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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. bagwell359
    Thanks, I have enough of my 3/4" stuff that I could send you some too. Only issue is hand snips or shears don't work that well, skill saw with a fine metal blade does however.

    Looks like 1/4" perforated that you have - perhaps ferrous, or not. I looked at some hex ferrous but they were too narrow to get any felt on them reliably. I couldn't find 1/2 perforated, so decided to take a shot at the absolute biggest holes I could get away with. Still have to finish down a bit to get a nice fit in the cans. If I decide one of the choices (open or custom grills) then I'll put in the fine material to keep out stuff.
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  2. ngs428
    Is am looking for a desktop amp for these. Anyone have any experience with a Topping A30 or the Schiit Magni 3?

    The high output impedance of 30 ohms on the 3.5mm out is concerning on the A30.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018
  3. SeEnCreaTive
    Im using a Modi 2u and a Mango 2u set up to run these. I can't talk about the Mangi 3, but in theory it's better then a 2u. It will be more then enough

    The 4xx I find really dont need much power, they run pretty darn well off my phone, I tend to keep the 2u in low gain high gain. Then seem to be a pretty forgiving headphone in a few ways
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  4. pngpng
    I broke my he400i and I'm looking for another pair of planar headphones that have a larger soundstage. Has the he4xx improve any in this regard? I've read that the bass has increased and the treble tamed a bit.
    My he400i had the grills removed and hm5 hybrid pads on them. I still felt I wanted more soundstage.
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  5. BrotherKathos
    I don’t like my magni 3 with my he-400i at all. Much too bright and harsh as you raise the volume. I’ve never heard the a30 with my 400i but the impedance does not look like a good match. I prefer my massdrop o2 desktop edition amp with my 400i. I get plenty of volume with he o2 amp even at 1.0x gain and the volume only at 10:30 or 11:00. Much smoother and detailed imo than the magni 3 with the planars i own.
  6. Mateo Sanboval
    Aren't the 4XX made to be driven by pretty pedestrian sources like phones, etc?
  7. ngs428
    They are fairly easy to drive at 35 ohms, but they have a low sensitivity of 93 dB (typical for planar). My Cayin N5ii in balanced can get them loud enough, but am I getting the whole signal?

    Is the amp supplying enough current to properly drive the HE4XX? According to Cayin, the N5ii can’t.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2018
  8. ngs428
    I will check out that option. Thanks!
  9. paulindss
    I just bought a HE4xx and a Topping A30. Have to wait the arrival, the hifiman should be here soon. The topping will likely take much longer
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  10. ngs428
    Please reply with your thoughts once they all arrive.
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  11. paulindss
  12. leeperry
    Lack of sub-bass was pathetic on 400i and even worse on the 2.5mm V2 due to missing outer driver plates, is this a bassier 400i for a change?
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  13. Philimon
    Not just deeper bass but also treble has been un-spiked.
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  14. SnarfSnarf
    Of the 4 amp's I've tried the he4xx's (Magni 3, Bravo Ocean, Micca Origen, and FiiO A5) the Magni and the A5 sounded the best. I swapped pads to Ori sheepskin's and have 1/2" foam mod going to boost sub bass and have them pretty heavily EQ'ed and even with a -6dB preamp setting the magni pushes them just fine to acceptable volume levels. At full stock the A5 and Magni 3 are both more than enough to drive these phones hard enough to do some damage to your ears.
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  15. Lurk650
    Just got these from another member who barely used them. $120 shipped. Stellar pickup IMO. I had the 400i in the past and liked them but found them not detailed enough. I'm finding these to be much more appealing to me. The sound has exceeded my expectations.
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