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Hifiman HE6-SE

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ufospls2, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. Slim1970
    I have the opposite effect when using my HE-Adapter with my Burson Timekeeper. Nothing seems limited, restrained, or restricted. The sound is more open, more dynamic and effortless on the Timekeeper. The sound from the Timekeeper is bigger than the sound from my Pro iCan. Neither of them gets hot and I have to turn down volume on the amp when I use it considerably. The HE-Adapter shouldn't have that kind of effect on the sound. Something may be wrong.
  2. wuwhere Contributor
    I guess you haven't heard of resistor noise (http://www.resistorguide.com/resistor-noise/)
  3. Slim1970
  4. musicbuff
    I said I'd give a review this week but it'll have to wait a while longer. I was all set Tuesday when the sound of the headphones changed and the HE 6se lost a lot of its shimmer and sparkle. The highs sounded muffled. So back to the 5 disc CD changer the 6se went for more burn in. I listened to them today and they sound just about as good as they did at the 75 hour mark. But I'm going to give it another 50 hours more burn-in, then write my review. Sorry for the hold up but I just want to be fair. And please, for those who don't believe in burn in, I respect your opinion. Let's not turn this into a debate...again.
  5. Happy Camper
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  6. wuwhere Contributor
    Resistors have audible affect on sound. Just read John Curl's experience with them (https://www.parasound.com/pdfs/JCinterview.pdf, search for resistor). These resistors are in the signal path.
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  7. Bonesy Jonesy
    Agree 100% with you Happy Camper
  8. Bonesy Jonesy
    Exactly. Spot on wuwhere. A+
  9. Slim1970
    I agree with the resistor theory being discussed when using the HE-Adapter. Even with that, I'm not hearing any sound degradation when I'm driving my Susvara's through it. When I get my HE6se's next week I'm going to plug them into it as well and see if I can hear a difference in sound.
  10. GarageBoy
    How would you wire up an adapter for speaker taps without hacking up a cable? I'm not worried about too much wattage, my SET amps barely put out 7 watts -use the 4 pin xlr cable and then wire them to their respective taps?
  11. kid vic
    Exactly. Hifiman makes an HE-adapter box which is speaker taps on one side and a 4 pin XLR on the other with resistors in between, but it's not well respected by the experts.
  12. wasupdog
  13. wuwhere Contributor
    These amps have output transformers. At 8 ohms output put a 10 ohm resistor in parallel, otherwise you will destroy those output transformers.
  14. musicbuff
    Check out these sites. It shows what I did.
    https://www.head-fi.org/threads/wywires-red-headphone-cable.717013/page-12#post-13810718. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/amp...anar-headphones.529873/page-317#post-12856232

    Don't know how you can achieve this feat without hacking up a cable, but it was fun. If you want high quality, Alex over at WyWires makes excellent adaptors either for the Red Series or Platinum. I've got both and must say they're both wonderful, (of course the Platinum is the better of the 2 but the Red is no slouch).
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2018
  15. GarageBoy
    Yeah, I don't want to blow a pair of tango xe60 3.5s...
    What's the situation I want to avoid with the resistors in parallel? Most planar headphones are 30-60ohms of impedance, right?

    Conversely, I can test headphones on my dad's push pull triode el34 amps with utc ls transforners? They have taps for 1,2,4,8,16,32 all the way up to 300ohms on the secondaries
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