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Hifiman HE1000-SE

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ufospls2, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. thecrow
    In my first two hours of listening I have found the vocals just a tad forward or “front and centre”. I’m thinking they may change a little with burn in

    Either way I won’t be too fussed as overall the balance is great

    I found if I don’t over analyse what I’m hearing then the vocals will usually not be an issue at all - just the offering the headphone has

    I also really like that the sound is not as “attention grabbing” as the lcd4 can be and definitely not as much as the utopia. I did like the lcd4 but sometimes it’s too much for me - but that’s with brief demoing.

    Also definitely no need for the empyrean (that I’ve demoed a couple of times) after now hearing the hekse. A little too closed in for me

    Also no need to consider the arya anymore - though a great entertaining sound

    However the only thing i’m lacking is slam (and detail) in my headphones but the he6se was not quite right for me.

    In a nutshell i am one happy camper
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
  2. thecrow
    a question for those that have gone from the v2 to the se:

    did you find that you were missing the more laid back and somewhat more open offering of the v2 vs the se when you first received the se?
    did that sound change?

    i ask as, yes, the se is more controlled in sound but now it is closer to my hd800 set up. And yes the bass is nice and tight with the se
    But i'm feeling that the v2 bottom end had a bit more of a good/healthy rumble to it that offered something different - perhaps that was something to do with the v2 being a little more open

    that is the only one thing i'm not sure about re the hekse
  3. franz12
    I have no experience with the V2, but as far as I understand, the SE is not recessed on 2khz as much as the v2. That makes midranges more centered. Perhaps that may make you feel the v2 is more open, but I would consider the SE extremely open without much 2k recession.

    Also, burn-in took long in my case. I am around 210 hours, and now bass has great rumbles with great details. However, during burn-in period, I've changed my DAC. So I am not so sure whether that is due to a different DAC or burn in effects.
  4. thecrow
    i don't feel the se is particularly closed at all - just relative. Some here use the word "ethereal"

    i'm hoping burn in brings some of that character to the bottom
  5. Articnoise
  6. thecrow
  7. Articnoise
    Good, I have described the SQ after burn in many times.
  8. mixman
    There is something wrong as the SE's bass should go lower and have more quantity to it. If you are using audible memory that may be the problem. I have had them both here back to back using same cable, same system. The SE is more open sounding also, kind of like a baby Susvara. the sound should be more 3D, holographic too.
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  9. thecrow
    I am purely going on from my audio memory so I do appreciate your reply having had them both.
    I had a 2-3 week break between the two headphones and I was purely going off what I remember feeling/thinking when hearing the v2. So I wouldn’t take my memory/ideas as gospel.

    (And i was not thinking the v2 bass was deeper or better, just different and what that i enjoyed as well)

    Hopefully my local store still has a v2 demo for me to compare them next week
  10. sean-xenos
    I had a lot of listening time with the HE-1000 V2 and the longer I listened to the V2 the more I got aware that the V2 has a slightly recessed midrange and a treble peak at around 6-9 kHz (I am not sure about the precise figures).

    I really enjoyed the soundstaging of the V2 though.

    What are your impressions about the midrange and the treble of the SE driven by a neutral sounding amp (balanced)?
  11. Gibson59
    The mids and treble of the SE have been addressed many times in detail so I suggest doing a quick search. But suffice it to say that both are fantastic and are part of what set the SE apart from the V2. Expect the soundstage to sound a bit more intimate but by no means small. While maybe not as vast as the V2 I would argue it’s more realistic with regards to instrument placement. The increased presence to the music the SE brings is really special, while still maintaining that beautiful staging the HEK family is known for.
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  12. llcook51
    When I did the upgrade from the V2 to the se, I immediately liked the change. I thought the se was more open and natural/ accurate sounding.
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  13. koven Contributor
    Same here. Before receiving the SE I anticipated the difference to be subtle but I almost immediately felt the SE was noticeably improved while retaining the attractive attributes from V2. More open, more airy, fuller mids, more organic timbre, etc.
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  14. MN8372
    Yes my HEKSE finally arrived on the same day as my reterminated Lazuli Reference.. Way too early to draw conclusions of course - I’’m only 2 hours in with zero burn in. But I can’t help myself...

    Initial thoughts - more forward mids and more heft than my HEK2’s (which could sound a little lightweight and lacking dynamics compared to my Utopia).

    I’ve read a few comments about recessed mids with the HEKSE - I just dont hear that. I much prefer the midrange presentation when compared to the HEK2.

    Upper/mid treble is really quite bright at the moment especially with pop music (even more so than the Utopias). There is the odd touch of sybillance too even on the type of well recorded audiophile music that I dont tend to listen to very often.... I hope that will smooth out over time.

    My memory of the HEK2’s is fading but the bass seems more prominent. Seems like a more enjoyable punchier phone. And it’s not just about punch. Double bass is awesome - wonderful texture.

    Soundstage is good - wider than the Utopias. Perhaps lacking a little depth and without the crazy precision of he Utopias. Just different.

    Details are superb - noticeably better than HEK2. At this early stage I couldn’t say which phone was more detailed (Utopia or HEKSE). I might just give it to the Utopia at this stage but its too early really.

    Regardless of technical performance I’m really enjoying them straight out the box and that’s the most important thing. Just need to tame that hot treble a bit and then they could be perfect...

    Wil leave them to burn in for a few days 24/7 and re-evaluate.
  15. JaZZ Contributor
    My pair has arrived today...

    Unboxing HE1000SE 1 (MVO_1216).jpg

    Unboxing HE1000SE 2 (MVO_1218).jpg

    Unboxing HE1000SE 3 (MVO_1219).jpg

    Unboxing HE1000SE 4 (MVO_1220).jpg

    I'm aware that I have to break it in before critical listening and final judgement, also the retermination of my Lavricables is delayed due to the High-End in Munich, but my first brief impressions are very positive. I think it's a remarkable step up from the original HE1000 (with V2 pads).
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