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HIFIMAN HE560,new legend! almost the best headphone in the world!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by athfane, May 15, 2014.
  1. ATHFANe

    HE560 is an ultra best headphone among all headphones.HE560 won the Editor's Choice in CES2014.It has wide frequency response from 15hz to 50khz。It is not hard to dirve. In the same condition,HE560 give me better sound than HE500 and HE6,HE500 is dull and less open compared to HE560. HE560 sounds more natural and less pressure than HE6. I think,HE560 becomes new king in the headphone world.
    I feel my tears well from my eye in listening pop music with HE560.It sounds so natural,gives me no pressure, with the best open feeling. It is truly full open headphone,I feel flying in the blue sky. Such open sounding HP like GS1000 and T90,they sounds rough compared to HE560.HE560 sounds silky in high and middle. So when listen to female voice, it will be vivid and brilliant. If you like pop music, 560 will be perfect! HE560 is more natural than D7100 and TH900, TH900 is especially lack of bass, they sound unbalance and sharp.  HE560 is ultra clear, it is vivid like it can  control the air, you will see every one every instrument in focused place, give you beautiful music. It is the only headphone which can pk HE90!The voice will not be too thick or too strong muscle like LCD3 or ABYSS, It gives more wide frequency range to show music.So I think HE560 is more natural than above two. HE560 combines the finest music like ATH, and the coolest music like grado. Its almost perfect! ​
    HE560’s sound stage is very big!Both in width and length, better than STAX 009!  you will find it almost put a hall in your brain! There’s plenty of air flow in the hall! Give you plenty of harmonic of instrument!  you will find  music is so nice, you will not feel dull or boring. Every instrument has the most precise position. HE560 is like 3D TV, and other headphones like 2D TV. In classic music HE560 will not defeated by any headphones except HE90. Instruments will be warm clear and ease. It sounds so elegant! Very balance sounding!HE560 has the top ability in holding big scene, I can’t feel the bottom of this headphone, even in the most sophisticated symphony music. it show so easy to hold everything in order, never act with confusion. If you like classic music ,HE560 is the best headphone who can defeat HD800 and R10! he560 gives you the most touching classic music!​
    Electronic music​
    He560 has top great speed and transient ,So Electronic music sounds springing and vivid.You will be exciting and happy!​
    Game OST​
    HE560 sound like beautiful sun.  It is good at Game OST. I find no other Hp can beat it in GAME OST.​
    Dirve with notebook computer​
    HE560 is easy to drive.But please note he560 has great potential If you give it powerful HP amp, It will give you more great sound!​
    VS HD800: HE560 is a bit more full in mid and botton, and its sound more glorance and golden than HD800
    VS T1: HE560 has more controlled bottom and more open soundstage than T1
    VS 009: HE560 has more clear and big sound stage than 009, and it sound more sweet and sunny than 009
    VS PS1000 : HE560 has more smooth and fine sound than PS1000, PS1000
    VS R10: HE560 has more powerful and more beautiful sound than R10.
    VS ED10: HE560 has more full in mid and botton and sound more smooth in high than ED10
    VS TH900: TH900 is very lack of mid especially bottom ,Its a bad headphone ,don't buy it. Its 100% defeated by HE560.​
    VS lcd3: LCD3 sounds too thick and heavy and lack of high ,it is strong at pop music but can not listen to classic music,HE560 will be too all-round  than LCD3​
    ALL MY HEADPHONE PHOTOS:http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_40f078a90100cw8a.html
  2. Ultracer
    Hmm. Thanks, but ehhhh
  3. CJs06
    That good huh?
  4. conquerator2
    HE-560, So wow, such classy, wow!
  5. smellyfungus
    interesting review. glad I own the almost best headphone.

    funny that tc has more pics wearing various headphones than I have of myself in general.
  6. Zoom25
  7. Shazb0t
    Is this a troll review?
  8. Ultracer
    I guess it's his reviewing style. Or it has something to do with google translate
  9. UNIFi
    Even though its a ok to think its the best for you, this review comes across as pure fanboyism without balance or almost as if it he was paid to overhype it. The HE560 is no doubt an amazing can but this review lacks the ability to really quantify its qualities and how it truly stacks up with other cans.
    This must be the first person I've seen say that the TH900 has really weak bass, it has more bass than any of the other hifimans I've ever tried.
    If you look at this guys threads on his profile 1/2 proclaim something to be the great or greatest of the world. He also lied about owning an Orpheus when it fact he did not at the time of the HD800 vs HE90 thread - in fact he caused a great deal of trouble for one individual when attempting to buy a HE90 for less than it was worth.
  10. nehcrow
    I don't why I find this funny, but it just is
    Can't take this review seriously soz
  11. thatBeatsguy
    I know. I find it funny as well.
    But judging from the punctuation, this is definitely something coming from Google Translate. That, and his pictures lead to Sina Weibo, which is a Chinese website.
  12. nehcrow
    Yeah this is definitely straight from Google translate haha
    Always have a good time translating chinese/japanese into English, usually comes up with a lot of weird stuff
    Even his display picture gave me a good lol :p
    But yeah, for a proper review we need some criticisms! (unless ofc this is the ultimate be-all and end-all of headphones which I doubt)
  13. thatBeatsguy
    I read a review on a lower-end HiFiMAN model. The reviewer said that they were good, but that it had a good lot of defects which really tipped him off. There have been a lot of buzz going on about their QC lately; and with the new models coming out, there's no doubt that the same is to be expected.
    Then again, HiFiMAN is run by a Chinese guy, right? If so, than I don't find any reason to complain anymore. [​IMG]
  14. Maxx134
    Perfect description of a headphone honeymoon phase..
    I admire the blissfull joy he experiences :p
  15. nehcrow
    Yeah Hifiman has definitely had their QC problems in the past from my experience...
    Tbh, I was more referring to his overall review - he's just gushing over them which is ok, but he literally does not post a single negative thing about them which the cynical side of me disapproves of
    Meh, it could be as good as he says!

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