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Hifiman HE1000-SE

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ufospls2, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. Hifiearspeakers
    It is.
  2. Focux
    where can u get Solaris in NZ?

    i've only seen computerlounge seling the Empyrean, AVWorld hardly has the range of audeze's lineup and listeningpost only has several Hifiman's and Focal..
  3. MN8372
    Ordered the Solaris direct from Campfire Audio
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  4. lunarhjs
    Anyone knows how the 64Audio's tia fourte or A18t sounds in comparison to the Se?
  5. franz12
    Did you end up replacing the cable? I am still on fence as I am not sure which one I will have to choose between silver, copper, or hybrid.
    My interest into this hobby has been quite diminished recently because I almost completed my chain, except cables.
  6. bmichels
    Anyone tested the HE1000-se with the SONY DMP-Z1 ? I wonder what is the best headphone to buy for the SONY DMP-Z1 ? Which one offer the best synergy ?
  7. sean-xenos
    I'm having a hard time spending so much money on a headphone. The HE-1000 SE is appr. 3500 Euros in Germany.
    I often ask myself if there are cheaper alternatives...
    My modded Beyerdynamic T1.1 for example is appr. 700 Euros and the HE-1000 SE is certainly not 5 times as good as the T1.
    It has more resolution, better handling of complex music, a better bass response, more speed and dynamics but is this worth additional 2800 Euros?
  8. franz12
    It could be answered only by you and perhaps depends on your financial situation.
    We all know that one has to spend a handsome amount of money for marginal improvements beyond the hd6xx ($200).
  9. mixman
    Ha, what type of cable have I not tried? So far my favorite for the SE is a hybrid cable. Tried a silver and it accentuated the top end, not good on the SE and tried a copper which made the high end less detailed. So I settled on an LQI Hybrid cable. Would like to try a Norne Silver cable on them to see what that sounds like. None were dramatic differences though.

    Is the SE your only HP now?
  10. franz12
    I took a look at the LQI website, but it seems to me that they do not sell hybrid cables (I could only find silver plated copper/100% copper/100% silver). Perhaps, you are using a Forza hybrid cable?

    Yes, I am settling on the HEKse. But I applied Reference 4 plug-in, with which I could adjust a degree of correction from 0% to 100%. I neither like 0% nor 100% (too muddy). My preference is between 30% and 70% depending on a track, which smooths out treble.

    One last puzzle is to change a cable, and hybrid options definitely look interesting.
  11. mixman
    Sorry about that. I meant LQI’s definition of a Hybrid cable which is silver plated copper and copper. This does sound different than pure copper but is not the same as pure silver combined with pure copper. I believe only Norne and Forza has that combination.
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  12. Tekunda
    I almost sound like a Heddphone salesman, (but I can assure you I am not) when I say I put high hopes in the upcoming release of these cans.
    Not only sound quality wise, but also price wise.
    According to their brochures and website it will be "well below" €2000. Let's hope these headphones will not disappoint. A TOTL headphone for under €2000 would be great news.
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  13. franz12
    Waiting for Norne Silvergarde S3-C to be delivered. I wasn't really convinced to buy this fairly expensive cable, but found that it was covered by 30-day money back guarantee.
  14. mixman
    Let me know how it is. I have the Draug 3 silver and have to admit they are sexy as hell. Now unfortunately they didn’t really do much for the sound of my X but I do want to try them on my SE to see what they sound like. I have a cheaper adapter coming in soon. If I do hear an improvement I will get an dapper from Norne for these to the SE.

    Oh as I noticed according to the website the C is the same as the sleeved S3 and $200 cheaper, so if you like the look it is a better buy.
  15. sean-xenos
    Well, I got a good deal on a HE-1000 SE today by chance, around 20% below the list price ...

    I had high hopes for the HEDDphone in the beginning , HEDD Audio being a small company from Berlin. I am living in Berlin and always liked the idea to support local companies...
    But for now I have some doubts about their expertise and experience in headphone development. They know how to produce loudspeakers for sure but high end headphones are special and not just ear speakers or drivers...
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