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Hifiman HE6-SE

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ufospls2, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. ufospls2
    I emailed CS and asked if they were using the original driver.

    "Hi there, yes the drivers used are a recreation of the original so once run in they should sound the same as the original, exactly. They are every bit as hard to drive too, just exactly as the original."

    So. I take that recreation=we just started making them again. Mine should be here early next week, so I'll report back then :)
  2. once
    It's going to be a late night chill session with the new he6se:


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  3. bigkef
    Thanks for your reply. -I agree with you that Hifiman will stop repairing "old" HE'6's, (to sell more "SE"s) but to think that they "retooled" for a new driver, I believe, is fallacy. I welcome the first guy willing to dissect his $1.8k SE vs an "old" 6 to see if any change the driver... -I'm betting its the same as in the 6 screw original....
  4. bigkef
  5. bigkef
    Very, very NICE!!! At the risk of sounding ignorant, what kind of tube amp is that?? What is your source?
  6. bagwell359
  7. GarageBoy
    Looks like some sort of 300b tube amp?

    If they were under $1000, I would have jumped on them. Nice excuse to run the 300b tube amp with tango transformers that my dad built and isn't using... 7ish watts should be enough
  8. ufospls2
    Hey Guys,

    So my HE6se arrived today. I just wanted to share some initial impressions. Lets get the negative points of my impressions out of the way.

    -I don’t have a 4pinXLR to banana adapter yet, so I can’t run them from a powerful amp (they didn’t come with the HE-Adapter as well for some reason. Currently looking into that.)

    -Impressions so far are from the Chord DAVE and iFi Micro iDSD BL.

    -I haven’t heard the HE6 original for so long I might as well have never heard it. No comparison would be fair, so I’ll leave it out.

    Recently I have been using the Hifiman Sundara, but I did use to own the Susvara, so I can provide some thoughts on comparing the two, though I’ll be going from memory.

    Are these better than the Sundara? Yes without question. In all areas.

    Are these better than the Susvara? No.

    However, so far, they are getting pretty close to the Susvara. They don’t have the same level of detail and “air” that the Susvara have, but they aren’t worlds away. The soundstage is a bit more closed in.

    So far I’m really impressed with the HE6se sonically. The bass, whilst not as punchy as the Abyss Phi, hits pretty hard. I think this might be further improved with some more power behind them, so I will report back. Quantity is pretty good too. I’ve read about unmodded HE6 originals being a bit rough in the treble, and I can see why. I don’t think its that bad to be honest, but I haven’t listened at high volumes yet due to a lack of power. The treble, whilst perhaps being a bit over exaggerated, sounds great.

    You know, the HE6se is more expensive than the original HE6…..but….it might actually be a good value in terms of todays TOTL headphone market. I mean, Hifiman headphones can usually be had for less the MSRP if you look around. From the $4000 Utopia to the $6000 Susvara, the $1800 HE6se provides great sound, perhaps not cutting edge, but it is a really nice sounding headphone. Its detail retrieval is impressive for the money.

    Comfort is pretty good, although they are on the heavier side. I’m used the Abyss and Audeze, so I don’t find it too bad, but some might. The ear pads are very comfortable, but I’m curious what sonic changes pad rolling might bring. I’m going to let others experiment with modding the HE6se, as I’m a clutz and would probably break the drivers….

    I definitely think these are worth a try, especially if you can score a deal on them. Heck, in a few months we might see some on the used market? If I had the cash currently I would buy an original HE6 to give them a good comparison, that would be really interesting.

    To sum up. Speaker amp impressions are incoming, soon I hope. These are hard to drive. I’m impressed so far.

  9. once
    I also didn't get the adapter. If you look at the moon audio unboxing, they also didn't get it:

    I don't really care since I am running balanced out into a 300b amp which can deliver 7wc, they sound great - but I think hifiman did say we should expect one.

    Also, don't be fooled by the ifi being "almost enough power". Speaker amps (and other high powered amps) make a huge difference. My Oppo HA1 almost has enough power too, and it gets kind of loud if I crank it almost to the max, but it is night and day with my 300b amp - the sound evens out and everything comes to life much better - including the bass which is the best I've ever heard.

    I totally understand the people who don't like the HE6's treble, but to me it is perfect. I like a present treble. I want to hear it. Lots of high end headphones chase rolled off treble, tamed treble, "polite" treble, but HE6 definitely doesn't - it's there. If you like a sound like the HE1000 - you probably will think the HE6 is too much. Personally I think it contributes to the HE6's incredible imaging and visceral impact.
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  10. once
    It's a 300b tube amp - the Ming Da MC300-ear. I don't think I've seen a post on one yet, but it's their 300b amp targeted at headphone users. I will do a proper write up one of these days and post about it. It is a phenomenal amplifier.

    Source is a Oppo UDP-205. Yes, I am a bit of an Oppo fan boy.
  11. ufospls2
    I agree. I definitely am getting some more power behind these things ASAP :)

    I'm going to report back on the treble once I get some higher volume listening in tonight. Will report back. So far I'm really enjoying them.
  12. kid vic
    Interesting that you butts didn't receive the adapters. I thought they were supposed to be part of the package.
  13. ufospls2
    Hey Guys,

    So I've had 6 days with the HE6se so far. The adapter situation has been solved, in that I have bought a 4pinXLR to banana plug adapter. It should be here within the next week, so proper impressions with enough power behind these cans are still incoming. There are two things I am interested in with regards to powering these properly, will they have a bit more bass, and will the highs be a little less present? I'm not too sure, and I'm really excited to hear whether those things happen or not. I have read that an underpowered HE6 can sound shrill with weak bass, so....we shall see. Somethings I have noticed in the first (almost) week are below.

    -Clamp force is a bit much. After wearing them most of the day yesterday, where they press my glasses into my head became a bit sore. I've never had this problem before. Its not a huge deal, as it took hours to begin hurting, and it wasn't over the top, but if you have a BIG head, these might be a bit troublesome.
    -Bass quantity could be a tiny bit more, and could rumble a bit more. Is there going to be a change with more power? We shall see. TBD.
    -The treble isn't sibilant, but in terms of quantity, it can be a little bit piercing or shrill. Again, will this change with more power? TBD.
    -Apart from the above concerns....these things are pretty damn great.
    -In terms of technicalities, they are better than some headphones that cost much more (I think I even prefer them to the LCD-4, which I used to own.)

    So far, these are great headphones. If you are in the market for a pair of HE6, and there are none available, give the HE6se a try :) Just be prepared to feed them lots of good power, just like the Susvara.

    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
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  14. P.Car
    Thanks for the impressions...

    I am on the fence. Not sure if I should dive in yet.

    I would like to hear more impressions once your adapter shows up and you have a chance to hear them properly powered.

  15. Bonesy Jonesy
    I initiallyused the HiFiMan HE XLR Adapter for my recently purchased HE6's which were refurbished (to like new) by a UK Headphone company. Then when I powered them direct from the same amp (Chord Electronics Choral Mezzo 140) it was an instant and amazing change i.e. deeper and more bass, more clearer and more detailed, bigger soundstage. No issues with piercing treble either. Also didn't need as much on the amps volume knob either and the amp ran quite hot with the Adapter yet without runs just warm like when connected to speakers.
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