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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. bagwell359
  2. bagwell359
    I found fenestrated pads cause serious loss of bass, tipping the balance to the highs too much.
  3. kejar31
    100% agree
  4. Beau Cauchemar
    Obviously a bit of bass loss is expected with perforated/fenestrated pads, but that's where the foam mod comes into play to potentially maintain an even more satisfying low end amount/quality. For me this struck a perfect balance as the non-perf Oris sans foam mod were still light on bass while with the foam mod they became congested + too boom-y. The emphasized treble perceived in the perforated pads is really just a result of a bass dip when in reality the added air only softens the treble spikes. When you keep the bass up using the foam mod, the top end can then be realized as even and improved with the added room to breathe (along with minimal congestion and additional soundstage.) To me this combo is a real win-win, and trust me when I say that with the foam mod, there is no wanting for more/better bass from the 4XXs.

    Granted other people's mileage will vary and I should probably cool it on cheerleading my findings so many times at this point. I know you, kejar31, have even tried my suggestions with positive first impressions, but ultimately reversed the mods so maybe I'm way off or have a unicorn 4XX who knows. Gear also comes into play and it's worth noting that I'm using them mostly now through the Magni 3 from an ESS 9018 source (XDP-100R.) Even have taken to a bit of light EQing on the dap to balance out what I began to notice was a hump in the mids / low-treble. A-B-ing definitely shows consistent enough pleasant correction genre-to-genre that I tend to leave it engaged now. Odd that I hadn't noticed it a while ago considering I've been listening to them almost every night for a few hours each session. I will say though that I've kept them modded (grill, foam, perf Oris) and believe them to be so far improved over stock that I feel like other 4XXs could really be missing out on what these things are capable of. Especially since a recent reviewer compared them somewhat favorably in stock form to the LCD-2Cs, Clears, and Aeon Flow Opens. Makes me feel like the mods might have really given them an even better standing. Because they are truly both impressive and enjoyable. The only cans that tempt me now are well over $1000 (and the Sundara & LCD-2C just for curiosities sake.)

    Contemplating a Loki at this point to really hone these babies in even further.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
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  5. jaco61
    Nice impressions and good suggestions I found in the last posts , thank you! And yes, ...changing pads is really annoying, this could be fixed much easier (look E-MU, AKG etc...)
    Last edited: May 2, 2018
  6. Slashn77
    Ok I just joined the new drop after already having the Monoprice M1060c in my cart about to purchase today.
    My favorite headphones and daily drivers are hd 650s and if not then iems CA LYRA II (which I love but have to sell for fit issues with my weird ear canals)
    I got these headphones because I wanted something more ‘fun’ sounding for when I was to listen to electronic or dance music as well as 90’s hip hop and I LOVE the Lyras for that but There is a lot to be desired IMO with the hd 650s in those genres.
    Did I make the right choice? These are half the price of the great reputation for the m1060c at $330 which are said to punch above their price range. I thought only spending $170 for my first planar would be a safer bet.
    I am happy to join the club with you Hifiman fans so we will see.
    Any advice on simple mods (never modded before) that i should look into to improve sound or comfort or both? A link?

    BTW for anyone interested looks like massdrop has about 400-500 pairs available
  7. PockyG
    If i remember correctly the HE400i (which is about the same as the HE4XX) is often compared to the HD600 series of headphones in terms of signature. I absolutely dislike the HD650 for electronic music. You'd probably be much better served with the M1060C. My m1060 is absolutely orgasmic with EDM.
  8. Slashn77
    Well that’s a bummer because I already joined the drop for the 4xx. I guess I’ll see how I like it for all my different music and how it compares to the 650s
  9. trellus
    I'm probably weird, but I thoroughly enjoy electronic music on my HD 600, HD 650, and HE 4XX.
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  10. Beau Cauchemar
    I’ll also attest to electronic music (IDM, electronica, chilwave, techno, etc) sounding amazing on the 4XX especially when mods are done. These cans definitely have enough bass/sub-bass capabilities to not leave anyone wanting for more (under $800 or so anyway.) Currently listening with mods and no EQ to Chris Clark’s Empty the Bones of You and can’t pick out any areas where I wish they could be improved enough to justify serious spending.
    Last edited: May 4, 2018
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  11. riffrafff
    Well, I couldn't stand it; I joined HE4XX drop today. Paradoxically, they should should arrive 45 days before the 6xx 'phones I ordered in March. :beyersmile:
  12. Beau Cauchemar
    Anyone own both the 4XX and the new Sundaras (or have listened to them extensively)? Especially if the 4XX have been modded. Still wondering how they compare since I consider the 4XXs (again, modded specifically) better than the 400i and the Sundara has been considered a definite step up from the 400i.
  13. jaco61
    I like the build and sound of the HE-4XX overall but at the end the bass is too rolled off for me. If someone is looking for a good bass in phones it is much better to spend a little more and get thx00 or E-MU Teaks or better planars like Lcd-c
    Tried some mods and pads which helps a bit but honestly dont expect wonders.
    Last edited: May 5, 2018
  14. smallcaps
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  15. CoFire
    You read my mind with your recommendation but if cost is an issue, with those genres, I think you could get lots of mileage with a RBH Sound HP2. They are pure fun yet clear with a good treble response. This or the Massdrop EMU Purpleheart, not to be confused with the THX00 PH. The HP2 has more bass and though the EMU has good bass, it's just a bit more balanced. For EDM and 90's rap, if you want to party on a 'budget', those would be my recs.
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