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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. billbishere
    So I have been thinking of getting these this time around. I am trying to determine if these will be better to fit my needs, maybe some of you can chime in with some thoughts?

    I will be using with a Fiio 10k AMP - and they will be mostly be used for gaming and movies on my desktop PC. Very little music. I will probably upgrade my amp eventually not that it matters all that much.

    Thoughts anyone?

    I wanna use them for gaming and movies? Have AMP. Good Choice?
  2. bagwell359
    Didn't like it, bass is MIA..
  3. riffrafff
    With the Dekoni pads?
  4. Vitandus
    Any recommendations on making the headband more comfortable? It sits on a single point on the top of my head, which is uncomfortable. Not as painful as the AKG7xx, but not pleasant over time.
  5. smallcaps
    I'm using a ZMF Pilot Pad to make the headband more comfortable. So far, so good.
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  6. bagwell359
    Right. They work somewhat with my Mahogany MD X00's but on other cans the mid bass and below sound like an EQ shoved down with a heavy hand.

    I'm packing them up with the X00's, along with my home brew XLR to RCA stock cable. and putting them up for sale. If anyone is interested.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2018
  7. billbishere
    After reading this entire post - i am torn. It sounds like these may not have enough Bass for Movies and gaming. Is the

    do they have less bass than the 600's? I see you have them per your sig...
  8. bagwell359
    More bass than the 600, less detail, yet somehow convey the emotional scale of the music better. For instance Prokofiev's emotional works find me more involved inside the music. I have a mod explained up above somewhere that gives these more bass from 100 down to the high 30's, and only occasionally do they have too much bass. The 600's are overall more "correct" but I listen to the 4xx's about 10x more. Of course neither is end game. See used HFM 500's used for 375-450 to jump into an entirely higher class - with some very sound bass - not bass head bass, but very much closer to real IMO, plus magic mids.
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  9. displayname
    I haven't tried this headphone amp combo, but I would guess the 200mw at 32 ohm specs of the Fiio might have a hard time driving the 4XX properly. They may be low resistance (ohm), but they are less efficient as well. I keep my rHead at a comfortable volume between 1 and 2 o'clock, and that amp is pushing 1.1W (1100mw) at 32 ohms.
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  10. turbomustang84
    I drive mine with a fiio E17 and they are great for movies but I rarely game anymore
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  11. billbishere
    Amp can be changed - i am really more interested in bass comparisons. I have already been looking at a new amp - either JDS labs or Schitt. But really the overall bass response is what I am most interested as that is a big part of games and movies. I need a good amount of bass and it needs to not bleed into mids for games. Also how to they respond to EQ? I have been thinking about these or the HD6xx - or even the 58xx

    Thanks for everyone and the responses!
  12. turbomustang84
    I also plug them into my Roku Remote and that even drives them fine
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  13. turbomustang84
    are you taking about the Sennheiser HD-600s? If so the 4XXs have double the Bass and I own both and Bass is something the 4XXs do pretty well
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  14. displayname
    Some people have said the 4XX is lacking bass. Others say it's plenty (how I feel). I've read the same about the 6XX. I think for both of these cans it's largely amp dependent.
  15. bagwell359
    I really like the HD-600 bass in most ways - a bit over damped (call it about .57 Butterworth Q in cone/box woofer terms - very much an audiophile take vs say the unmodified MD X00 Mahogany which is about a .9, (.707 considered the ideal) but tonally true - in the upper bass and mid bass. However, not much under that - can sound washed out and fey on some robust recordings. Still nice signature compared to the over saturated bass some find necessary. Probably the 6xx tries to address that somewhat - but I haven't heard it.

    The 4xx clearly has enough bass compared to what can be found in music (45 Hz up) - and clearly more than the HD-600. The low bass falls off, no doubt, but unless you want major impact on under 45 Hz bass these will not do the job -- but certainly better than the HD-600. It's my choice for portable among my generally non portable collection.

    I have a smallish powered DAP Cayin N3, a more potent DAP in the FiiO X3, and a very potent Ragnarok, driven RCA and balanced, and the result in the bass is the same for all 3 devices on the bass of both of these cans.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2018
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