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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. trellus
    I use the OEM HiFiMAN case that I got with my HE-500, since I rarely travel with each other, but it seems to be hard to get them these days. I did find some third-party cases on eBay but I can't vouch for them personally since I've never had a third-party cases for HiFiMAN planars, but you might consider them.
  2. bagwell359
    I forget the pattern but I'd advise using a multi tester to verify to be safe.

    I like the new found low bass, and the found tightness in the mid bass - still a bit ripe, but better.

    I think these or my Grado are the best dollar for dollar cans I have. One of these days I'll do a balanced for the Grado and some mods and maybe get sad about some of the pricier cans I have.
  3. bibinjohn5000
    i found a case in ebay that fits 400i. will this case fits 4xx..?
  4. Letmebefrank
    He400i and he4xx have completely different headbands, so you want to look for an he400 case.
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  5. bibinjohn5000
    thank you


    i will ask the seller. if it fits..
  6. xLoud
    I am looking for a desktop amp for HE4XX. I am looking at Audio-GD R2R 11, NFB 11.28 and iFI Micro iDSD BL. Anyone tried any of these with HE4xx, please share your thought.
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  7. ld100
    I like NFB 11.28 combo... Sounds pretty good. But I am looking for upgrade.
  8. redrich2000
    Got these installed now. Really nice quality, slightly cheaper than the Ori pads and come with the mounting ring.
    Mine are fully modded now, pads, re-grilled and draw liner under the pads. I think I might prefer them to my modded HD6XX, more air and more sparkle.
  9. Beau Cauchemar
    Honestly with these Ori pads (perfs especially) and mods, I feel like the mids are raised to an even response/presence to match the lows and highs for a very pleasing neutral sound. I agree that stock the mids were definitely more recessed. And yes, 0 is ideal with minus being lacking and plus being excessive. In terms of the foam thickness, sure, thinner equals less bass to compensate, but also lessens the attainable soundstage. The pad/mod config I posted is undoubtedly my sweet spot since the perf Oris are also adding a bit of air which the reduced foam wouldn't achieve. It all depends on what you want though really since the non-perf might be your desired sound, but if you do end up feeling like you want more air and better imaging at least you know the perforated pads are available for that.

    I've been listening to these heavily since posting my initial modding notes and have to say what impresses me most about them even more than the initial critical listening with the select test tracks is how well they do with pretty much everything I've thrown at them since. I've definitely found my do-it-all headphone.
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  10. Jerda
    Where I can find your mod notes?
  11. Beau Cauchemar
  12. chrolls
    Well hey, thx again man. This should be a great roadmap for myself for future mods. Still can't believe these cost only $169!
  13. kejar31
    Exactly what Foam are you using?
  14. dgindlespergerd
    Looks like there is also a grill mod, can you help me find those notes
  15. bagwell359
    I think another member posted on these. I've had them 3-4 weeks. Certainly better than the RCA connections. Nothing to compare them to - so I think its the essentially doubling of power to the cans that does the trick. Built well, but sealed tight at both ends (good for keeping O2 out, bad for examination). I would like to test the silver - and look at the connections. But at this point I'll say for the price it gets you into the game cheap compared to SOTA audio nervosa prices.
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