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HiFiMAN HM-801: Desktop-Class Digital Sound, To Go

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jude, Sep 27, 2010.
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  1. Jian
    Such as DA11, dac1 pre and other more high end like D03, DAC202, krell studio and mark levinson  #360, and so on. Really need to audition them before you know whether you like them. But these are very good DACs.
  2. testrichard
    i have so much fun today listen to 801~~ maroon 5 songs about jane - special tour edition gives me goose bumps all over !!
    and "Slash" makes me wanna scream and wish i have long hair to rock n roll ~~ air guitar included
    who needs Saturday night out when you have 801 in your hand !! [​IMG]
    and Diana Krall - Live in Paris makes me so totally in love with her even though it just fantasy ! its like how could she be so so beautiful ?
    bless Fang for making his dream player come true and share it with all of us ~
  3. Chimera-se

    Ok, now I want one! It's all about that feeling! It doesn't come often enough, but goosebumps put you on the right track.

    I'm one of those people with a bunch of components strapped together, so maybe this will be a better solution. If it can fit in a cargo pant pocket (how could it not?), I'll be golden. The HiFiMAN has been off of my radar for a while, but now it's back on! [​IMG] Doh!!
  4. HeadphoneAddict Contributor
    Thanks for taking time to do the review Jude, we know you are a very busy person.  
    My review is posted at http://www.head-fi.org/products/hifiman-hm-801
    I had similar things to say about "desktop quality sound in a portable package".
  5. mrarroyo Contributor
    At the risk of being repetitious the HM801 is a fine sounding player and desktop DAC. Very nicely done!
  6. Captfantastic
    Thanks for the great review.
  7. desktopninja
    I'm sorry to post this, but upon seeing that there was an amp named "the GAME", I lost the game.
  8. xabu


    GAME as in "Ganqi Amp Module for Earphones" [​IMG]
  9. ctm
    Can someone please provide the link from which one can download the latest firmware for the HM-801?  Also, it would be great if a member can detail how to update the firmware on the player itself?  I gave up after reading 8 or so pages of the 28 page (YIKES!) firmware debug thread.  Thanks in advance for this info.
    I appreciate jude's insightful review and continue to enjoy reading the responses to this thread.  Chimera-se's and testrichard's recent posts reminded me about something that's been discussed in different ways in other threads in this and other forums.  However, it is worth reiterating, particularly when assessing any highly regarded audio equipment, including the HM-801.  To those who do not yet own or have yet to hear this player (and any other gear you are excited about), consider going to as many live, preferably acoustic or unplugged, performances in your area.  This also applies to those who already have the player but do not often go to live concerts.  If it's goosebumps you are after, then some of these live events will generate them, and perhaps you'll get more than you bargained for.  Be patient with me.  These ramblings will tie back to the HM-801.  I  promise.
    Going to enough performances on a regular basis provides you with the ultimate reference to assess the HM-801's or any other gear or playback system's ability to reproduce the natural presentation, nuances including timbre, pitch definition (tonality), and mini as well as macro dynamics, and ultimately the magic of instruments or voices you become accustomed to hearing live.  Trust your ears they say.  This is so true, particularly since no two ears hear alike, and even if they did, no two brains interpret/perceive them the same way.  So with the Holidays coming there will be plenty of great performances to attend to "recalibrate" your ears to live events, so that by the time your highly anticipated audio gear arrives YOU are best able to assess it's sound quality.  I'll leave the discussion about value for others to address.  However, when you finally get the chance to play on the HM-801 superbly recorded (absolutely important) high res files, ideally of acoustic or unplugged performances, it is likely that you will appreciate to an even greater degree how special this unit really is. 
    As you might have guessed, I really like the HM-801 and I have not come across any other portable player that equals it's SQ.  In addition, when you factor in features that enhance its utility, it becomes difficult to part with such a player.  I use it's coax line out to feed the Stepdance.  Btw, if you have the opportunity it would be great if you continue to attend concerts regularly and well beyond just this Holiday season :wink:   Enjoy!
    [Shameless WTB plug:  I am looking for a Game amp module if anyone wants to part with theirs. Please send a PM with details.]
  10. xabu

    Hi, the forum has a wonderfull search function :)
    The description how to update is in the manual.
  11. Hero Kid

    Haha - sorry I just spat water on my laptop.
  12. xabu


    Always at your service [​IMG]
  13. ctm
    dear xabu - thanks for finding that firmware link!  i guess i got tired of reading that thread and just plain forgot about the great search feature.  regards. 
  14. dallan Contributor
    I just did my first a/b test on my portable dacs, the HM-801 and the Headamp Pico for the first time out of my macbook pro because one was sounding flat to me.  When i did the check it was very apparent which one was superior by a longshot.  Wanna guess which.[​IMG]
  15. xabu
    Well, unfortunately it's in German, but you should read this ... especially the conclusions in the end ... regarding interdependencies of headphone frequency response, headphone impedances, source output impedance and source frequency response (at least...).
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