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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. Shane D
    I have no interest in Bluetooth and will never carry the amp.

    It will strictly sit next to my lazy boy.

    Shane D
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  2. Shane D
    Checked the mail box today...and nothing.

    Then I got an email tonight stating that my package is ready to pick up. I will drop by and grab them tomorrow. Hopefully they are perfect out of the box.

    Anything to do out of the box? I saw back in the thread where someone said to loosen the screws on the hardware. Anyone else do that?

    Shane D
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  3. hsdrggr
    No, they keep unthreading from the brass insert in the earcups. I ended up using threadlocker on the threads. Superglue on the threads would work fine too. At least they used orings between the bracket and earcups so when the screw backs all the way out the screw is still retained in the bracket and doesn’t get lost.
  4. Shane D

    Shane D
  5. Shane D
    Got my new 'phones. VERY impressed with the sound! I have been playing Florence and the Machine for about two hours. It sounds really good. Tomorrow I will play a much wider selection to get a feel for how they do with hard rock and especially jazz.

    So far my cheapest headphones sound awfully good. Really a lot different from my Sony MDR Z7's.

    Shane D
    20181120_175521.jpg 20181120_175617.jpg 20181120_175710.jpg
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  6. Shane D
    (This post seems like a duplicate because it was supposed to be a reply on another thread. Because I am an idiot.)

    I just got a pair of HE4XX's today and they sound AMAZING. Of course open backs just sound different anyway.

    I am really impressed with the sound from the HiFiman's, but I am probably suffering from "shiny new toy" syndrome at this point.

    My Newest and cheapest headphones, by far, sound pretty damn good though.:L3000:

    Shane D
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
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  7. leeperry
    Some dude on MD claims that XL pleather earpads do wonders on 4XX, can anyone confirm please? Some also say that it's slightly too large at 11cm and 10cm ones are better suited, some even claim that XL earpads don't fit Hifiman rings whatsoever huh?

    I liked 400i but it blatantly lacked sub-bass, so that's basically what I wanna roll for :)
  8. Shane D
    Follow up on my new 'phones:
    These continue to impress me. Very clear, almost sharp sound. Every instrument sounds distinct. Lots of bass for my liking. My landed cost for these was $300.00 in Canada. A GREAT value, IMO. Of course nothing has broken or fallen off yet.

    Also, they are Super comfy! I wore these for about five hours yesterday and never felt that I needed a break. As comfortable as my Meze 99's, which is pretty good in my world.
    I know that everyone is different, but I would rank these with the HD6XX's. I hated, and sold, those phones, but they were the most comfortable 'phones I have ever owned, right out of the box.

    On the downside, there have been a few glitches. While listening to Florence and the machine, there were two songs where she was screaming hard and it seemed to distort. Like nails on a chalk board. It was weird, but I just wrote it off as a new headphones thing. Last night and today I have listening to a wide selection of music. I tried a Shinedown song that was unlistenable. Not sure what it is exactly, but there have been a few songs that I have to fast forward right through, quickly.

    Awesome with Miles Davis, Kamasi Washington, Steely Dan/Donald Fagan. Stone Temple Pilots, Bring me the Horizon, A Perfect Circle and Dave Matthews are sounding fine.

    Overall, I give these puppies a 9.5 out of 10, so far.

    If this keeps up I am sure my man-brain will take over (if 300hp is good, 400hp would be great) and I might start looking at climbing the Planar tree.:darthsmile:

    Shane D
  9. DavidA
    @Shane D, how do you rate the HE4XX in relation to the GH2 and what were you using to drive the HD6XX when you had them that made you hate them?
  10. Shane D
    Completely different sound from the GH2. Grado has a very unique sound that I really enjoy. I would describe the Grado as much more relaxed. Very different sounds. I could NOT imagine me ever changing from one to the other in the same listening session, as I sometimes do with other 'phones.

    In advance of the delivery of the HD6XX's I bought an iFi Micro iCAN SE to run them. Power to burn. I think it was 4 watts. I found them dull, flat and boring. Of course I guess many people look at that as neutral, transparent, etc. I guess this is yet another example of why I start many of my comments with "I am certainly no audiophile".:grin: I was also underwhelmed by a pair of Audeze LCD2's that I heard at a guys place.

    I LOVE my Grado's, really like my Meze 99's and sometimes waver on my Sony Z7's. The new guys could not replace my Grado's. From a practical and aesthetics point it couldn't replace my Meze's. Could it be # 3? Right now the HE4XX's are way more exciting than the Sony's, but that may just be "shiny new toy" syndrome.

    Shane D
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2018
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  11. Humblepie
    Was lightly going through this thread again. Noticed Shane got the 4XX after talking with me through PM. Glad you like them as much as I do.
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  12. Shane D
    I really do. They will be my go-to for the next several days as I get to know them.

    Shane D
  13. DavidA
    Thanks for the fairly detailed reply, I was considering a GH2 but after I heard a friends GH1 I decided to pass on them since to me my Ypsilon R1 is more to my liking, bass that is more nuanced with a bit more weight, treble is a bit smoother and the biggest thing is they work better with G-pads which is more comfortable to me. I'm a bit surprised that you consider the GH2 more relaxed than the HE4XX since my HE400i has a more relaxing sound than my RS2e, SR225e and Ypsilon R1 (all are modded to some extent-dynamat, G-pads, and or sorbothane) to me. I think I might just get a HE4XX if they sound a bit more exciting than the GH2.

    With the HD6XX is not power that is needed, its a amp with a slightly higher output impedance that IMO makes for a better pairing but I can see some calling the HD6XX boring and with the LCD-2 it really depends on which version since the sound has changed quite a bit over the years from the 2.1, 2.2, 2014 Fazor and 2016 Fazor models that I've heard.
  14. Shane D
    One consistency I have seen on Head-Fi is that we ALL hear differently. And tastes vary WILDLY!

    The HE4XX'S are definitely worth a try. And at this price, you can easily resell them if you don't care for them.

    I am Very curious about the Elex's, but that is just too much money to spend on 'phones I can't test first.

    All of my stuff is bone stock.

    Shane D
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  15. SolaVirtus
    I use the Brainwavz round XL hybrid pads on my 4XX. I like them. Comfort is top notch. I use on them on my rig at work where I can have cans on for a few hours at a time, and also take them off and put them back on again frequently. As far as sound, it's been a while since I had the stock pads on to compare. But I'd say it improves the subbass a little, not drastic. It remains pretty open, maybe improving, or at least changing my perception of the soundstage a little. The XL pads aren't angled, but are overall thicker than stock. The rest of any changes would be small enough that I don't remember them from when I was comparing with stock pads.

    Getting them on was a little tough. I got the rings from hifiman for $10 and used those. The XL pads seems little loose/uneven at first, but after a few days of use, they kind of settled in to their position and it's fine. I can take a picture and post, if you like, when I get back to work Monday.
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