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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. J The Killer
    How do you rank the three 6XX, 58X and 4XX in terms of long term wearing comfort?
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  2. turbomustang84
    well all the 6 series are identical in construction so picking a best would be hard and I think because all of them weigh less than the Hifinan HE-4XX they are a bit more comfortable but the 4XX is very comfortable and I do think the stock pads are great and they are pretty comfortable and being they are getting the bulk of my time because I just really like them its hard to say.

    I would say they are all very comfortable but I am liking the 4XXs more than my 600s and original 580s but the 58Xs are my favorites because of their speed and over all balanced sound and superior Bass but would I give up my 650s for them ...maybe

    luckily I don't have to choose but at the moment the 4XXs are amazing me more than anything else but its not because they are better but because they are different.

    I would say if you can have just two Headphones the 58X would be one and the HD-650 would be the other but if given three choices the 4XXs would sneak in

    I think the 58X are kind of a cross between the 650s and my friends Grado 325is.

    but on some songs the 4XXs sound great where the 58X and 650s sound pretty good no matter what you throw at them
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  3. J The Killer
    So you feel no difference in comfort between 6XX and 58X? My 599s go around my ears but 58X sit slightly on my ears which makes 599s more comfortable over longer listening period. I heard 6XX has slightly bigger ear holes than 58X. 4XX on the other hand might be completely on ear though so you are right on that.
  4. crazywipe
    It's a very simple and reversible mod. Basically, you need to remove the plastic ring that holds the metal mesh on the back of the cups. On the circular metal mesh there is some black fabric, remove it and put all in place again.

    The sounds seems a bit more open, not a dramatic difference. Visually are cooler because you can see the planar driver better.
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  5. 36aMAN
    cool !

    but can i put the black fabric back again if i don't like the sound ?
  6. crazywipe
    Yes. At least I was able to do it on my pair. Anyway, not a huge sound difference.
  7. Beau Cauchemar
    My Mod Notes / Results

    Post #301 / Post #303

    Just a reminder what can be done to modify these and unlock some hidden potential since there are a lot of new 4XX owners posting that might not have dug through this thread.

    Grill mod (popular 400-series mod) for more air and evened highs, ZMF Ori/Ori Perf pads for increased comfort and a more even tonality, and the foam mod which improves bass impact/quantity/quality.

    Leaving these in their stock form is like always short-shifting an MX5 or hot hatch and never approaching redline: the insane enjoyment/value is there, you just have to reach for it. There's a lot to gain from the mods especially if you feel that certain areas are lacking. For me these continue to impress and I’ll bet that I have at least 300 hours on these things at this point. Do yourself a favor and look back on some of my findings and try what sounds like it might improve things for your ears.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2018
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  8. trellus
    I just don't do any mods that require me to open anything up. The most I'll do is pad roll, and even that, I'll do very rarely. Too much work and too much risk for my clumsy hands! :D
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  9. crazywipe
    I like to mod headphone, I heavely modded my Sennheiser HD25 and sounds much better :D
  10. BrotherKathos
    I just picked up the HD-400i today and have been listening for a few hours and I have to say they are the best sounding all rounder headphones that I've ever had. My other cans are Sennheiser HD 558 and 598 CS and also Beyerdynamic DT 770 M 80 ohm and 770 pro 250 OHm. The Sennheisers are darker and muddier in the mids than the Hifimans, with not really any noticeable difference in low end punch. The Beyerdynamics have way more punch and extension down low but end up becoming shrill in the highs as you crank the volume. The Hifimans are able to be cranked up louder than the Sennheisers and Beyerdynamics without becoming shrill and also remain crystal clear. The sound-stage is bigger than all of them and the comfort is #1 on the list as well. For $200 these headphones are a great bargain compared to the rest of the market. I'm incredibly pleased I got these. My system is computer with SMSL SU-8 dac going to a JDS labs El amp. The Hifimans pair great with this amp since I like to listen to my music at almost whisper levels sometimes and these cans do require noticeably more power to drive than all the other cans including the 250 ohm dt 770 pros. The El amp on low gain lets me have it whisper quit when I want or crank it when I'm in the mood. TheSMSL dac is also a very nice piece as well. A veritable Swiss Army knife of a dac at $250
  11. bagwell359
    You could search and get a ton of such comparisons - but my 2 cents is:

    500 better bass (slightly thicker, but good lows down towards 20 Hz), palpable lower mids, very clear mids and upper mids - definition, depth, juicy organic but not sloppy, very nice highs - at times on recordings with annoying treble they can annoy. Super cohesive 80 Hz up.

    400's will run fine off of a DAP, the 500 probably needs 2 watts to scale anything loud. The 400 is lighter and a bit more comfortable. Used a 500 can be had for 380 +/- 40, and the 400 for what 125-170?

    The 400 is a fine headphone, I have a 4xx and like it, but the 500 has moments of magic, like the first time you heard a great acoustic concert or Quad ESL's or similar - it can take you away - esp on Doug Sax type super recordings with vocalists.
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  12. turbomustang84
    OK I'm convinced I really like the 4XX and I was wondering someone locally has an HE-500 which I like the sound of but hate everything else about them from the stupid screw cables etc and was wondering if the drivers from the 500s would fit in a set of 4XXs ? I never measured them and have no idea if this is feasible but the guy offering the 500 said the pads fit both so the drivers should but I'm not sure I believe his theory enough to buy two headphones to try it without more info but I gotta admit the 4XXs are becoming a favorite just not for some bands and or genres and I bought some Maggie's for my home system and returned them in a week so planars are definitely better in headphones imho
  13. MF Kitten
    The cups should be the same size, but there's no guarantee the mounting mechanism would be the same.

    It'd possibly even be easier to simply mod in new connectors of a type that you like.
  14. displayname
    I would only take on a project like that if you are 100% comfortable with the fact that you could end up with two sets of headphones that no longer function. It could be great, but it seems like a true roll of the dice if you haven't done work like that before.
  15. Ameloblast
    Anyone tried the Dekoni Fenestrated Lambskin ear pads with the He-4xx and can share their experience vs stock focus pads? Its on Massdrop now wondering if I should get it. Hoping for more sub-bass less sharp treble. Thanks!
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