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HiFiMan HE5SE versus the original HE5

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by fortunate son, Nov 13, 2018.
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  1. fortunate son
    Has anyone tried the limited edition HiFiMan HE5SE? Has anyone compared the sound of the HE5SE to the original HE5? Any impressions of the HE5SE compared to other headphones in the same price range would be appreciated.
  2. bagwell359
    HFM is really forcing this price range. Sundara at $499, HE5se at $699 (limited - BTW who really wants the FB signature on a piece of glass?), and the MD XX @ $599.

    Then throw in the HEX V1 and V2 and Ananda used starting to dropping into the $600-800 range over the next year.

    What's next? A smash re-release of the HE500 for $549? Sundara II at $499, Sundara I dropping to $399?

    There are going to be some very nice deals to be had, because the market isn't going to suck all of this stuff up.
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  3. bagwell359

    take aways from this review: driving, detailed lows; mids very clear and best defined of 3 ranges - suggested better mids than HEX v2 !; highs - peaky, soundstage huge; easily better than Sundara

    Getting a bit bored with the 4xx, recent Holiday sales had them at $529; if I see a used pair under $350, might have to take a shot (unlike the 6se which is having a pretty good flow of used coming up the 5se has been quiet - so that means not selling? or people satisfied?) That treble could be cured with pads, felt, and/or EQ
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  4. fortunate son
    Thanks for sharing this review.

    EDIT: When I created this thread I didn't expect many responses. But thanks for all the feedback from users of the HE5SE product. I decided to pass on the HE5SE and stick with my HE5 wood cup relics made in 2010. I recently switched to an EL34 tube speaker amplifier and the headphones sound better than ever. I use velour ear pads and Stefan Audio Art Endorphin hard-wired cable. HiFiMan HE5 pic 1.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2019
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  5. bagwell359
    That's a lot of sound for the money, one of the retailers has it for $599 today.

    I've used Canare L-4E6S cable for years for lots of applications (except headphones). I find it's clear and neutral, but transients are muted - that could be a great fit for the 5se. It would also seem to be too heavy for headphones. The L-4E5C which I haven't used is a stripped down version of the L-4E6S, so that might do the trick.

    I'm planning on making a headphone cable soon. Either silver plated or Mogami 2552 is the projected cable.
  6. fortunate son
  7. fortunate son
    Yes, Canare L-4E5C and the HE5 seem to have a synergy thing going.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2019
  8. bagwell359
    used pair just popped up on ebay... $475
  9. Mr. Olinad
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  10. bagwell359
  11. BuddhaBruce
    Damn I want this but I don't have much need for it at the moment. I've got a Hifiman Arya.... do I bite?
  12. Mr. Olinad
    I think it's a good try.
    In the worst case you can sell it without loosing too much money.
    I have a HE400i and a HE500 and like both.
    It must be way different from your Arya anyway.
  13. CyberAthlete
    Getting a pair for my brother. Let's see how they are.
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  14. bagwell359
    I own what most consider to be the orig version of this remake. I haven't heard the remake. The original has a smaller soundstage than the HE-500, HEX V2, or Ananda. It's got some interesting punch in the bass, and some very clear mids at times. But the treble can be intensely nasty. It's not always the same - so it's likely not mod friendly. It presents in different ways (diff frequencies, diff sorts of distortions).

    I have not heard the Arya yet, though I do know the HEK V2 which is said to be similar. I well understand the desire to try them out. I think you'll be flipping them shortly thereafter.
  15. jaker782
    Hmmm.... so I guess the big question is has the tuning been tweaked for this updated version? Reviews state the bass is terrific and mids are nicely done and rather engaging, but the treble talk scares me! If these have better bass and more prominent mids than the Sundara without going overboard on the treble, I may have to give these a shot.
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
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