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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. Rhamnetin
    There's no such thing as headphone burn-in at least for planars (and electrostats).

    It's an upgrade. Bass hits harder and has nicer texture and detail.
  2. Sonnycz
    I'm hyped :darthsmile:

  3. Rhamnetin
    It's brain burn-in. To anyone who believes otherwise, please explain the mechanical aspect of this "burn-in." I've never even seen anyone attempt to explain such a thing for a planar since I don't think anyone can pinpoint what material or component in the headphone would change over time.

    And of all the planars I've owned (HiFiMan HE-560, LFF Code-6 though this was pre-owned, ZMF Blackwood, ZMF Ori, Audeze LCD-4), I never even experienced brain burn-in... because they didn't have a different enough sound signature I suppose.
  4. dgindlespergerd
    I have always found planar to sound better after some play time. The 4xx is one that I could hear the difference. I know some folks do not agree with burn in, but I go with what I can hear. So instead of right or wrong maybe it is a preference in getting the best sound for that person.
  5. Assimilator702
    The treble is not as elevated as the DT990. It's present, not subdued...but not overly present. When you think it might get out of hand it just never does. Certain cymbal and bell percussion is presented very nicely. I'm a drummer so I know what cymbals sound like and that's the region Im drawn to in any new headphone I listen to. It doesn't get tizzy the way the DT990 can get on hot recordings.

    I'll admit I DO place a piece of fleece over the driver in my DT990 and it cuts the treble slightly. I have a few materials I plan on experimenting with in the future.

    The HE 4XX I listen to stock and LOVE them. Listening to them right now and everything from EDM, Doom Metal, 80's Hard Rock, Classic Rock and modern Death Metal, female vocals, R&B is spot on.

    And oohhhh that BASS. SO NICE. Listening to Charlotte Cardin and the bass is rattling my brain while the sweet vocals are right in front of my face reminding me of a highly tuned high power car audio system. Car Audio is my other thing.

    They need power though. Magni 3 is what I'm using and it's enough power. But I believe they could take more with no problems.

    These cans are a MUST BUY. The fact that they're $170 is just icing on the cake. I'm done with mid tier gear now after owning these, the Sennheiser HD 6XX and HD 58X. LC2 might be next for me.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2018
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  6. desmoface
    Hi Assimilator702,

    Thanks for the detailed response. I just sold off the HD 58X Jubilee's because they were just too warm - not enough energy in the treble region. Since you also have the Jubilee's, how would you compare the treble between them and the HE4xx's? Thanks again.


  7. Assimilator702
    The treble on the HD 58X never gets out of hand but is always adequate unlike the HD 6XX/650 which can be a bit too laid back.

    I'm still figuring out the HE4XX. While the treble is amazing on albums that are well recorded and mastered, on albums that are a bit low on the dynamic range like much modern METAL.....things get a bit one dimensional. But I don't think that's a fault of the headphone.....just the source material. The HD 58X will present that same treble lower in the mix and maybe missing some info making it sound more polite.

    I can say I hear treble detail in the HE 4XX I don't hear in other headphones. Like the resonating weight of a Zil- Bell. Look that up on YouTube. It's basically the bell of a cymbal with a small outer edge thats the same thickness from center hole to edge. And it's not a polite sound. It piercing and resonating and can actually make you sick to your stomach and give you a headsache. The HE 4XX portrays a good portion of that realism. I say a portion because NOTHING can replicate actually playing a cymbal and feeling it's shockwave hit your face and flutter your hairs and hit your inner ear like a laser beam. No speaker. No headphone can do that. Some things are best reserved for real life.
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  8. JessikaLazers
    Hmm. I just grabbed a pair of open box Hifiman 400i off of their website for the same price, but it was open box. Should I reconsider, or are the 400i and the 4xx pretty much the same deal?
  9. Assimilator702
    People say they're the closest to the 400i. I've never had a pair so I couldn't say 100% other than for the same price it's a safe bet if you like the aesthetics of the 400i. Now there are build quality issues with the 400i,so that something to consider.

    The HE 4XX is back to the old design so if you're careful with them and coddle them like a newborn I see no issues with reliability. I have the LARGE Slappa nylon covered case for mine so they're never just sitting out gathering dust. Also somehing to consider is the large size case allows you to place the headphones inside the with the earcups extended. If you collapsed them down frequently there would be some wear and the adjustment mechanism could become loose.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2018
  10. zaintachik
    Just received mine, so running it through the paces. Lovely deep bass first listen, treble slightly more rounded, soundstaging not so great. It’ll be great to compare to fostex tx-0, it’s the same price point. To my recollection tx-0 treble was pretty good and also the soundstaging too.
  11. Bhargu
    Hi, I am getting a new 4XX in a few days and am looking for an amp when I am away from home. I am considering Magni 3 and O2 (for their size). Does anyone here has experience with these combos? Any opinion would be helpful.

    I am also considering Arcam rHead and JDS Element. Will these perform better with 4XX (resolve, details, refinement, etc.) than Magni 3/O2?
  12. riffrafff
    I think my HE4XX sound great on a Magni 3. I think they sound better on a Vali 2 (even with its lower output power). But, I've only had the HE4XX for a week.
  13. Assimilator702
    I'm running my HE 4XX off a Magni 3 and I e never been more impressed with a pair of headphones. I just got the Sennheiser HD58X which are another great pairs of headphones but I smile a little bit more with the HE4XX on the Magni 3 on High Gain.
  14. airil
    Hi, I'm using xduoo xd-05, depending on mood and the genre I'm listening, swap opamp between opa2209, opa1612. (some people say burson v5i, but I am yet to try). The sounds are good from this unit, plus it offers easy opamp roll, not saying headfi forum to support.

    For songs, like Meiko - Crush, I prefer my Bravo V2 with PS Vane TII Gold.
  15. jaco61
    I made the same experiance with 2 He4xx one brand new and the other 1 year old. The older was playing more smooth and balanced, the new one was definately sounding rougher, harsher.
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