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Hifiman HE6-SE

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ufospls2, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. bagwell359
    Never mind
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2019
  2. nahpungnome
    Mine came with only the cables and xlr to single ended converter. No speaker box or extra pads. The manual even lists only the parts that came in my box.

    Just a quick audition on various tracks...holy moly, these things are detailed. There's little nuances in the tracks I've been listening to that I haven't heard before. This is from the bass all the way to treble.

    I had to put my Jot on high gain for the first time! I'm between 2 and 3 o clock and it's louder than I usually listen, hitting around 91 to 93db. I try to usually listen around 85db. I'm not hearing any distortion on high gain as I read on a different site would happen.

    I thought my HE560v3s were very revealing, these are even more so.

    These compliment my Auteurs very nicely (as my previous HE560s were for also). My Jot might not be optimal, but I still have a bit more headroom as far as volume goes so I'm probably not going to try a beefier amp for now.

    Has anyone tried these with the Emotiva BasX 100?
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2019
  3. silversurfer616
    First I tried them with my Hifiman EF6 and indeed it sounded really good....clarity, resolution and superfast. Then I went on to WA6 with Sophia Princess and surprisingly this is my preferred combination at the moment. Swapping the Pavane to Border Patrol made them sound 'average', which again shows that the source is probably the most important part of the system.
    Everything that comes after relies on this 'foundation'.
    I don't think they use the old HE6 drivers as even with my RWAK120/Alo International they sound amazing....I know what I am talking about because the old HE6 were seriously hard to drive.
  4. nahpungnome
    So I picked up a BasX100. I don't hear a difference really between my Jot balanced and the Emotiva with the jumpers in. The only thing I notice is that I can actually get my HE6se's to an uncomfortable level easily, basically more effortless to drive. I don't hear better bass impact or whatever people say that they hear when they push more power through these. Admittedly I'm comparing last night to this morning, so it's isn't a direct A/B.

    I was more worried about my Elears and Auteurs with this amp with the direct drive mode. Luckily the Elears volume balances out as I'm able to turn the knob just enough so that both channels play without getting too loud. Same with my Auteurs. When the knob is down near the lowest position, only one side plays which I suspected. Still, happy with this Emotva.

    Edit 1: I purchased some y splitters so I could use my Jot for my more sensitive headphones (Elear and Autuer) and my A-100 for my HE6. Works wonderfully. I tried to do a comparison between the Jot and A-100 using my HE6s to see if I could notice any difference, most notably the bass slam or quality that people seem to keep talking about when going to a higher power amp.

    Not a scientific test at all, but I started with a 80hz test tone and used my db meter to get both the Jot and A-100 to 76db. I chose 76db because that was where my Jot was in low gain and almost maxed out volume and the meter was closest to a whole number (ie 76.0dbA). In any case, I tried various EDM and hip hop tracks and there's a subtle difference in the lower bass notes. The A-100's bass was a bit more detailed, but not by a huge margin at all. Honestly, the Jot is pretty darn good with the HE6. Then again I don't listen too loud much. At most my comfort level may hit 92dbA peak on my crappy db meter.

    Edit 2: The most noticeable song where the bass was better using the A-100 was Sublime-Garden Grove. The bass notes seem cleaner, but I have the song at level I wouldn't normally listen at. My db meter was jumping up to 95dbA at some points in the song.

    How loud are you guys listening to your HE6s? I wonder if those saying more power is needed are those listening to these much louder than I do.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2019
  5. nahpungnome
    For those of you that received the speaker adapter and 2nd set of pads, where did you buy them from? I ask because I emailed Hifiman support saying that mine didn't come with them and they're asking where others that got them purchased from.
  6. GU1DO
    here is listed but for higher price
  7. jaker782
    I got mine from Adorama and received both the adapter box and extra set of pads.
  8. GU1DO
    you got them for 899$ ?
  9. jaker782
    Yep! I was pleasantly surprised to see I did receive the adapter and extra pads since I've heard reports of them being missing.
    kid vic likes this.
  10. GU1DO
    Man thats great news ,, i am expecting mine next week hopefully complete , it got delayed in the way.
  11. nahpungnome
    Thanks everyone, i'll let adorama and hifiman customer support know.

    Edit: spoke to adorama customer service, they said it's not included. I directed them to this thread and they said they don't offer the items at all....I guess Hifiman direct is my only hope now.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2019
  12. nahpungnome
    were the extra items in the he6se box itself or as loose items?
  13. jaker782
    Both were in the box. The adapter was in with the cable and the extra pads were just thrown on top of the styrofoam padding, not in a bag or anything.
  14. nahpungnome
    Thanks, yeah i looked all inside the product box, even took it apart looking for extra pads and the adapter lol. Oh well, in all honesty, if Hifiman can't help me out, I won't be too bummed because they're so damn great at $899.
  15. nahpungnome
    Hifiman customer service basically says I'm sol. Different responses from different ladies. Not going to bother trying to return for an exchange in hopes that I get the missing items.

    I also pmd the hifiman acct here, but eh, not going to pursue it any further than that and just enjoy these cans.

    Edit: I think I was sold a used set as new...mine didn't come with the outer Hifiman box.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
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