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Hifiman HE1000-SE

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ufospls2, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. ufospls2
    Absolutely. It's an all or nothing, no compromise headphone. I find it worth the trouble, but the HEKse certainly makes an attractive proposition.
  2. MN8372
    I was a bit late to jump in but I can’t wait to get my HEKSE (upgraded from HEK v 2). My Lazuli Ref cable has been reterminated and is on its way back to NZ from the US. Hopefully the HEKSE will follow shortly. What is the usual turnaround? They should have received my HEK2’s in Hong Kong about 2 weeks ago..

    Ever since I got my Utopias 9 months ago the HEKv2s didn’t see much action. If the HEKSE can combine the detail and refinement of the Utopia with a wider soundstage then I will be a very happy man.

    Problem is you then start reading about Susvara’s, Abyss Phi’s and Empyreans and start to wonder..
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  3. thecrow
    I received my upgrade to the se tioday.

    2 weeks in you should have it - contact customer service. I checked in with them and they were quick to respond to the email and get the ball moving

    I sent mine to hong kong too

    And in case you have not seen this yet (google translate):
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  4. llcook51
    Agreed. Your comments are spot-on.
  5. thecrow
    Having received my hekse and so far having spent a couple of hours with it I agree (as far as I can remember the nuances of the V2).
    I have had almost 3 weeks without my hekv2 before receiving my hekse as I have been away.

    I agree with dcguy73 re:

    The sound is somewhat more focussed with the se, perhaps it's just tighter. Mind you I did enjoy the slight laid back nature of the v2 so this change (for me) is neither good nor bad. Just different. I'd be happy with either;

    The treble is better/smoother with the hekse. Absolutely. For me this is a good step up. The v2 did not have a major problem with the treble but just sometimes, just a little splashy;

    The hekv2 is a little brighter. Probably due to the treble to a fair degree; and

    I also think vocals are superb (WOW!!!) and better with the hekse. They were really good with the v2 but i do not remember them as good as the hekse. (maybe that's the 3 weeks of no hekv2, maybe not)

    Re spending the extra $1k for the "upgrade", if i had heard the SE before upgrading to it I probably would still have paid for it primarily for the treble and to a lesser extent the mids. However if I couldn't afford/justify it (you know what I mean) then I would have been happy to stay with the hekv2....and probably come back to the SE later

    I feel both the v2 and the SE are well balanced and highly detailed sounding premium headphones.

    that's my 2c

    As I get more time with the hekse and get a chance to try some of my norne cables with the hekse I shall post back
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
  6. dcguy73
    Glad you went with the HEKse! I have no regrets with the upgrade.
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  7. Gibson59
    I have the same Lazuli Reference cable with my HEKse and I can tell you that you’re in for a treat my friend! And actually the way you describe what you’re hoping the HEKse achieves relative to HEKv2/Utopia is exactly what it does. Truly.

    I hope customer service gets you sorted out. They’ve been great and fast the two times I’ve reached out to them. Hey maybe it’s sitting on your doorstep right now :)

    Let us know your thoughts when it arrives.
  8. Sound Eq
    to be honest i am surprised that Hifiman not just put HE1000SE as Hifiman 2000, as to me the upgrade in sound from HE1000 V2 is so obvious, and Hifiman could have easily banked on it

    Also i do not get it all this talk bout Hifiman built quality, to me I owned alot of them including the jade 2 which I love as well mind you I own many stax headphones, and I never had an issue with any hifiman headphone. And customer service there is not better than Hifiman period. I once bought early in my journey hifiman 560 used and I myself was responsible for ruining it to non functioning level that was out of warranty, and a small email to hifiman and they helped me alot
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  9. Gibson59
    Totally agree.
  10. Focux
    I wish prices in NZ weren’t so ridiculous

    AKL here
  11. franz12
    I also think there is little 2k recession with the HE1000SE, perhaps unlike HEKv2. Vocals are quite upfront, definitely not laid back.
    I am sensitive to upper frequencies and still think upper mids are a bit bright to my taste. That does not bother me with classical or instrumental music, but it does with some electronic tracks. Otherwise, I can't find any faults. Its sound image is very large and three dimensional. Vocals sound super realistic. Bass resolution is fantastic.
    For the last bit of smoothness, I will send mine to the Sonarworks for individual calibration. It might be flushing $300 if end results turn out to be not good though. I hope I will be able to get good results.
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  12. MN8372
    Thanks - good to know. I've just emailed customer service.

    I loved the way the Lazuli cable tamed some of the brightness of my old HEKv2's without removing any detail/transparency (I also bought one for my Utopia and it did the same job). It fleshed out the mid-range as well which could on occasion sound a bit thin/lightweight to my ears. Expensive but worth it. There may be better/cheaper options out there but being based in NZ its almost impossible to test before you buy.

    Will probably have a look at some Norne cables so I can use the HEKse with my SP1000M. I bought a Norne Draug v3 for my Utopia for that very purpose - a fairly thick copper cable like the Lazuli just much cheaper. Hard to quantiy what improvement it made as I never used the stock cables on my mobile system (although I did on my home system).
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  13. MN8372
    Yes prices can be ridiculous (not just in NZ but in Aus as well).

    I've imported a lot of stuff but then you get pinged by customs. Buying direct from the manufacturer can be good (I recently bought my Solaris IEM's direct from Campfire and they arrived within the week which was great).

    On occasion you can get good deals in NZ (at least relative to NZ pricing). I bought my Utopias from AV World in Akld for a good price when they were running a promotion. Listening Post in Wgtn/Chch have been quite good too. Just need to keep an eye out.

    The real problem in NZ is not being able to try before you by (the retailers here tend not to carry a lot of stock so often they have to order in from the distributor who is sometimes based overseas...). Also when you do buy something they are very difficult to sell secondhand as there is such a small market here. I've never sold anything which makes it that much more expensive to "upgrade". The only time I've ever "returned" a product was my HEKv2's - the upgrade programme really worked well for me. I hate to think what HEKse's would they would cost retail in NZ (I dont know because no-one sells them..)
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  14. Focux
    Been to AV World in Dominion Road but the boss/manager was like a hawk when I demo-ed cans there

    I’m actually from Singapore so I fly back to and fro every now and then. Typically I’ll sell back in SG since the market there for audio is bigger.

    I did message listening post in Christchurch abt promotions for Utopia but they told me to call the store instead..???

    Recently got taxed by customs for my LCD X which also resulted in a delay =(
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  15. thecrow
    I appreciated your posts
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