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Hifiman HE6-SE

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ufospls2, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. bagwell359
    Back in my long era of speaker only listening it become clear that speakers using sheets of mylar had really long break-in periods. My prior two cans with some resolving ability were the HE-500 and HEX v2 (both used), so I just didn't account for the importance of break-in of the HE6SE.

    Manual says break-in is at 150 hours. For me lots of changes between 50-90 hours, so we'll see. Very promising.
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  2. nahpungnome
    I think there's truth to that, but I can't say for sure personally since I modded mine during the break in period...I estimate I'm around 40 hours or so. The first time I experienced a change with burn-in was my old 560v3s...the sibilance was tamed all of the sudden. Not completely gone, but it made me actually want to listen to them for more than an hour. Darn, I should've kept a log of how many actual listening hours I'm at :)
  3. bagwell359
    I just pull out the old 5 SACD player, and stuff it with challenging music, and run it about 3-4 times a day and keep tally.

    I had pulled off the screen and changed pads, but went back to stock so I can lend them to an owner of the 6 screw HE-6 for comparison.

    At about 50-55 hours the bass got deeper and more impactful. At about 70 hours individual instrument definition got more clear, and soundstage wider. At 90 hours the bass took on more of that close your eyes shut bass impact, and the 4 kHz issue is getting worse (more focused, faster headaches). I'm taking 2-3 days off from them and going to the HE-500 and HEX v2.

    I'm looking forward to mod time after I get over 150 hours, also research on various EQ's if that 4 kHz thing won't go away.
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  4. nahpungnome
    Awesome, looking forward to updated impressions and comparison from @SilverEars .

    @GU1DO since you have 2 pairs, can you after you break in your first set do a comparison from your 2nd fresh one?
  5. GU1DO
    I completed the break in for the 1st one (over 250hrs) , for now i am experimenting with the new Dekoni pads i got ,
    the new one is in its box i didnt even removed the stock pads , setting there for backup :)
  6. Auxine
    Ive just purchased these for 699.99, will be getting them later this week. In general what mods are recommended and has anyone found pads that make the treble peak less severe? Very excited :beerchug:
  7. nahpungnome
    I'd say listen to them as is before any mods. If there's something you don't like in particular, I'd go from there. I read that opening up the grills makes them less claustrophobic sounding, so that's what I did. It also helped with the sibilance. I think breaking them in also helps with that as well though.
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  8. GU1DO
    I am trying Dekoni Audio Elite Hybrid for now + the grill thing + different cable than stock
    and i like it so far
  9. bagwell359
    So at about 125 hours:
    • treble (above 6k): less sibiliant, less ringing than HE-6, SE smoother and more cohesive to mids
    • mids: less v shaped than HE-6, seems more cohesive to bass and treble than HE-6
    • lower mids a bit fuller on SE over HE-6.
    • bass: faster and less colored than HE-6, but lacking impact under 50 Hz, and in particular sub bass, sub bass also down a few db compared to HE-6
    • SE takes more power than HE-6 to get to same volume. With HE-6 I was at 4 o'clock Gain 2 on the Rag, and that was plenty. Same setting on SE is good for soporific pre bed music. I'm at Gain 3, 2:30 o'clock, and the dynamics are well improved. I estimate a 3-3.5 db difference.
    • The 4k rise remains, only takes a minute or two to hit fatigue, a couple more for feeling like I'm getting a spike driven into my head. Piano: C7 and up, female vocals: sopranos; go over to music lacking in 4k 1st/2nd/3rd harmonic- and there isn't fatigue, although treble above 6k clearly brighter than neutral, but its not a big issue
    • Because of a midrange sag from 1-2 kHz, one would expect a notable sense of depth in the mids/upper mids,. It has it, but if the 1st/2nd/3rd harmonic is excited from 2.5-5.5 kHz, you get instead a sense of a very forward sound.- with a sibilant edge. The two graphs on line at +13 and +15 db at 3.8-4 kHz are potentially over the top, but, I'd be shocked if it wasn't at least +7. As I wrote earlier I sold my last EQ in 1978, but this can has me thinking about it. Needs help at 1.5 kHz and 4 kHz - clearly - and for me > 12 kHz (old man hearing).
    I moved to a custom input cord (Custom Cans - UK) and they are clearer and more precise, esp. in the treble, otherwise modless.

    This can can battle against the best: Audeze 4, HFM HEKSE, Voce, 007, 009, etc. It might be the weakest of the bunch, but for $699 new? Just buy it.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
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  10. Slim1970
    I got my HE6se's today. I haven't done any listening yet, but this is my second go around with them. I reluctantly sold them the first time I owned and I paid full price. At the highly discounted price these are a steal and a must buy before they are gone.
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  11. Auxine
    How did you power them the first time around? im curious
  12. Slim1970
    Headamp Gilmore Lite Mk2 as the preamp, Burson Bang as the amp through the Hifiman HE-Adapter. Now, I'm using a spade to 4-pin XLR cable adapter I have to power them straight from the Bang.

    I had the iFi Pro iCan using my Hugo 2 as the DAC and it powered them just fine. That combo lacked some musicality though. I'm going to give the Hugo 2 and Gustard H20 amp at shot once I get home. The H20 has plenty of drive and using the Sonic Imagery Labs 994Enh-Ticha op-amps in gives it the sonics I'm looking for.

    But if I'm being honest, the Burson Bang power amp, Burson Swing DAC, and using the GL Mk2 as the preamp with a Shiit Loki in between is the way I enjoyed the HE6se's the most. The dynamics, power, clarity, and the extra headroom from the above combo outperformed any headphone amp I've tried. I use this setup for all of headphones now.
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  13. JLoud
    I’m using a Woo WA5le and a Headamp GSXmk2. Both have plenty of power. Just out of curiosity I tried my Emotiva a-100 stereo amp. With the internal jumpers installed this puts the full speaker power to the 1/4 headphone jack. 8.5 watts at 50 ohms. It sounds very good. A slightly warm sounding amp that compliments the HE6se very nicely. And a bargain at $225.
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  14. cangle
    Just purchased these headphones, looking forward to giving them a try when they arrive in a week or so. Coming from the HE-560, I'm hoping that there will be a nice improvement in sound based on what I've read on these headphones.

    To drive these I have the THX 789 and an old Schiit Lyr (Version 1). Do you think that will be enough juice to drive these properly or should I explore other options mentioned in this thread like a speaker amp or a higher output headphone amp?
  15. nahpungnome
    My Jotunheim drives these fine on high gain. You should be good.
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