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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. turbomustang84
    I was going to pick up the HE-4XX until reading some comparisons to the HD-58X Jubilee so I think I'm going to add a Grado and give it a rest for a while.
    Sennheiser has kinda shocked a lot of people with the HD-58X jubilees and I just ordered a second one of those
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  2. turbomustang84
    ok since I've gone sennheiser crazy I had intended to stop for a while but I found the HE-4XXs New unopened for $142 and I've owned nothing planar since I sold my Maggie's .
    but no more Headphones till next year lol
  3. turbomustang84
    I can not speak about all the things that change in headphones but I have bought and sold high end Amplifiers and speakers for 40+ years and I assure you speakers stretch and capacitors and other electrical components change their sound characteristics over time and with the 60 or so Headphones I have owned including my Electrostatics I bought when I was 14 in 74 sounded different after 40 hours of use .
    sometimes the change is good and other times not so good so some electronics need burn in time to reach their potential and others it might make little t no difference
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  4. riffrafff
    I know my Grados changed over time. Almost unbearably "bright" at first, they have mellowed considerably. And not due to "brain burn-in," as I listened to other 'phones during that time, too.
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  5. Bhargu
    Lucky you. I had to pay nearly 50% extra as duty because of the stupistup of our customs department. I was expecting 30% or less, which is the actual rate, but they decided to screw me for the fun of it?
  6. Sonnycz
    As my HE4XX is on the way, arriving in about 3 weeks I got impatient and went to listen to 2 other planar headphones to hear how planar headphones actually sound. Well I must say I was a little disappointed. Both LCD2 and Sundara that I had a chance to demo sounded so smooth, relaxed... should I use the term warm too? Do planar headphones generally have this signature ? Or are there some more agressive sounding , the opposite of what I just described ?

    You never know how much the total fee amount ends up bloating. It's irrational and it's wrong. That's why I've been using Shipito ever since I got screwed by the custom office for the first time. Never more.
  7. Bhargu
    I got my 4xx in good shape. No manufacturing defect or shipping damage. No rattling drivers or any such issues. The base has impact but really clean and fast. I am loving it. The highs have energy, but not harsh at all. I will not peg it as a warm headphones. It does have issues if the recordings have issues. For example, I was doing random shuffle and landed on a Billy Joel song. I remembered that I have a remastered copy of that and listened to that too. The boosted levels and compressed nature of the remastered version was immediately evident. It was so evident that it was disappointing how they ruined it during remastering. I am now looking at all my remastered audio and seeing if I should get the original mastering.

    PS: Sadly my DAC is dead, so I am connecting my laptop directly to my amp. The resolving ability of my laptop is low, mostly due to noise on the line, so I can't comment about the level of details with 4xx. I will post any opinion on that front only after I fix my audio chain.
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  8. turbomustang84
    what kinda shocked me was it was sold to me for $30 less than he or she payed they gave me free shipping and real two day fed ex and the seller lives where the massdrop warehouse is so either massdrop secretly dumped one on eBay or the owner changed their mind and was willing to sell at a loss.
    I used to sell high end audio on eBay in the late 90s and until then I never knew how much the countries got hammered by importing things a guy I sold a used krell Amplifier to paid over $1000 for a $3000 amp importing it to Australia..
  9. Sonnycz
    Thanks for the hope
  10. bagwell359
    I'd say the 4xx are more romantic and warm then say a Senn HD-600 - by a fair amount. What i like best is from the 4XX 55-60 Hz up they are coherent and pleasing. Lower bass tails off and doesn't really do it. The next thing you'll notice is that you won't miss extra details that they do not play, unless you AB against something with lots of detail such as an HD-800 or HE-500. If you want a more detailed impactful sound you could do better. That's why most here have two or more cans, some sound better on some source, and not other sources.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2018
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  11. Sonnycz
    Damn. Romantic? Should I even open the box? :bow::grinning:
  12. displayname
    I'm fairly new to the headphone world, but I've demoed a few higher end cans enough to get a sense for what I like and don't like. The 4XX in my opinion is not the most relaxed sound in the world, but I would put them on that side of the scale. I have had a few moments where certain high frequencies get a touch bright for my taste, but nothing that steers me away. I know some have said the bass is lacking, but I find it really pleasing. Above all, these cans are easy to listen to for hours. I agree they offer more detail than I expected, especially at this price point. I've heard plenty of headphones that can easily out perform them, but not anywhere near this price point. Would they be the best "work" headphones if you're actually doing anything with the audio... probably not. But if you just want to listen for extended periods of time, these have a very comfortable fit and smooth agreeable sound in my opinion. Almost nothing offensive or overbearing about them overall.
  13. Sonnycz
    I guess I should have had investigated the planar phones... Nevermind, I'll just wait now. And then react.
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  14. riffrafff
    My HE4XX is just a touch "brighter" than my HD6XX. I trade off between them, depending on my mood and content. Either are fine headphones.
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  15. bagwell359
    I said by degrees - meaning a bit, not scads. The highs are the least romantic, the mids a bit more so. Put it this way, these are better than any of the Magnepan MMG speakers, and actually near the 1.7i in terms of accuracy and voicing - that's pretty good. In terms of what I own or have owned recently, I have them ahead of lots of cans including those that cost more or a lot more.

    Also the voicing of these is well more accurate then the LCD2 - which sounds like music through a pile of gauze, except the techni-colored bass, and over pumped upper bass/lower mids.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2018
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