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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. bagwell359
    I considered it, and know that some here like that configuration. But my Fostex knock off grilles already were stripped down, and I didn't hear any convincing difference, although the total time put in wasn't that great, so maybe it's a good thing.

    I have to say "closed in" is a biased term. I might counter with "loss of the rear plane of the recording space". Even at the three best concert venues I know for acoustic music: BSO, Carnegie, and Mechanics Hall (Worcester), there is a boundary, reflections, diffusion and absorption. The notion of a note playing with no baffle seems pure from a conceptual standpoint, but in practice you've got to think about what you get vs what you lose, and what the designer had in mind. I like "open back" headphones because they seem to image better, seem more real - but "open back" is a term, all open back headphones I know actually are not totally open, just not closed to a lesser or greater extent. Or if you prefer "tuned". I like that. Are all cans tuned to the best level possible? No. And of course your perfect and mine are two different animals. So there is room for mods - but I've learned to be clinical about it. Remember the King has no clothes when it comes to what we want to be true - or the assertion that all changes must be good.
  2. Jerda
    Should I sell the HE-4XX to buy a pair of HE-560? :nerd::thinking:
  3. squee116
    No. The 560 is a more refined 4xx, but the price difference doesn't justify it. From all accounts you'd be better off moving up to the sundara.

    Playing with the idea of selling my 400s and getting sundara. Debating if I want to keep or sell 4xx and 400i.
  4. coolhandlukeboy
    I hear a lot of people recommending the Ori pads. I really might have to check them out. Did you lose much in the mids and the general open nature of the headphones?
  5. chrolls
    Not really, although I'm not sure how much I'd trust my opinion to be honest. I do try to research things into the ground before I buy them (like the HE4XX), but I degress. FWIW, to my ears the Ori's are a net gain at worst given the pleasantly reduced brightness, improved image solidity, and marginally more impactful and nicely tightened bass. If it committed any penalties as far as openness and the mids, I didn't notice. Still a value judgment either way. $60 ain't nothin. I suppose its saying something though that I'm as much a cheapskate I am yet I don't regret the purchase :), really at all. BTW I got mine for like 52$ in the last ZMF Massdrop, although I've heard of other people's experimentation with less expensive alternatives such as the Brainwavz hybrids.

    Just as and aside, don't underestimate the improvements that sumptuousness, luxury, and comfort may afford. Craftsmanship. I thought the original pads were functional enough, but also pretty stiff, scratchy, cheaply made, and just kinda uncomfortable.
  6. luckybaer
    Just received notification that my pair shipped. I guess I'll get them in the latter part of next week.
  7. coolhandlukeboy
    Good to know, thanks. I'm thinking about just buying them straight up, rather than waiting for a Massdrop drop for a slight decrease in price.
  8. dgindlespergerd
    THERE BACK!!!!!!!!!! Massdrop starting another drop.
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  9. Cruelhand Luke
    I have a Schiit Magni.....is this a good pairing for the 4XX?
  10. squee116
    I prefer warmer amps paired with it. Tube hybrid or tubes or the like. 4xx is brighter than I prefer though.
  11. Cruelhand Luke
    I'm middle aged, 'bright' doesn't hit me quite so hard. I'm cool with bright.
  12. heliosphann
    Nice write up. Kinda an odd group to compare besides the AFO/LCD2C. :wink:
  13. Beau Cauchemar
    I've been running my 4XXs off a Magni 3 (my "lanai setup") and really enjoy the combo for the most part. I say for the most part because it can be a dash bright/light for some recordings (more so than when they're on my main, HA200 amp setup), but the eq on my DAP usually takes care of that. I wouldn't consider myself very sibilance-prone, but anyone not bothered by something a tad bright would probably really enjoy the 4XX/Magni 3 pairing.
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  14. Revmania
    I just purchased these headphones from a friend (1st actual “audiophile” headphones). The Schiit Magni 3 is backordered until May 11th, anything else close to that price range that is worth buying/can give the 4xx enough power such as the Massdrop Objective O2?
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
  15. expatriate
    Don't suppose anyone has a spare set of the ZMF Ori's they want to part with? I'm tempted to upgrade off the stock pads, as I haven't found them to be super comfy (not awful though).

    I'll add another voice for the rear grill removal. I found that it does add a "bit" of air to the upper region, and might slightly round off those treble frequencies. I wouldn't say it's substantial (10% maybe?) but impressions make me think there was a small improvement.

    Amp wise, I have a Fiio a5 that drives them quite happily.
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