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Hifiman HE6-SE

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ufospls2, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. once
    I'm not even mad I didn't get the adaptor - I heard it wasn't the greatest anyway. Essentially just a network of resistors. Very happy my 300b delivers immense clean power.

    Regarding the clamping force - I can echo those statements. It does clamp rather authoritatively. I have a large head also, but I don't mind.

    I'm wondering if the weak bass you are feeling is from wearing glassing and compromising the seal somehow?

    In any case, the HE6 were never bass cannons. They had detailed, rich, textured bass, but they were never super rumblers. IMO this is the highest quality bass you can get in a headphone - with impact and texture. Anything else would be over the line, just IMO. This is my "perfect headphone bass" headphone.

    Treble is present. I don't think that will go away. If you find the treble shrill, you might just want less treble in your headphone. The HE6 was never shy about presenting treble as it is in the music - and for some people that's too much. But IMO that also contributes to what makes the HE6/HE6Se special - it doesn't compromise bass and it doesn't compromise treble. Very rare headphones that can walk that line. The HE6 does it the best I have ever heard.
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  2. wuwhere Contributor
    Or get another DAC and a preamp that are neutral. The HE6 is very revealing specially in the treble.
  3. ufospls2
    Now that must be an interesting set up. I'd love to hear it. Neat amp!
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  4. ufospls2
    Sounds like you have found your "it" headphone. Awesome!!

    I'm good on the DAC front, just working on the amp. Too many options ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Bonesy Jonesy
    Agree with you 100% "once" regarding the performance of the HE6. I have heard most of the top dynamic and electrostatic headphones connected to top amps and the sound coming from my HE6's linked to my Chord Electronics Choral speaker UK hifi system (one Mezzo 140 amp) is currently the best I have ever heard.
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  6. Bonesy Jonesy
    Thank you "ufospls2". Yes the Chord Electronics Choral hifi system is great. All the Choral components together have complete synergy with each other.
  7. Thenewguy007
    Are you running the headphone directly off the speaker taps?
  8. james wood
    Will the oppo ha-2 amp be able to drive these?
  9. alota
    Probably no
  10. bmateijsen
    That is a no, yes, it will let you hear music, but no low level or bass. When we received them, we tried them with various amps, but the HE6se start to sing with a minimum of 8 watt.
  11. talan7
    Yes, Audio 46 is the real deal. They let me audition a bunch of high end headphones last time I was there. Their customer service seems to really take pride in helping you find out what’s best for you. All they asked beforehand was my budget, which helps. I ended up purchasing the Klipsch HP3. They packed it up really nice. I was very impressed with them. I’ve also purchased some items online. Shipping was same day...awesome service.
  12. musicbuff
    Received my HE-6se Monday and took some unboxing pics. I think the gun metal gray was a step up in quality and the new version probably won't be as easily damaged. I don't have time for an in-depth review right now but will get to it next week some time. The last few pics are a comparison of the HE 6se to my (6 screw) HE 6. Love them both. Enjoy the pics. HE 6se (1).jpg HE 6se (2).jpg HE 6se (4).jpg HE 6se (5).jpg HE 6se (6).jpg HE 6se (7).jpg http://hifiman.com/products/detail/294 http://hifiman.com/products/detail/294 HE 6se (8).jpg HE 6se (9).jpg HE 6se (10).jpg HE 6se (11).jpg HE 6se (12).jpg HE 6se (19).jpg HE 6se (20).jpg HE 6se (21).jpg
    As you can see the earpads on the HE 6se are angled and there's a new cable with an XLR adapter included. I didn't receive an HE adapter either, (not that I'd ever use it anyway). But they said it came with it, I would assume it's price of $99 was included in the price so I paid for it and I want it. That's something else I'll have to check out next week.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2018
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  13. ufospls2
    Thanks for sharing pics of the drivers. I know you don't have time for a full review, but any quick comments on the differences between the two?
  14. musicbuff
    I don't want to give any wrong impressions, but I'll add that the headband has a bit of a grip but the leather strap will probably make things more comfortable for many. The old band never bothered me, nor did the weight of the original HE 6. If you can stand the weight of an Audeze or Abyss the Hifiman is light in comparison. I'd also have to add the cable seems to be high quality. Sorry that's all I have time for now. Tune in next week.
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  15. Level5
    FYI you can shoot hifiman an email regarding the HE adapter and they will send you one for free.
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