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Hifiman HE1000-SE

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ufospls2, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. Articnoise
    I believe you describe it well. V2 has the widest soundstage IMO, on the other hand it is also a bit more diffuse sounding than both the SE and Susvara. I would need to have both the SE and Susvara side by side to be able say anything more about the soundstage and image differences, but I would not be surprised if Susvara is superior than SE in these regards.
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  2. thecrow
    i bought the hekv2 last month and am planning to upgrade to the hekse

    the way comparisons are being noted, eg: "V2 has the widest soundstage IMO, on the other hand it is also a bit more diffuse sounding than both the SE,,," that reads exactly as I found the hexv2 v the (follow up) ananda

    and that gives me confidence in leaving the hekv2 behind (gulp) and going to the hekse
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  3. delirium
    Got my se yesterday..first impressions is that it has better mids than utopia..sax and voices are spooky real..i know this will improve after some burn in too..
    My gear is: dave.mscaler. More impressions later....ps english is not my native tongue...
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  4. tunes
    Was at the NYC CamJam today. Spent time comparing Susvara and HEKse on different rigs. I liked both better than STAX, Empyrean, Abyss PHI /Diana. Of course less than ideal listening environment.

    The Susvara has more refined upper treble without sibilence compared to HEKse but bass and mids are as good if not better with HEKse which is more dynamic. Susvara seemed smoother overall but with less air and smaller sound space. On the DAVE with Mscaler BOTH would be killer cans with different flavors. I would be happy with the se as my go to with the Utopia for intimate club like experience and the se for live concert effect. I also think both benefit from better cables.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2019
  5. delirium
    I hope you did not drive susvara directly from dave.....? Susvara needs more power than that....
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  6. tunes
    No. I volume matched with various amps with both at different booths with different amps including a beastly Cayin tube amp comparing Susvara to HEKse.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2019
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  7. delirium
    Good man
  8. Articnoise
    A new review of both HE1000SE and HE6se.

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  9. omniweltall
  10. auricgoldfinger
    Not particularly informative, eh?
  11. Gibson59
    I’ve now had the HEKse for a couple months and I’m in total agreement with what everyone’s reporting. Nice to seek we’re all perceiving the same qualities with this great headphone. It just has amplifies everything I loved about the HEKv2 and improves the realism of instrument sounds/textures, realism of imaging and soundstage and gives the music more presence and energy. It sounds amazing directly out of my phone but scales very nicely. Everything I enjoyed in the first listen continued to improve with time, this is a headphone that will absolutely continue to blossom with burn in. For my tastes I can’t imagine another headphone besting it as an all arounder. As others have said, upgrading the cable is a must to get everything out of it and even though the sensitivity is fantastic, use a high-quality amp for best results.
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  12. omniweltall
    Figuring out these reviewers is probably just the 1st step into the hobby. The most basic necessity of the hobby.
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  13. Thenewguy007
    So how is the burn in process going for everyone during the past months? Does the burn in really make a drastic difference?
  14. auricgoldfinger
    For me, the biggest difference was in the midrange filling out. I don't know if it was drastic, but it was necessary to balance out the overall presentation.
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  15. Gibson59
    This is well put and I’ve experienced the same. The mid range is important to me and it really comes into its own after some time. It’s got good energy and definition.

    I also think over time there’s more fluidity to the sound. Not that it softens but that there’s a cohesiveness and continuity overall when everythig just kind of settles in. Maybe it just brain burn in too as I get more intimately familiar with how well all of the sound characteristics play together. I absolutely love the presentation and balance of this headphone.

    I’d say in some ways the burn in is subtle but overall it makes a big impact to me as it refines the sound in a great way. Hope that makes sense.
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