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Hifiman he400s pad replacement

  1. Mhog55
    Got myself a new pair of cans. I believe the general consensus was the stock pads are pretty meh. I'm not really wanting to go through a ton of pads until I find the right ones, so I figured I'd ask the experts right here.
    I've seen these pads in the rotation
    HM5 angled
    ZMF angled
    Focus A
    Shure 1540
    Was there an end game here? For me personally, I want to elevate that magical planar bass as much as possible, and hopefully rid any fatiguing sibilance if such a thing exists (I haven't heard them yet). I read bits and pieces of the 400s discussion thread, and the ZMF and HM5 pads popped up the most. Any other pads I'm missing?
  2. Mhog55
    Can anyone help me here ..... Which pads are we preferring? Stock velour pads aren't great for comfort, and definitely feel cheap. I want to increase sub bass, but not kill the mids. Treble is about right for me, however on certain tracks the high hats can be just a bit too much. I'm going to grab either the Focus pads, or the Brainwavz Hm5 angled sheepskin pads (though they may be a pita to install). I'm assuming the HM5 pads will give me the better low end, but I'm worried about the mids. On the flip side, I'm concerned the Focus pads won't quite reach the low end I'm after. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Mhog55
    Well for what it's worth, I went with the Focus pads
  4. serman005
    Sorry you didn't get any feedback... ---( Were they a pain to change? I heard they were. How are they sounding?

    FWIW, I am one of the few 400S owners who actually prefers the stock pads. They seem to suit my listening preferences fairly well, for some reason.
  5. buke9
    I too like the stock pads more and more but do like the Focus-A pads on the 400’s.
  6. Mhog55
    I got the non A version Focus pads. I prefer them over the stock pads, especially from a comfort standpoint. The low end improved a very slight bit, the rest doesn't seem rather different to be honest. They weren't difficult to change, as they came with the mounting rings. There is an informative video on YouTube that really helped. I think I'm going to cut the rings off the stock pads and use them with some Brainwavz Hm5 angled pads. If those pads recess the mids or negatively effect them in any way, they will be goners. I love the mids on these cans. Guitars are so crunchy, and vocals are superb.
  7. buke9
    No they are real easy to swap out. Haven’t tried the HM5 pads on them so can’t help you there but have heard a couple of other headphones with them and they are nice and comfy I do say and on a pair of ATH-50M’s were put over the original pads and actually cleaned up the bass on them that I find bloated.

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