. JaZZ Contributor
    Shocking! A case of sample variance, perhaps [​IMG]
    whoa, a lot of people will NOT be happy about that article.
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  4. dfkt


    I still have a second, broken Hifiman at hand. I will swap its amp board with the one I measured to make sure. Will post the results soon.
  5. Anaxilus
    Let me be the first to say Thx.  If this is accurate, it will prove invaluable to those considering an $800 player.  SFlo2+Arrow for me!
  6. dfkt
    The s-flo is the same (according to Shigzeo, whom I trust). There is no magical player that sounds "better" than the next one. I'm sick and tired of trying out all that nonsense, like the AMP3, Hifiman, etc - when a $30 Sansa Clip gives the same or better audio quality. The s-flo is yet another nonsense product with horrible firmware and usability, with some advertising claims about "better" sound quality that's simply can't be true. People, don't be gullible fools.
  7. mobbaddict
    Could you do the line out as well?
  8. kostalex
  9. dfkt


    Will do, also USB and S/PDIF.
  10. KLS
    Thanks for the info @dfkt. I trust you too.
    So you have confirmed me that I have spent $800 on a second hand piece of aluminium junk. The first time I am so disappointed with my audio equipment purchase...
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  11. woodcans
    I would be interested in this as well, since I primarily use it as a DAC.

  12. woodcans


    Maybe not...my ears tell me it works great as a DAC. Hopefully they are not wrong. Would be much easier to replace the hifiman.
  13. Sonic 748i
    That's a frequency response graph. The standard amplifier in the HiFiMAN like I've said plenty of times is the weakest link of the unit. They should redo those tests with the GAME Amplifier or line out to a much better amplifier. Also, they must be deaf if they don't hear how much better the HiFiMAN sounds over other mp3 players. Every person who has bought the HiFiMAN immediately heard the sudden increase in sound quality including our very own jude over at Head-Fi who said the HiFiMAN sounds like anything but a portable audio player. It sounds like something that belongs in a full size rack plugged into a wall. They're reviews of the HiFiMAN compared to other MP3 players in which the HiFiMAN downright triumphs them. But anyways, lol, this article doesn't convince me one bit because what I'm hearing right now no other MP3 player can come close to mimicking. [​IMG]
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  14. odigg
    This clearly illustrates why measurements should be a part of all eqiupment tests/reviews.  It's way too easy to get caught up in pricing and marketing and all "This the best sounding device I've heard" hype.  Manufactures can make fools of consumers if we don't subject their eqiupment to rigorous measurements.
    That's no excuse.  At $800, it should perform as well the amp on the $30 Sansa clip.  If this device is not defective, I can only laugh at it.
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  15. Sonic 748i


    So the Sansa Clip sounds better than a Benchmark DAC or Grace M902? LOL. Don't make me spit up my drink.
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